You know that bedroom; the one with every detail curated just so. With a rainbow of books colour coded on the shelf, finely upholstered settee by the window, twinkling lights above the bed, and a display of pillows that just ‘go’. The magazine cover room. The one with a design so perfect that Martha Stewart herself couldn’t paint a better picture.

And tying it all together, that bedroom always has an ornamental pièce de résistance: the photo-ready bouquet of flowers. Professionally arranged and laid out on a reclaimed antique side-table, positioned there as if by the design gods. Stems, fanned out in a gilded vase, with everything but a halo floating above. Picture perfect.

You could never have that, could you?

Well, snap out of it! Yes, of course you could. It doesn’t take much to elevate your room with a colourful bouquet. All you need are a few solid tricks, and you’ll be pruning blooms like a savvy florist in no time. With the right tools, even grocery-store blossoms can be magazine-worthy

We dug up a few helpful how-tos just for you, because flowers can make your bedroom feel fresh and homey. Bedside table, windowsill, bookshelf. No matter what your personal design scheme is, fresh-cut bunches are a beautiful finishing touch. And they might even make you smile.

Take a minute to reflect on your current bedroom situation: the colours, the shapes, the possibilities for arrangements. Your options are truly endless if you add a flourish of creativity. So grab those five-dollar carnations next time you’re at food-mart, find your rusty garden shears, and start sculpting. You’ll be surprised at the lovely ways you can make your room look and feel magical.

Pick A Colour Sequence


Opt for bright ones or a monochromatic set. Either way, it’s a best bet to choose a palette and then limit your colours to no more than three. Greens don’t count, so choose as many fillers as you want. Put them in your bedroom or even your guestroom to make out-of-towners feel welcome.

Break Them Into Bunches


Pretty bud vases or multiple mid-sized vases in different areas in your room create a theme. Always arrange them from multiple angles so the beauty can come full circle. Pick a base flower so you have continuity.

Select Interesting Vases


Get in touch with your artsy side. Select mason jars, old paint cans, cinder blocks, or out of the ordinary things to create intrigue and visual appeal. If all you have is glass, that’s ok too; try wrapping thicker greens on the inside of the vase to hide the flower stems inside.

Get in There


Don’t be afraid to cut stems short or pull off a few leaves. Do remember, though, that flower care is a delicate thing, since the plants are no longer attached to their roots. Stems should be placed in water as soon as possible, and the water should be changed regularly.

The most important thing is to have fun with it. Next time you see flowers in the grocery checkout line, remember that daisies don’t have to be a special occasion thing. Flowers can be for you, from you, arranged by you.

Your bedroom is a personal space, so think about what looks make you feel happiest. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up to a personalized micro-garden in the morning, colours catching the sunlight, giving you a rosy outlook to start the day.


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