Fall Into Comfort With Ease

Are you finding yourself spending less time outdoors? When you do, are you sipping a hot coffee instead of a cool and refreshing drink? Those are definite signs that summer is waving a fond goodbye while Fall rolls in with the cooler temperatures and crunchy fallen leaves under your feet instead of soft sand. (more…)

How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

After a whole day of being exhausted at work, all I want is my bed. But when I finally get tucked between the sheets, I feel wired and restless? Are you like me and toss and turn for hours on end with no sleep in sight? Perhaps this unbalance is caused by easy-to-change habits. (more…)

When to Change Your Bed Sheets?

I believe that there are a number of great reasons for keeping your bed sheets new, clean, and organized in a dedicated closet far from moisture and dust. Besides keeping you warm through those chilly nights, and cool during a heat wave, bed sheets are also the first line of defence against potential allergens that can penetrate the surface of your mattress. (more…)

There’s a Monster Under My Bed!

Young children go through a period when their imagination is on overdrive. Books, television, school ground, or playground, are all filled with opportunities and themes to twist into a diabolical plot that grows under their beds. No matter your reassurances, there is a monster ready to pounce when the lights go out! (more…)

Tasteful Master Bedrooms

A master bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where we cozy up under comforting sheets during the long winter nights but also a place we retreat to when we need to relax during the day. If you don’t feel this way about your master bedroom, I strongly recommend that you redecorate or reorganize it to fully enjoy the benefits of this beautiful space. (more…)

Night Cap, Anyone?

We are constantly looking for ways to live healthier, sleep better, and improve our overall quality of life; but sometimes, it’s just not easy. With so many online forums, some contradicting each other, the truth is, it has never been harder to find that perfect formula. (more…)