Sleep Habits of City vs Cottage Dwelling

Nothing soothes the soul better than a sleepover in the country. Far away from crowds, cell towers and traffic will, without a doubt, melt away any stress and give you a great night’s sleep. Planning a camping weekend or renting a cottage does wonder for the body and mind. (more…)

Cottage Space Saving Tips

Families that frequently travel to the cottage know all too well that using space effectively is key to keeping things organized, easy to find and neat. Follow along as we list the easiest ways to maximize on space and minimize on stress. (more…)

Summer Sleep vs Winter Sleep – Do’s and Don’ts

The change in season, especially in North America, is always an exciting and hopeful time when our long winters turn into spring with that distinct melting of snowmen and snow forts, and the slightest ever budding on trees and chirping swallows. We tend to take deeper breaths, stretch a little longer from the long winter’s slumber and peek out our windows past 5 PM when the sun is still shining brightly. (more…)

Bringing the Freshness Indoors: Apartment Dwelling

Whether you are excited for the warmer summer months or dreading the lack of air-conditioning in your home, we all need to adapt to the changing seasons. For some, that means sprucing up the house, while others taking time off to enjoy the outdoors. If you happen to live in tight quarters without cooling, we have a few tips to help keep you cool. (more…)

Your Pillow Is Making You Sick

Imagine looking at your pillow through a microscope. Barring any visible stains, this would be the only way to really determine how clean your pillow truly is. Due to sweat and fluids from colds and other viruses, your pillow can harbour harmful bacteria including mold, fungi and dust mites that you will breathe in every night. (more…)

One Year After My Mattress Purchase

No company is more committed to their customers through the post-purchase period like BrandSource. The relationship we develop with our clients extends long after the warranty of their purchases have expired. At BrandSource, we encourage all our Sleep Experts to foster a healthy connection with their customers. (more…)

Do You Suffer from Sleep Debt?

So, you had another deadline to meet and you clocked up another 60 hours of work! It’s been a month of similar weekly deadlines and sleep has not been your priority. You are now in a brain fog; your body feels like it’s been hit by a semi-truck and your eyes are red from endless reading and writing! (more…)

Bedroom Solutions: Making the Most of Your Tax Return

If you are expecting a tax return, your mind instantly fills with all the wants, desires and dreams you have waited to buy for yourself or your family all year. Maybe that cruise you’ve been considering, or maybe a beach vacation to help you de-stress, or a down payment on that luxury car when your economy sedan won’t do anymore. (more…)