How Does Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Health?

How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Our Health

Over time, sleeplessness can have a huge impact on your health both in the short term and long term. Let’s examine what to look for by becoming more aware of your thoughts and behaviours. Although these are not all directly attributable to sleep deprivation, it is well worth keeping these in mind.

Drowsiness During the Day

Drowsiness could also be attributed to a lack of hydration – are you drinking the 8 glasses of water a day? But when you have that covered, why are you so sleepy if you got at least 8 hours of sleep? Examining this issue more closely could reveal some interesting facts about your sleep habits.

Want to know more, read this 5 Bad Habits Messing Up With Your Sleep.

Foggy Brain

When you have trouble concentrating, no matter how hard you try and how much caffeine you consume, you should consider the quality of your sleep. If you suspect sleep disorders like sleep apnea, you should consider taking a sleep study test.

Here is more on what is a sleep test: What It’s Like to Take a Sleep Study?.

Overeating and Weight Gain

Sleep deprivation can bring on hunger and cravings like no marathon can. If you are having trouble pushing yourself away from the table, it is time to consider how well rested your body truly is.

Read more on this topic here: How Bad Sleep and Weight Gain Go Hand and Hand.

High blood pressure and lack of sleep

High Blood Pressure

If your body is on constant high alert and unable to wind down, the results could be affecting how well or poorly your heart is pumping. Checking your blood pressure regularly with a home unit or a visit to the local pharmacy will help you keep a record and watch for fluctuations.

High Anxiety and Moodiness

Flying off the handle, as they say, could be attributed to a lack of sleep and not poor character. If you are noticing that your tolerance over little things that go wrong has become extremely low, it’s time to check on how much sleep you are getting.


You should be aware of how much headache medication you are reaching for. If you discover you are taking them daily to alleviate headaches, you should examine if you are getting the restorative sleep that you need.

Back problems and old mattress

Back Pain and Other Aches

Your mattress could require a review if it is more than 8 years old. Sagginess can result in back pain and joint aches that come on suddenly. The proper pillow can also affect how your head and shoulders are cradled affecting the muscles and tendons in the area.

Not sure your mattress needs to be replaced, find out about the signs you should not ignore here: 6 Signs You Need a New Mattress.

Clumsiness and Work Accidents

If you suddenly have ‘butterfingers’ or easily trip over or bump into things, you could be sleep deprived. When this is not your regular functioning mode, then you need to look more closely at your sleep patterns.

Several of these issues can be attributed to other health concerns and should always be discussed with a health professional. In the meanwhile, considering your quality of sleep is worthwhile examining as sleep is one of the 3 pillars to good health, next to nutrition and exercise.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

Do I Really Need a Box Spring for My Beautyrest Mattress?

Do I Really Need a Box Spring for My Beautyrest Mattress

Ah, the age old question of new mattress buyers: to box spring or not to box spring?

It’s a question without a simple answer, and what you decide is going to depend on you, your mattress, and the box spring itself. So do you really need a box spring to take home with that brand new Beautyrest mattress of yours? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What Is a Box Spring For?

The main functions of a box spring are to absorb the impact of getting in and out of bed every day (reducing wear and tear on your mattress) and giving your Beautyrest mattress a firm surface to rest on, so your body is better supported while you sleep. Plus, of course, they help lift you up off the ground and away from dust, dirt, and allergens that may be floating around down there. Yuck! This can be especially helpful during the summer – you’d be surprised how much cooler you’ll sleep with that little bit of extra ventilation!

These days, box springs are a little more advanced than the rickety boxes of the past (many of them opt for sturdy metal or wood rather than actual springs) but they still serve the same basic purpose: providing a little extra support for your body while you sleep.

What Mattresses Work Well with a Box Spring?

Most of them!

A sturdy foundation is an absolute must-have for any and all mattresses, and a box spring is the perfect option. In fact, many mattress warrantees require you to use one as a universal standard to prevent unnecessary wear on the mattress.

