Running out of space in your dining room? Don’t panic! It’s never too late to create the dining room of your dreams. Whether it’s a matter of decoration or room layout, your choice of colours, furniture, and lighting can maximize the available space in your dining room, even if it is very small.

Here are a few hints endorsed by most interior designers.

#1 Choose Light Tones

Did you know that the light tones can make a room look bigger? For example, if you paint your dining room cream white, pale green or light blue, you’ll have the impression of gaining space. Light shades also help brighten the room, while darker shades will have the opposite effect and should, therefore, be avoided.

#2 Choose Your Curtains Well

Be sure to choose curtains that do not take up too much space, which can create an overload effect. Also, make sure you choose curtains that go well with the colour of the walls. This allows you to create a nice effect of continuity.

#3 Avoid Overly Massive Furniture

You have soft spot for rather massive furniture? That’s fine, but not for a small and narrow dining room, because this will result in the unnecessary loss of valuable space. You’re better to go with convertible and multifunctional furniture (ex.: folding table). Your gain? More room!

#4 Bet on the Effect of Continuity

For instance, by choosing the same floor surface as that of adjacent rooms, you avoid creating a noticeable delineation, which would draw attention to the small size of the room.

#5 Hang a Mirror

It is a well-known fact that installing a mirror in a room makes it look bigger than it really is. So keep this in mind when laying out a small dining room. Many designers feel that the ideal thing is to attach two mirrors, one in front of the other. In doing so, you create an impression of infinity. If you only have one mirror on hand, hang it up near a window. By reflecting light, it will brighten the room, which will, once again, give it the appearance of being bigger.

#6 Brighten with Recessed Lighting

There’s nothing like recessed lighting for pushing back space limitations. It is much more efficient than a regular ceiling light, which is to be avoided. Installing several recessed lights distributes the lighting more evenly and makes your dining room look larger.

#7 Choose a Zen Decor

Want to optimize your dining room space? Go Zen! Instead of having a whole lot of objects and furniture you don’t really need, limit yourself to working with what is essential—without opting for minimalism. This will help you minimize unnecessary space loss.

#8 Change Your Interior Doors for Sliding Doors

In a small dining room, the internal doors take up space that could be used for something else. That’s why, whenever possible, we recommend that you opt for sliding doors. It’s a smart investment that allows you to maximize your space without complication.

#9 Keep Your Dining Room Tidy

All in all, the best way to get the most out of your dining room is to keep the place spotless! There’s nothing worse than letting dirty dishes or old circulars pile up. You end up wasting valuable space not to mention any cachet the place may have.

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