Protecting your furniture against house pets is not always easy. Often, when the habit is firmly rooted, it becomes difficult to eliminate. For example, if your favourite couch is where your cat likes to scratch its nails and where your dog likes to take a nap, these behaviours will be difficult to change.

But don’t despair! Here are a few tips to help you protect your furniture from the unwanted attention or affection of your pets!


Tip #1: Use orange peels to keep the cat away

Cats and citrus fruits do not go well together! In fact, lemon and/or orange juice works wonders in keeping them away. However, to avoid staining your furniture we recommend you place orange peels instead in the corners of the furniture that you want to protect. This odour is so unpleasant to the feline sense of smell that all a cat wants to do is get away… far away. Repeat the operation until your cat stops scratching its nails on your furniture. According to specialists, the results are quite rapid!

Tip #2: Apply a few drops of Tabasco®

That’s right! There’s nothing like Tabasco® to keep the pets away! You can apply it on a sofa or even on a mattress. You should remember however that it will leave a stain. So you must apply in very small quantities and in places where it can’t be seen. If it is not possible to apply a sauce such as Tabasco® on its own, mix it with a little flour and pepper. You can then brush the areas that need protecting (for example, the legs of a chair). Once again, we suggest that you repeat the operation a few times to allow the animal to break its routine.

Tip #3: Spray your furniture with white vinegar

This is another alternative that won’t leave a stain! Without spraying your chairs or sofas completely, we recommend that you sprinkle the areas likely to attract your house pets. Both cats and dogs find this smell absolutely disgusting! So this small trick will keep them a good distance away. Specialists suggest that you apply this measure a few times to allow the animal to change its bad habits.

Tip #4: Insert an aluminium sheet

The noise made by a piece of aluminum foil being wrinkled is unbearable for pets, particularly dogs and cats. Inserting a few sheets of aluminium under the cushions is an efficient way to keep the cat or dog off your couch or sofa. It will help them break the habit of stretching and relaxing on your favourite furniture!

Tip #5: Apply pieces of adhesive tape

Both cats and dogs have very sensitive paws. This is one reason among others why your cat likes to scratch its nails on your living room sofas. It is also the reason why the adhesive tape trick is so effective! The idea is to apply 5- to 10-inch pieces of adhesive tape that is sticky on both sides wherever your animal has the habit of scratching its nails (ex.: chair armrests). The unpleasantness of having its paws stick to the tape will discourage the animal from repeating the exercise and help break the habit.

Tip #6: Cover your furniture

Last but not least, adequately covering your furniture is also very effective for keeping your pets off. We are referring here to your couches and sofas. To do so, you can use a cover, a sheet, or even plastic film. This will prevent unsightly stains or hair left behind by your pets.

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