What is a bedroom? The dictionary dispassionately describes it as a room that is furnished and used for the purpose of sleeping and keeping clothes. Really, that’s it? We all know that the bedroom is much more than a place to sleep. It’s our little oasis of peace, a quiet refuge of comfort in a loud, seemingly chaotic world.

I follow that the choices for furnishing such a special room could not get more personal. Besides your bedroom set, accessories and accent furniture will play an essential role for a décor that fits the way you live and wind down. Chosen with care, your bedroom furniture will contribute enormously in helping you create that little slice of heaven by making the room more welcoming, visually appealing and comfortable.

Of course, if it’s been a while since the last make-over, there are likely some areas that need a little ‘attention’. Perhaps there are things that feel dated, or maybe you are just bored with the whole room and need to start from scratch. Revive and revamp the bedroom by tapping into a new passion or interest for cues.

Where to go for ideas? Find inspiration in magazines, home furnishing store displays, Designer TV Shows, Instagram or Pinterest. Open yourself up to looks that speak to you and shop accordingly. This is the time to express yourself, dabble in some new trends, discover a new style, experiment with more colour and totally transform your space. The best part is that it can be done without breaking the bank.

To get you started, I have created a list of items to consider with some being more essential than others, but all contributing to help you attain a luxurious and simply divine result. So let’s start!

The Functionals

Besides the obvious bed, nightstands, chest, and dresser, here are other functional pieces that you should consider including in your bedroom décor.

Accent Chairs

If you have space, group 2 accent chairs and an accent table and voilà, an instant seating/browsing/reading nook! Another version involves the combination of a chair with a pouf (or a lounge chair), a side table, a lamp, and a cozy throw.

Accent Tables

Accent tables can easily act as nightstands. Tips: Mix two different-styled tables and/or materials to change things up, giving your bedroom an eclectic, very personal feel. For smaller rooms, use an accent table as a small vanity table. Combine with a mirror and stool.


Master Bedroom by Laura Stein Interiors

Source: Laura Stein Interiors

Here’s your chance to get extra seating and storage (for pillows, throws, and blankets) at the end of your bed or by the floor-length mirror. Why not tuck one underneath a sofa table or console to create a desk?


A small desk can be used to create a vanity or a writing area with a chair or ottoman. Careful, it might become your favourite browsing place!

Media Stands and Consoles

Not only does it hold your electronics, but a media stand or a console table can be dressed up with judicious selection of books, candles, and vases transforming it from a lowly TV stand into something unique and personal.

Electric Fireplaces

For instant warmth, ambiance and romance, try an electric fireplace. Plus, they are super easy to install.

Shelves and Bookcases

Master Bedroom by Pineapple House

Source: Pineaple House Interior Design

Add them where you need more storage, but don’t forget to accessorize them. A thoughtful display with a few books, some baskets, candles, and vases will go a long way.

The Must-Haves

There is a good chance that the following must-haves will bring life to your room as they will be the ones displaying motifs and patterns as well as colours. This is where you get to have fun, so enjoy it!


Capture your personality in your selection with a theme. Have some fun while you’re at it too and don’t be afraid to change it up seasonally, from warm and cozy in the fall to light and airy come spring time. Play with colour, patterns, texture, and layers to achieve that luxurious 5-star hotel look.

Accent Pillows, Blankets, and Throws

All of the above can help spruce up your bed and much more, like an accent pillow to breathe life into a neutral accent chair. Again, add colour, patterns, and texture to introduce a sense of coziness and warmth. There are so many sizes, fabrics and possibilities to choose from so inspiration can be boundless.

Window Treatment

Master Bedroom by Fox Design Studio

Source: Fox Design Studio

When dressing a window, think about your preferences. Will you rely solely on your curtains to create some privacy or will you use a shade and curtains combination? Your choice will determine if your curtains’ fabric needs to be opaque or translucent. But no matter what you pick, curtains have the potential to make a bold and personal statement.

Lamps and Floor Lamps

Don’t always think pairs. Lamps can be used individually and mixed to create interest. Remember, properly placed lighting will really change the feel of a room.

Mirrors and Wall Art

Mirrors and wall art come in different shapes and sizes, framed and unframed, hung or just leaning on a wall. Use them to add another dimension of interest to your bedroom. Plus, a properly placed mirror can add more light through the reflection of a window.

Area Rugs

Don’t hesitate to avail yourself to area rugs for extra comfort, warmth, texture, colour and, above all, a personal touch that speaks volumes about you. Use them over carpeting or wood floors or layer them in an oversized room.

Master Bedroom by AV Style

Source: AVE Styles

The Final Touches

And here they are, the final touches that will help you master the perfect bedroom décor. Add to this list your family heirlooms and personal photos to create the beautiful and stylish bedroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Baskets & Boxes

Baskets and boxes are great tools for organizing your bedroom and hiding clutter. Spotlight them to add colour and interest.

Bowls & Trays

Use them anywhere. Bowls make great jewelry or change recipients, while trays keep your makeup and perfumes organized on your vanity. Again, just have fun, be creative and don’t worry, you can always change things around.

Candles, Candle Holders, and Sculptures

Candles provide ambiance and can add a calming scent to your bedroom. Think odd numbers when grouping them together. For sculptures, use them for a focal point on a nightstand, console, or mantel.

Whether it’s the bedroom or any other room in the home, it’s good to know that your flights of imagination don’t necessarily require a sultan’s fortune. For those whose budget may not allow the purchase of that new bed today, keep in mind that thanks to a few, carefully selected accessories, you can easily restore the sparkle to your bedroom and your mood without spending a lot of dollars.

Lily, Your Furniture Expert

Main Image Source: Homepolish

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