“Loved you Winter” – but time to move on; I’m ready for Spring!

Studies have shown simply changing things around at least once a year can actually help improve your mental outlook. The ability to be organized and uncluttered, enhances the sense of comfort and satisfaction in your environment. So, lets prepare for Spring with these five simple things you can do to accomplish this and help you enjoy the warm temperatures ahead.


  1. Time to clean and declutter
    It’s time to take a look around and get rid of or pack up some of the seasonal décor, throws, rugs and pillows or anything you’ve grown tired of. This will allow you to start new and brighten things up. Need inspiration, pick something you love to see and expresses who you are and build around that for the Spring. For example, I change my top of bed by season, add a few accent pillows and my bedroom always feels so lovely and inviting.
  2. Move the furniture
    You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish by repositioning or relocating furniture and home accents to freshen things up by giving your space a new look or function. For example, take those two chairs from your bedroom that do nothing but collect clothes, bring them into your living room – place them in front of the window and you’ve create a conversation, reading/sitting – add a small accent table a few small accessories and you’re done.
  3. Check your walls
    Are yours looking boring or worse for wear? Have too much wall showing? Look on Pinterest for ideas and inspirations on either a new paint colour (a fresh coat of paint goes a long way), wall paper, or even an accent wall concept you’d like to incorporate. Window coverings can create the same results; take a look online, there are so many variations to choose – whether you want something sheer, textured or bold. Even if you don’t have a window you can create a one by using panels, sheers and curtain rod – experiment, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Move your Accessories around
    We all have accessories all-over the house and because they are all scattered about, nothing is making a statement, walk around other rooms and move things around. Group some pieces together (colour, texture, theme, shape or pattern) to create interesting statements that express a little about yourself; this exchange process will impact and transform your rooms giving them more character.
  5. Get creative
    Invest in new wall art (or make something yourself) or a mirror (adding depth, perspective and magnifying light) and see how a room can be easily brightened up and give you a totally different feel. Don’t stop there, buy some fresh cut flowers and group them together with some other accessories and more beauty.

Now, make yourself a lovely fruit sangria and love and appreciate what you created. Not quite satisfied, take another look in a few days for a different perspective and create some more!

Creating an inviting home doesn’t have to be complicated or costly, but the rewards will prove fruitful. Take your time and find pieces that express your personality and make your house a home.

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