Understanding how a piece of fabric is manufactured may help you make the perfect bed sheet selection for your needs.  Thread count, fibres and weave in a specific combination can create the lightest or heaviest of fabrics. These elements are responsible for how the fabric feels on the coldest to the warmest of nights. They will also indicate how long they will last after regular usage and washing.  You don’t need to know all of the science behind it, but once you know what you expect from your sheets, making your choice will be easy!

Here are just a few choices we suggest for those hot steamy nights to the deep chills of winter.

Pure Unblended Fabrics

Shopping for bed sheetsCotton

  • Cool and crisp
  • Best for hot climates
  • Breathes better than synthetic fabrics
  • Never has a smell like synthetic fabrics
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Strong and durable
  • Never pills
  • Never changes it shape

Combed Cotton

This fabric has been processed to remove shorter fibres and any impurities left behind during manufacturing. The fabric has a smooth and soft feel, and tends to be a little warmer than unprocessed cotton so best to use on those wintery nights.

Egyptian Cotton

As the name implies, this cotton is grown in Egypt where there is long growing season due to the climate.  It has become one of the more popular of fabrics worldwide, and some of the most expensive and luxurious.  It is very strong due to its high thread count which is above 200TC. Unlike in other countries, Egyptian cotton is hand-picked to maintain its integrity and purity. Its texture is a silky softness but beware that there are lesser quality ones available. If you can feel the sheets before buying, make a comparison of the write-up on the package, the texture and price.


Bamboo sheets are manufactured with this fast growing renewable resource which scores high marks for eco-conscious consumers. No chemicals are ever introduced into the process and the fabric is naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial.  Its softness is comparable to cashmere yet very durable and strong. Like the tall stalks of the bamboo, the fabric manufactured with its fleshy insides is strong, durable and can withstand years of use. Like cotton, it is breathable and absorbent and it keeps you cool in the summer while warm in the winter.  Because bamboo is able to resist odours the sheets require less washing so if you have a busy household, these might be your pick.

Blended Fabrics


Flannel is an easily recognizable fabric with its fuzzy texture.  Many baby blankets are made of this blend of various types of cotton. These sheets are not measured by thread count but by the weight of fabric per square inch. The higher the weight, the warmer you’ll feel. Flannel is the best choice for those long chilly nights when you don’t want cool and crisp as you get into your bed!  Soft and fuzzy please.

Cotton Polyester Blend

Cotton/Poly blend is by far the most popular of all brands for its durability, washability, and price.  Sometimes called Percale, which could also refer to 100% cotton fabric, it withstands years of usage and washing in all temperatures, comes in a variety of colours, wrinkle resistant, shrink resistant, and the colour never fades. It has a cool and crisp feel so it is great on those steamy nights.

Satin SheetsSatin

If you are looking for luxury above all other things, then satin sheets were created for you.  Satin sheets may be harder to find for speciality sized beds but not impossible.  Many prefer satin sheets not only for its luxurious feel but that they tend to be cooler to the touch than cotton.  Typically satin sheets are made with a blend of polyester, acetate, and silk, have a higher price range than low-end cotton sheets, and don’t come in a great variety of colours.  If you are looking to add some spice into the bedroom, a set of satin sheets are always fun to keep in your linen closet!


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