Double-sided mattresses that can be flipped over do especially well on box springs. Though this type of mattress has largely fallen out of style, if you happen to own or buy one, you’ll want to invest in a good box spring. With most single-sided mattresses, having a box spring is not as important, as they typically come built-in with all the support a mattress needs on the underside. But providing a little extra cushion and support can be a big help.

Heavy foam mattresses especially tend to need the extra support a box spring provides. While a spring or hybrid mattress may do just fine on a slatted platform bed or even the floor, foam will tend to sag through the slats or squash against the ground. So do your Beautyrest mattress a favour and get a box spring!

Do I Really Need a Box Spring for My Beautyrest Mattress 2

So Do I Really Need One?

When it comes down to it, box springs aren’t an absolute necessity for many mattresses, but you will need some kind of supportive foundation one way or another. Depending on the Beautyrest mattress, you can always forgo a bit of comfort and ventilation and put your bed directly on the floor, or even on wood pallets, to firm up the mattress a bit. But if you want customized support that helps you sleep soundly and rest easy every night, you’ll want to invest in something a little more reliable.

Platform beds are another great option, as well as adjustable power foundations. Adjustable beds are the ultimate in comfort and support, letting you adjust your mattress depending on your needs. Some models even let you and your sleeping partner choose different positions, maximizing your comfort without going full-on 50’s sitcom couple. We have plenty of foundation options in store, and just as you should always test out a mattress before buying, you should always test out a bed frame too. Come have a snooze in our store and see which one feels best to you!

Whether you decide to go with a box spring or not, be sure to get a Beautyrest mattress that supports you just right, and a foundation that perfectly complements your mattress! Getting the right support is important, and that’s why our team is always ready to support you on your journey to better sleep with helpful blogs and expert advice in-store.

If you still can’t decide whether or not you want a box spring for your new Beautyrest mattress, come on down to our store! We can help you decide what type of foundation is just right for you – and offer you unbeatable selection and prices while we’re at it!

Angela, your sleep expert

5 Ways to Design Your Tempur-Pedic Bed and Room for Better Sleep

5 Ways to Design Your Tempur-Pedic Bed and Room for Better Sleep

We all know that coffee and sweets before bed don’t add up to a restful night of sleep, but did you know your bedroom can also be helping or hurting your nightly Z’s?

That’s right, the way you arrange your room can have a big impact on how you sleep at night! If you’ve been tossing and turning despite following all the conventional bedtime wisdom, it might be time to take a closer look at your space. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your room and feel more rested on your Tempur-Pedic while you’re at it!

That Blue Light, Don’t Want It

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times before: don’t use your cell phone before bed! But that warning is about more than just the dangers of getting caught up stalking exes on Instagram – it’s about the blue light that most electronic screens emit.

TVs, computers, and even digital alarm clocks all send signals to your brain saying, “It’s daytime, get up and at ‘em!” Not exactly what you want in your space when you’re trying to sleep on your Tempur-Pedic bed. So, try to make sure TVs and computers are off and covered up at night, phones are far out of reach, and alarm clocks are dimmed or swapped out for analog options. Your brain will thank you!

Paint the Town Blue

Or if not the whole town, at least your room! Some studies have shown that people sleeping in blue bedrooms on average get about two hours more sleep than people sleeping in rooms painted purple or brown. Blue is considered a calming colour, associated with rest and relaxation, which helps signal to your brain it’s time to chill out and get your snooze on. A fresh coat of paint or at least some blue drapes can make a big difference in the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Blue Bedroom helps inprove sleep

Here Comes the Sun

While we’re on the subject of drapes, you’ll want to make sure you invest in a good set for your bedroom. Light is the sworn enemy of a good night’s sleep, so be sure to cover your windows well. Street lights, passing cars, and the sun in the wee hours of the morning can disturb your rest and keep you from getting that refreshing REM sleep you need. Regular old blinds might look nice, but they tend to let light in between the slats. Blackout curtains are a great way to keep out unwanted light and make your bedroom feel more cozy and private.

