How Modern Appliances Help Make Meals Memorable

A good meal, a memorable one, is one that most likely involves food that is ‘juuuust right’ and shared with someone (or people) you love. Hopefully, there is laughter. Hopefully, you have had time to linger. Sipping a good glass of wine over a conversation or enjoying a bite of decadent chocolate cake is like time slowing down and we could all use a bit more of that. (more…)

Fall Into Comfort With Ease

Are you finding yourself spending less time outdoors? When you do, are you sipping a hot coffee instead of a cool and refreshing drink? Those are definite signs that summer is waving a fond goodbye while Fall rolls in with the cooler temperatures and crunchy fallen leaves under your feet instead of soft sand. (more…)

How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

After a whole day of being exhausted at work, all I want is my bed. But when I finally get tucked between the sheets, I feel wired and restless? Are you like me and toss and turn for hours on end with no sleep in sight? Perhaps this unbalance is caused by easy-to-change habits. (more…)

Essentials for Easy Family Entertaining

Do you ever feel like some people excel at entertaining and seem to pull it off with ease and that you’re not one of them? You aren’t alone. But as a formerly horrible hostess, I’m here to tell you my top three essential tips for easy family entertaining. You too can learn to thrive as a host, rather than hide. (more…)

When to Change Your Bed Sheets?

I believe that there are a number of great reasons for keeping your bed sheets new, clean, and organized in a dedicated closet far from moisture and dust. Besides keeping you warm through those chilly nights, and cool during a heat wave, bed sheets are also the first line of defence against potential allergens that can penetrate the surface of your mattress. (more…)

Barstools: Thinking Beyond the Bar

There are some rules you follow, like finding the perfect height for your bar stool, and some you can break, like where bar stools can go.

It’s time to think beyond the bar and get creative with this fun and functional décor item in your home. For lots of fun ways to use a bar stool beyond the bar, I turned to some talented bloggers to help gather some inspiration for you.

A Stool as a Bedside Table

We love this repurposed stool turned bedside table from blogger Alicia at She uses a black bar stool and some sisal to make a rustic and functional nightstand. Check out the full project here.

Stool as a Bedside Table
Source: Trifty & Chic

A Stool as a Plant Stand

Nothing gets lost in translation for this beautiful piano stool plant stand idea from Danish blogger Ronja at Nur Noch. The adjustable height of the piano stool makes this not only a versatile tool around the house, but allows you to adjust the plant in the sun too. Check out the full post here for more beautiful photos.

Stool as a Plant Stand

Source: Nur noch

Additional Bathroom Storage with a Stool

Cut the legs off a stool to shorten it or make your own mini stool for easy bathroom storage like blogger Sara from Sincerely Sara D did here.

Storage with a Stool

Source: Sincerely Sara D

Create Something

Don’t need your bar stools anymore? Why not turn them into something else by repurposing them, like this project incorporating two stools into a new desk. See the full How To here.

DIY desk with Stools

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Has this inspired you to think beyond the bar for the humble bar stool? Now, it’s your turn to let your creative juices flow!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

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Discovering the Samsung Chef Collection

Cooking a meal isn’t just a chore anymore. It has become an art form, a way to express yourself and impress those that have the chance to sit at your table. Kitchen appliances are not the same as they use to be either, what was once a big box that stood in your kitchen, have now become the medium in which you create those masterpieces. (more…)