Finding Balance During the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is the busiest and most stressful time of the year. Period. Yes, you found the best presents you know everyone will envy. Yes, you wrapped them in the prettiest paper and largest bows. Yes, you will place them perfectly around the tallest and fullest tree you could find – although you nearly poked your eye out bringing it through the door. But it’s the best!! (more…)

5 Bad Habits Messing Up with Your Sleep

It’s amazing how many little annoyances can keep you from a restful night’s sleep. It is as though a force beyond this earth doesn’t want you to sleep well. It’s very probable that your evening habits are to blame. It may be time to examine what fills your evening before bedtime and steals away your much-needed sleep. (more…)

Prepping Your Bed for Winter

The leaves have been raked, and the patio furniture put away. The days are getting shorter, and yes, the chill in the air is obvious as you dig out that big comfy sweater or an extra blanket. For some, the cool temperatures of late fall and winter are a welcomed relief for better sleep, while others are counting the days for summer’s return. (more…)

Winter Sleep Comfort Checklist

With the start of a new season, especially one that suggests cuddling near the fireplace, hot chocolate, and dunk-able cookies, my thoughts gravitate around hibernating for a few months and staying warm and comfortable. Night falls sooner now that the sun retires much earlier, and the temperature dips with it. (more…)

Sleep in the Animal Kingdom

Are you like me and constantly worry about sleep? How well you sleep? How much you sleep? How will you ever get through the day with the little sleep you got? Believe it or not, you are not the only mammal preoccupied with sleep. (more…)

Fall Into Comfort With Ease

Are you finding yourself spending less time outdoors? When you do, are you sipping a hot coffee instead of a cool and refreshing drink? Those are definite signs that summer is waving a fond goodbye while Fall rolls in with the cooler temperatures and crunchy fallen leaves under your feet instead of soft sand. (more…)

How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

After a whole day of being exhausted at work, all I want is my bed. But when I finally get tucked between the sheets, I feel wired and restless? Are you like me and toss and turn for hours on end with no sleep in sight? Perhaps this unbalance is caused by easy-to-change habits. (more…)