2017 Sleep Studies Review

What a year it has been; truly remarkable on all fronts! Whether you look back on 2017 with fondness or with some regret, there is no question it left a lasting impact on sleep science and the industry. Let’s break down the best discoveries of the past 12 months. (more…)

Finding Balance During the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is the busiest and most stressful time of the year. Period. Yes, you found the best presents you know everyone will envy. Yes, you wrapped them in the prettiest paper and largest bows. Yes, you will place them perfectly around the tallest and fullest tree you could find – although you nearly poked your eye out bringing it through the door. But it’s the best!! (more…)

Essentials for Easy Family Entertaining

Do you ever feel like some people excel at entertaining and seem to pull it off with ease and that you’re not one of them? You aren’t alone. But as a formerly horrible hostess, I’m here to tell you my top three essential tips for easy family entertaining. You too can learn to thrive as a host, rather than hide. (more…)

Napping: A Lifestyle

In the past decade, scientists have been racking their brains around the benefits and harms of napping throughout the day. Studies have clearly shown that napping just 20 to 30 minutes a day can improve focus, creativity, and performance. (more…)

Become the King or Queen of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Today’s backyard barbecues look less like Dad covered in lighter fluid and charcoal and a lot more like the family kitchen, but outside. Today’s outdoor grilling centre or kitchen includes fully-functional cooking areas for the chef and comfortable seating for the guests. Basically, it brings comfort and design to a natural setting, maximizing the use and appeal of your outdoor space. (more…)

Sleep Habits of City vs Cottage Dwelling

Nothing soothes the soul better than a sleepover in the country. Far away from crowds, cell towers and traffic will, without a doubt, melt away any stress and give you a great night’s sleep. Planning a camping weekend or renting a cottage does wonder for the body and mind. (more…)

Summer Sleep vs Winter Sleep – Do’s and Don’ts

The change in season, especially in North America, is always an exciting and hopeful time when our long winters turn into spring with that distinct melting of snowmen and snow forts, and the slightest ever budding on trees and chirping swallows. We tend to take deeper breaths, stretch a little longer from the long winter’s slumber and peek out our windows past 5 PM when the sun is still shining brightly. (more…)

Wine Cooler or Wine Cellar: What’s the Difference?

Do you prefer immediate gratification or waiting for just the right moment? The answer to this question might help you determine whether a wine cooler or a wine cellar is right for you. Or maybe, you’ll need both! Regardless of your needs, any wine lover wants to ensure a beautifully poured delicious glass whether that’s today or twenty years from now. (more…)