What a Sham!! Learning to Sleep in Style

Some people don’t really care what their bed décor looks like. If the sheets are clean and the bed doesn’t squeak, all is well! Then there are those people who love to have pretty or elegant touches, frilly or masculine designs, grey or lemon tones. To some, this could make all the difference in a good night’s sleep. (more…)

Time to Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Haven

Tired of your old bedroom? Need something new? Want to love your space again? Let’s see how you can change some things around to achieve this. Yes, that means you’re ready to makeover your bedroom into your sanctuary. To begin: there are some things you may love and want to keep (and that’s OK). (more…)

Choosing Your Living Room Furniture

Have you ever been in a furniture store shopping for a sofa or sectional, checking the wide range of covers available and suddenly feeling completely overwhelmed? It’s normal, the large number of choices can sometimes lead to this state of uncertainty. But just like you have to study before taking an exam, you need to prepare before shopping living room furniture. (more…)

Your Own Place: Your Living Room

Let’s think about the options you have in upholstery for your main living space. Often we think about upholstery being a sofa and a chair, but before you commit – let’s think about how you will use the space. Then we’ll look at the options. (more…)

Can Too Many Accessories Create Clutter?

The answer is Yes. Too much of a good thing can be just too much. Simply take a look at the two pictures below and you’ll have good examples of what clutter means. Like everything in life, trying to strike the right balance is key: too much un-appointed ‘stuff’ will cause your room to feel busy and look messy. Not to mention the nuisance it is to your tidy-up and cleaning routine. (more…)

Your Own Place – Where to Start

Finally, you’re about to move into your own place – At long last! You thought this day of freedom would never come! But then reality sets in, all of the decisions you have to make and how to decide? You begin to gather ideas of all of the options that surrounding you; be it on-line via friends, blogs, and magazines or in-store. Here are 5 key things to do before you make any decisions. (more…)

How to Choose Living Room Occasional Tables

So you bought new furniture or are about to? Have you given any thought to accent tables? No? Well, you’re not alone! You should though, because accent tables can be quite handy for keeping your magazines, the remote control or even resting your feet. Also, because they come in various styles, materials and shapes, they’ll enhance your sectional or sofa/loveseat/chair combination. (more…)