Don’t let your mattress weigh on you

Your mattress can double in weight over its lifetime with dust build-up, so be sure to vacuum your mattress regularly and use a mattress cover.

Turn down the heat with Memory Foam

Do not use an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress.  The additional heat from the electric blanket will inhibit the memory foam to contour to your body shape. An overheated heating blanket can also become a safety and health issue if used incorrectly on a memory foam mattress.

Slide into bed for a good night’s sleep

If you suffer from dust mite allergies, try sleeping on silk bedding.  Naturally hypoallergenic, silk defends against dust mites, mold, fungus and wrinkles, if you believe the old wives’ tale.  Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is said to delay the signs of ageing thanks to the essential amino acids found in silk.

Don’t forget the mattress foundation!

Always purchase a new mattress foundation, either a box spring or the latest power motion base when purchasing a new mattress.  They wear out, too! It is best to match the quality of the box spring or power motion base to the quality of the mattress.

Cover up to save money

Always use a waterproof mattress protector.  Any moisture that touches your mattress will surely affect (possibly void) your warranty.

What kinds of mattresses are there?

There are four common types of mattresses: Spring or Coil, Foam or Memory Foam, Latex, or Air. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages; try them all and choose the mattress that provides the most comfort with the amount of support that you need.  Whatever type you choose, be sure to buy the best quality of mattress that you can afford.  Sleep is too important to lose!

What is Memory Foam?

Originally developed by NASA, memory foam is temperature-sensitive, viscose-elastic polyurethane foam that contours to an individual’s frame and skeletal system. It converts energy (your body heat) to mold to your shape, enhancing your sleep comfort and keeping your body properly aligned throughout the night. Memory Foam is available in many thicknesses, densities and different levels of softness and firmness.  Memory Foam is dust mite resistant.

Why buy a Latex mattress?

Latex rubber is a natural material that is sustainable, resistant, and hypoallergenic.  Its breathability is its greatest advantage because air circulation prevents mold from forming and also regulates temperature for increased comfort (warmer in winter, cooler in summer).  You will never need to flip a latex mattress and when it comes time to discard it, you can simply drop it off at your neighborhood recycling facility.

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