Spring Cleaning

You don’t need a major room remodel to make your space more comfortable! Cleaning up clutter can make a world of difference in your nightly sleep. A messy space can cause anxiety and keep you from resting well, so spruce up a bit before you get cozy. A clean room and Tempur-Pedic mattress also limit late-night mental stimulation, so you’re not constantly distracted with visual reminders of all the things you have to get done in the morning.

Here is a complete cleaning list for your bedroom Your Complete Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Comfy bed

Be Bed-er

Of course, the most important part of your room’s sleep hygiene is your bed. Your Tempur-Pedic bed should be perfectly set up for rest and relaxation, so that you just can’t help but doze off the second you hit the sheets. That means clean, cozy blankets, plenty of pillows, and of course, a mattress that suits you perfectly.

Your Tempur-Pedic mattress should be switched out approximately every five to seven years, or at the first visible signs of wear and tear. If you spend hours just trying to get comfortable every night or wake up with aches and pains all over, a new mattress should be the first bedroom upgrade you look for. There’s no single mattress type that fits everyone, so come into our store to try out all the options we have in stock, from soft to firm, twin to king, pillowtop to memory foam. A comfortable Tempur-Pedic bed is the first step toward the sleep of your dreams!

Your sleep is important, so make sure your room is doing its best to guide you into dreamland every night! If your sleepless nights are being caused by a faulty mattress, come on down to our store. We have everything you need for a better night’s sleep, and our expert associates are ready with even more tips and pointers to help you start resting easier every night.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

8 Simple Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep

8 Simple Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep

When you toss and turn all night, you have tons of time to think of the reasons why you can’t get some shut eye. Let’s review 8 great tips to make sure you get the sleep you need!

You may have heard all of these tips before, but you are still not sleeping well for whatever reason. Studies show that our days are getting longer and our nights shorter and it has nothing to do with daylight saving time! Why aren’t you sleeping? What keeps you so revved up that sleep has become a hindrance to your productivity. Whatever it is, you need to change things up!

1) Coffee, drink less of it!

Yes, you’ve heard this before and yet you continue to drink copious amounts at the worse time of the day. This includes the caffeine in teas, colas, chocolate and that headache medication you just took, yup, that too! Being more aware of what you are ingesting may yield some interesting results! Go caffeine-free for a while and see what happens!

If you want to know more about caffeine consumption and sleep, read this Can’t Sleep: How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming.

2) Reduce the lights and noise in your bedroom

The idea of creating an oasis in your bedroom should not be a big surprise or impossible to achieve. Sight and sound are the two biggest disruptors to sleep especially when you are tense and need to relax quickly. Getting room-darkening curtains or if you prefer an eye mask to remove any visual stimulation is a great start. If you live near a busy street, playing white noise while you sleep will cut out any distractions keeping you awake.

3) Don’t mess with the internal clock!

When you get to sleep at the same time every night, even on weekends, it keeps your internal clock on steady mode. Sleeping and waking at various times during the week creates some internal confusion and your body loses its routine and balance.

4) Start a sleep hygiene routine

Routines keep us on track, balanced and help us sleep. Before bed, have a cup of calming chamomile tea, or a hot bath. Practising yoga or gentle stretches before hitting the bed helps trigger your mind that it’s time to wind down. Whatever you think, your body will obey! So, think happy thoughts and write them in a gratitude journal.

Stretching in bed

5) You’re having what for supper?

Making the evening meal a light and nutritious feast can impact how you sleep. Moving away from fried and fatty foods at dinner to a vegetables, lean protein, and healthy carbs dish could make all the difference. Healthy before-bed snacks are possible if you follow the suggestions listed in my previous article: Snack Attack at Bedtime: Easy and Healthy?.

So, what’s on the menu?

6) Nap at your own risk!

Naps are great, don’t get me wrong! They are excellent at boosting energy and productivity. It’s the time of day in which you indulge that will impact your nighttime sleep. You must make sure they are less than 20 minutes and early in the afternoon.

