There’s a Monster Under My Bed!

Young children go through a period when their imagination is on overdrive. Books, television, school ground, or playground, are all filled with opportunities and themes to twist into a diabolical plot that grows under their beds. No matter your reassurances, there is a monster ready to pounce when the lights go out! (more…)

Tasteful Master Bedrooms

A master bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where we cozy up under comforting sheets during the long winter nights but also a place we retreat to when we need to relax during the day. If you don’t feel this way about your master bedroom, I strongly recommend that you redecorate or reorganize it to fully enjoy the benefits of this beautiful space. (more…)

Night Cap, Anyone?

We are constantly looking for ways to live healthier, sleep better, and improve our overall quality of life; but sometimes, it’s just not easy. With so many online forums, some contradicting each other, the truth is, it has never been harder to find that perfect formula. (more…)

What’s on Top of Your Mattress

In the 1960s the water bed constructed of vinyl became a new phenomenon in sleep. In the 1970s, using the same vinyl created for the water bed, the air bed came to be, and everyone wanted one. In the 1990s, more sleep space was introduced and the queen size bed flew off the shelves. (more…)

Napping: A Lifestyle

In the past decade, scientists have been racking their brains around the benefits and harms of napping throughout the day. Studies have clearly shown that napping just 20 to 30 minutes a day can improve focus, creativity, and performance. (more…)

Sleep Habits of City vs Cottage Dwelling

Nothing soothes the soul better than a sleepover in the country. Far away from crowds, cell towers and traffic will, without a doubt, melt away any stress and give you a great night’s sleep. Planning a camping weekend or renting a cottage does wonder for the body and mind. (more…)