Are you finding yourself spending less time outdoors? When you do, are you sipping a hot coffee instead of a cool and refreshing drink? Those are definite signs that summer is waving a fond goodbye while Fall rolls in with the cooler temperatures and crunchy fallen leaves under your feet instead of soft sand.

Once you’ve done the annual ritual of cleaning and storing the outdoor furniture, pruning back perennials, and prepping the flower beds for its inevitable blanket of snow, your focus comes back to your indoor living space.

Insulating and wrapping yourself and your family in comfort during the cooler months becomes a priority. From displaying your favourite throws in the living room to building a log pyramid in your fireplace or stove, here are other of my favourite Fall “must do” below.

1) If your family is like mine and enjoys microfibre or flannel sheets for colder nights, pull them out and check for tears and frayed or worn fabric. If they need replacing, check for sales on seasonal bed linen and start your fall fresh and new.

2) Your bedroom needs an update but there’s no time for painting or major upgrades. What to do? I recommend bringing back some bright colours into your bedroom for the long winter months and change up the colour scheme.

Purchasing a new comforter or duvet set and matching some fresh new curtains and throws will give your room an instant update. If the older pieces are still in good shape, store them for when you want to bring them back unless you prefer to recycle, sell or donate!

3) Sleepwear is another consideration that is on my list. Typically, during the hot and humid nights of summer, I wear light and loose sleepwear. When the colder temperatures roll in, however, I am switching to flannel or thicker cotton sleepwear that won’t bulk while I sleep but keep me comfortable.

4) Besides the sheets, décor and sleepwear to ensure comfort to my sleep experience, I always check my windows for drafts or leaks. There is nothing worse than trying to have a comfortable sleep when the whistling north wind is brushing past your nose. Review of your house insulation should be a priority when hunkering down for the season.

Fall doesn’t have to be cold, wet and dreary if your indoor living space is warm and inviting! Add new colours and textures, print some memories of your summer, and place them strategically around your home.

Adding colourful throws and pillows is an easy solution to brighten those gray days of fall. Sleeping on a new mattress that offers you comfort and support will make winter cocooning that much more enjoyable, and restful.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

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