Read this article from my colleague Gerry to become a successful napper: Habits of a Successful Napper.

7) Sleep disorders can be keeping you up

If you suspect that you suffer from such disorders as snoring, or sleep apnea, it is always best to consult with a health professional. This blog on helping you determine if you have one is a great read and full of issues to look for: How Do You Know If You Have a Sleep Disorder.

8) Keep it cool!

Your room temperature should be at a cool setting to promote a comfy sleep! Extra blankets on the bed, microfibre sheets and comfy pj’s can offset the cooler air so drop those temps!

Check out more tips on temps here!

Keeping these tips in mind can make all the difference in the world because how you sleep affects everything!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

Getting Our Beauty Sleep is Actually a Thing

Getting Our Beauty Sleep is Actually a Thing

Sleep studies have revealed that sleep has a direct effect on how our skin looks and feels. Let’s examine how our body reacts to insomnia and how it shows up on our skin!

During sleep, our body recovers and repairs after a day of activity. Imagine the night shift crew on construction job hurrying to get things done before the alarm goes off in the morning. While our body is at rest, internal systems are working on all cylinders to fix what we didn’t know was broken and fill up what we didn’t know was empty.

Blood flows more easily to the skin while we sleep. While our body is not busy standing, sitting, eating, thinking and so much more during the day, it gets busy on doing other tasks. During the recovery and repair process going on silently while we sleep, the body boosts blood flow to the surface of the skin giving us that rosy complexion. Less than 7 hours of sleep can result in a dull, pale and tired-looking complexion.

Collagen works hard while we sleep. Collagen, the protein that keeps our skin from sagging is produced during sleep. The more collagen our body can produce, the plumper and more youthful-looking our skin will appear. Our body naturally produces less collagen as we age, and wrinkles are generally looked at as a sign of a life well-lived, but let’s not rush them because of a lack of sleep!

Water and hydration are important while we sleep. During the winter months, our skin tends to be drier and while drinking extra water will help with some of the hydration, sleeping in a very dry environment can cause our skin to become dry and irritated. Sleeping while running a humidifier will help boost the water molecules and keep our skin healthy. So, spending at least 8 hours in a richly humidified room will hold marvelous benefits.

Using a humidifier

Hormones need our body to be well-rested. Hormones which are produced in our 7 major glands are charged with a specific task to accomplish in our body like stimulating puberty, and bringing on menopause. When they are overactive or underperforming, we will know it and most often it will show up on our skin. Getting little sleep will have a strong impact on how balanced our hormones are and our skin can easily erupt, overnight just before that big date, or a final exam.

Our eyes never lie. Droopy eyelids, dark circles and bags under our eyes are tell-tale signs that we haven’t been sleeping much. The lack of adequate sleep will stifle the boosts of blood flow that happen during the night resulting in glazed-over and tired-looking eyes. If bags for example have become a chronic issue, elevating our head on a couple of pillows will help reduce puffiness.

Dark under-eye circles, blemishes in the worst of places, or more severe issues like eczema and other rashes can be the result from the lack of sleep. We may not have given it much thought before but, as one of the three pillars of good health along with proper nutrition and sufficient exercise, sleep is often dismissed as a beauty treatment. So, while we take another look in the mirror, what are we going to think about now?

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

How Binge Watching Affects Your Sleep?

How binge watching affects your sleep (2)

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the internet is an incredible and valuable tool which, for the most part, facilitates our lives in countless ways. The flip side of that observation is that the temptation to stay connected for long periods of time is affecting how we sleep. Yes, there is a study for that!

Studies pop up every day examining how we interact with people, places, and things, and through extensive research, present the benefits or risks of some of the crazy things we do! Enter binge watching: an activity in which we remain connected to our devices to stream endless episodes of programs we missed during the day because we are earning a living. So, when do we sleep?

The drama, the intrigue, the mystery, and occasionally the comedy-based shows I streamed had me hooked like a bag of chips! Not only is the Internet a seemingly bottom-less pit of entertainment, but it should now come with a caution. The lure of easily accessible programs was so powerful and unfortunately for me, it affected not only my sleep, but my mood during the day.

