5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Happiness

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we succumb to the clutches of a bad mood. We’re snappy, we lash out, and sometimes we alienate those around us. It’s no fun, but it happens to everyone. Despite this, almost everyone prefers to feel joy and spread good feeling all around. Luckily, there are simple ways you can cultivate your own happiness, so that you keep shining bright even on the gloomiest of days.

Be Mindful

It’s very easy to go through life without being fully present. A lot of us do our daily tasks on autopilot, but that means we’re missing those little moments that enrich our lives. Being mindful sometimes involves slowing down, taking a deep breath, and focusing on one thing at a time. You might feel like you’re too busy juggling a thousand things, but being mindful doesn’t have to interfere. Sometimes it’s as simple as setting a goal at the beginning of the day, or being ‘present’ when loved ones are talking to us.

Take on a Challenge

Doing something new – like experiencing or learning something for the first time – is a great way to increase your confidence. When you seek out new experiences, you also build memories, which impact your overall quality of life. Studies have shown that people who focus on experiences instead of objects have higher levels of satisfaction; long after the moment has passed. On top of that, new challenges like taking a fun class can build your social network and contribute to the growth of new communities and a feeling of belonging.

Get Quality Sleep

Everybody knows how important it is to get enough sleep, but what about the quality of sleep? Adequate sleep shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be a bare minimum. If you toss and turn through the night, you’re likely tired and unfocused during the day. This can lead to poor performance at work, and general unhappiness in the long-term. Take the time to assess why you’re not getting good sleep – it could be your bed, but it could also be as simple as cutting out caffeine late at night, or doing some quick stretching before you hit the hay. Another great trick is to enjoy aromatherapy like essential oils in a bathtub, or lighting a scented candle.

Do Some Activity

Increasing your level of activity doesn’t mean hitting the gym like a personal trainer. Even moderate activity is good for your mind, body, and soul – and it’s known to boost wellbeing and happiness. Get outdoors for a quick walk, and soak up some vitamin D to fight depression. If you have the time, create a workout routine that fits your lifestyle, like yoga, walking, or swimming. Exercising encourages the release of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that regulate mood and get you feeling happy.


It may sound way too simple, but smiling more can contribute to an overall happier life! It’s true that happiness is contagious – smiling at a stranger spreads joy all around, creating a more beautiful world. Some studies have even shown that smiling can relieve stress and anxiety, especially for women. Smiling makes us more approachable, and more memorable. Since people are automatically drawn to those who make them feel good, sending a smile also has the potential to build and maintain great relationships.

So get out there – the more you do, the better you’ll feel about yourself!

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