Back in the old days I didn’t have the same access to channels that I do now, and as such I only watched a couple of shows and patiently waited a whole week to watch the next episode. If I wasn’t home at the time of the screening, I would pull out my video recorder and set it to watch later. Fast forward to the era of the Internet, my favourite programs had grown to many more, and I didn’t need to wait a whole week to watch the next episode.

As many of these shows typically end in cliff-hangers, why would I possibly wait when the resolution is just a click away. And so, the binging began.

How binge watching affects your sleep (2)

My binge watching due to uncontrollable impulses caused me to get only few hours of sleep, and due to the blue light from my computer screen, it was not a restful sleep experience. The excitement from some of the story lines was enough to keep me tossing and turning.

Some people may suffer from similar fitful sleep when they can’t put a book down, but the blue light from the screen was clearly affecting the production of melatonin which kicks in only in low light. I began suffering from insomnia, and as a result I became very moody. Concentration during the day became an issue, and I suffered brain fog regularly.

It was only when I had a routine visit with my medical practitioner that I learned how my insomnia and poor quality of sleep affected my blood pressure and contributed to my daily headaches, which I thought were work-stress related. It was the binge watching that affected the quality of my sleep which, in turn affected my health. The easy access to endless streaming which provided me with that regular dose of adrenaline rush or side-splitting comedy had become my addiction which needed an intervention!

To improve the quality of my sleep and restore my health, I no longer bring devices into my bedroom, follow a workable sleep hygiene routine, and save any watching of programs for the weekend, and only for 2 hours at time.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

How to Take the Best Nap of Your Life on a Beautyrest

Everyone knows the struggle of the midday slump. You try to get back to work after lunch and suddenly it hits you. You’re sleepy, slow, and it feels like your brain is miles away. For a lot of people, their first response to the afternoon sleepies is to grab another cup of coffee or power through until bedtime. But I’m here to tell you that not only is napping totally acceptable for grownups, it can actually improve your health and overall alertness!

But how to achieve that ideal nap? That Goldilocks rest that’s not too long and not too short, leaving you feeling rested and not too groggy? Well, a Beautyrest mattress is a great place to start, but here are a few more tips on how to take the best nap of your life and tackle the rest of your day with ease!

Time It Right

Don’t just take your nap any old time of day. Too early and you won’t reap the benefits for long, too late and you won’t be able to get to bed at night! Plan your nap for about 3 p.m., when your tasty lunch really starts to hit and you’ve been awake almost as long as you were asleep the night before. Don’t sleep too long either – between 10 and 20 minutes is the sweet spot for naps. That might sound too short, but any longer and you’ll be groggy for hours afterwards.

Get Your Buzz On

It might sound counterintuitive, but try taking a few sips of coffee before dozing off. The caffeine should take about thirty minutes to really hit, and if you time your nap just right, you should wake up just as your body is receiving the caffeine boost. That leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day once your alarm goes off.

Cut Out Light and Sound

Light and noise can completely ruin your sleep, so try to take your nap in a place where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. This might not always be practical, especially for people who work during the day, but if you have an office or even a car where you can lock the doors, break out an eye mask and some ear plugs, and catch a few Z’s on your lunch break, you’ll wake up feeling better than ever.

Prep Your Bed

If you work at home or just can’t get enough of afternoon naps, even on your days off, then you get to enjoy the luxury of a nap in your own bed. Lucky you! This also means you’ll want to prep your bed just right.

First things first, a Beautyrest mattress will give you a solid foundation for a successful nap. Beautyrest’s pocketed coil, hybrid, and memory foam designs are created with the goal of maximizing your comfort and conforming perfectly to your body’s unique needs. So if your current mattress just doesn’t let you get comfy enough, bring home a new Beautyrest to up your nap game.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect Beautyrest for you, cover it in cozy blankets and pillows scented with a calming essential oil like lavender or chamomile. You sleep better when you’re warm, and aromatherapy can help put you in a relaxed state of mind, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. Don’t try to get work done or watch tv in bed before dozing off – keep your bed a calming space associated only with sleep, so you can get to snoozing sooner.

And there you have it! With these tips, you’re well on your way to the most relaxing nap of your life, and you’ll be ready to wake up refreshed and take on the rest of your day. If your bed needs an upgrade before you can achieve your ideal sleep, come down to our store! We have a huge stock of Beautyrest mattresses of every size, shape, and softness level, and our associates are ready and willing to help you down the path toward that perfect nap!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

4 Sleep Tips for When You’re Stuck in Your Bed with the Flu

Ah…ah…choo! Flu season is in full swing, and there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a scratch in the back of your throat and that groggy feeling that signals that the plague is only hours away.

Of course, that’s not to say that you are totally defenseless against the evil onslaught that is the flu. Your first line of defence against any illness is always going to bed, and if you are sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress you are already one step ahead of your competition in terms of getting good sleep!

But there are other things you can do to try to get a leg up on the flu, and try to be back on the road to recovery as fast as you can. Here are some tips we pulled together to help you out!

Tank Up with Tea

Hot drinks can help your breathing, and tea can also help you relax, especially if you are stressing out over your flu and already worrying over the possible sleep it might cause you to miss.

Even better, try grabbing a nighttime or sore throat tea and really fight back against the flu with a one-two punch that will send it flying away as fast as possible!

Soup for the Soul

Tea isn’t your only warm and comforting friend while you are fighting off flu. You also should probably grab some chicken soup. Sure, the adage may go that’s it’s good for the soul, but it also can help against your flu, as well. If you can’t make it just like the grownups in your life did when you were sick, a can of it will work just fine.

And, don’t worry about it if you are stuck in bed and don’t want to get out to eat – your Tempur-Pedic mattress will provide you support and comfort all day long. It might not be able to make the flu go away, but it will at least provide a good home base for you to relax while your body fights off those nasty germs.

Get Steamy

Hot showers really are magical places – once you step into the water and pass behind the veil of the shower curtain, it pretty much is just like taking a step into Narnia. Not only are they warm and comforting, but they can help you with some of your flu symptoms, as well! You’ll feel better – and breathe better – after you step out of a nice warm shower.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can even try adding some essential oils to the shower: Eucalyptus and lavender oil are two good ones to use when you are fighting to keep the sickness at bay, and you’ll be breathing that much better when you go to sleep on your Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Drink Up

While water on the outside of your body – in the form of the aforementioned shower – is important, you also want to make sure that you are drinking enough fluids. Stay hydrated, even if you have a sore throat and don’t feel like drinking. You’ll be glad you did.

There are loads of other ways to help fight off the flu, as well: cold medicine, cough syrup, nasal sprays, and more. And of course, your Tempur-Pedic mattress will be there for you through it all! If you want to be proactive and not wait until you are sick to get that perfect mattress, there’s no better time to stop by and check out all of our mattresses! We’ll be glad to help you find one perfect for all of your needs, in sickness and in health.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

5 Top Activities That Help You Forget About the Cold

It’s the weekend, it’s cold and you are wishing for summer to come back! Navigating around the cold, wind, snow all week has taken its toll and nothing will pull us out of our homes! All we want to do is hug a cup of hot cocoa and stay in our pyjamas all weekend long.

For those of us who truly find cold weather and all of its outdoor activities intolerable, there is hope! Whether you are on your own or have a family to entertain, we have found five great indoor activities that will keep you indoors, warm and busy!

1. Read and Explore

During those summer garage sales, you picked up a pile of books you promised you would read. Start a book club where everyone can meet online or for those of you who enjoy writing, get a blog started to review them and see where it leads!

2. Bake and Cook

Baking and batch cooking are always favourite indoor activities. While the weather gets cooler, soups, and stews are easy to batch cook and freeze for weeknight meals. The scent of banana bread baking in the oven conjures up warm and fuzzy feelings during the cold winter days! Crank up the tunes and get moving in the kitchen! Alone or assigning tasks to family members this will make for some great entertaining and eating!

3. Game Night

Cold fall and winter nights are the perfect opportunity to gather everyone around and play some old-fashioned board games. Invite your neighbours and make it a pot luck evening filled with eating and winning!

4. Declutter

Clearing closets and clutter for a donation bin opens up extra space in your homes as well as helping out your community. You can start in the basement or storage room where you keep a lot of “just in case stuff” piled up and then work your way to the other rooms, closets and drawers. The general rule is that if you haven’t used or worn it in over a year, it’s time to go.

Keeping boxes assigned for various things will keep things in order when you’re ready to drop them off at goodwill. Not only are you clearing out some old stagnant energy in our homes, but you are also helping others in need!

5. Get Crafty

I am sure you are like me when I say, I wish I could draw, paint, crochet or knit! During those cold winter nights, you could be learning a new skill that can perhaps not only beautify your homes but turn into a business at local craft fairs. Unless you try something new, you will never know what you are capable of.

Many of us would easily turn to binge-watching movies and shows during those cold winter nights, and that’s not a bad thing, occasionally. But if you dedicate a few nights a week or the weekends to being productive, creative, and inspiring you would not only feel accomplished but also motivate those in your lives to do the same. It’s time to discover what lies inside of you and what better time than on a cold windy night!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

6 Signs You Need a New Mattress

We sometimes neglect the huge role our mattresses play in our lives. Studies show that we spend approximately one third of our lives, or 25 years sleeping so it is safe to say that we need to consider them more closely. It is that one place where, after a long day of chasing buses, deadlines or toddlers we go to relax, restore and recharge. It is, along with nutritious food and exercise, important for our overall health and well-being.

Although technology has come a very long way from the straw-filled mattress of centuries ago, we still need to consider many factors when a mattress has passed its life span of 7 to 10 years. No mattress is built to last forever, and our bodies will be the first to let us know!

Here are some signs that your mattress’s time is up:

1) Getting out of bed practically requires a crane

If the thought of lifting your bodies off the mattress makes you cringe, this is a sure sign your mattress should be replaced. Whether the mattress has become lumpy or just lost its ability to support, you need to replace it as soon as possible so not to further aggravate body aches.

2) Visible Signs of Sagging on the Mattress

If the imprint of your bodies on the surface of the mattress is quite obvious, this is another sign that it should be replaced. Sagging is a tell-tale sign that that mattress can no longer support your bodies and can result in a number of back problems.

3) Sneezing and Coughing Fit

If you are sneezing and coughing minutes after getting into bed, the mattress has then an accumulated number of allergens. Over time dust and household allergens will settle on your mattress and it is why a good mattress cover is essential, especially for those of us who suffer from allergies. Nonetheless, some allergens will multiply over time resisting some of the best protectors.

4) Not Feeling Rested in the Morning

When we wake up and we feel more tired than when you went to bed, that’s not a good thing. Although you may feel that you did get some sleep, barring any sleep disorder you could be suffering from the old mattress syndrome. Over time, a mattress will just not do what it did for you when you first purchased it. You should remind yourselves why you bought that particular model and if it is still meeting the expectations.

5) Squeaky Sounds

Considering the entire bedframe and whether some screws could be tightened, if your mattress makes unusual sounds, it’s time for a change. Mattresses that rest on box springs depend on each other to deliver the best support, so both need to be looked at. Mattresses with coils on platform beds require a review for sagging indicating a possible broken coil.

6) When the Couch Feels Better

Many of us will doze off on the couch while reading a book or watching a late-night movie. You find it comfortable and cozy and could stay there for hours? When you prefer the comfort of your couch over your bed, well, that is a sure sign you need to shop for a new one.

Just as you regularly maintain equipment and cars, a seasonal look at your mattress is essential to ensure that you are not causing any sleepless nights due to poor quality.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert