What could be more inviting than a nice comfortable bed? Hard to beat? You bet! However, if you want your mattress to keep you in the peak of comfort, it’s important to do a little maintenance, such as turning your mattress over regularly.

Here are a few tricks on the best methods to use and how often.



Why turn the mattress over?

Even if we have a king size bed, we tend to always sleep in the same place on the mattress. Unfortunately, this habit is often the cause of uneven wear of the mattress and therefore it is the first reason for turning it over frequently.

There are other good reasons for turning over your mattress:

  • It helps promote good mattress hygiene by eliminating dust and mites.
  • It prolongs mattress longevity through a well-balanced wear.
  • It minimizes the costs of unnecessary maintenance, repair or cleaning due to negligence.

So, as you can see, turning your mattress over offers two types of benefits: In addition to preserving your health, it helps prolongs the life of the mattress. As a result, you minimize wear and maximize comfort.

How often should you turn your mattress over?

Most manufacturers agree that during the first three months, it is important to turn the mattress over once every two weeks. After that, they recommend turning the mattress over only every two or three months. Doing this will help the mattress retain its original shape and prevent premature wear. All you have to do is rotate the head and foot of your mattress then flip it over. Quick and easy!

Is it true that some mattresses must be turned with the seasons?

Yes. Some types of mattresses are designed with one side for winter and one side for summer. The materials of each of the sides are adapted to enable the occupant of the mattress to avoid the seasonal discomfort caused by winter or summer.

For example, the "winter" side of the mattress is made with materials that allow for a better conservation of heat, while the "summer" side offers a more ventilated design in order to minimize the inconvenience caused by summer heat.

If you own this type of mattress, we recommended turning the mattress over when the first cool nights of fall appear and again when the nights warm up during spring. This way, your mattress will always be optimally adjusted to your comfort in spite of seasonal variations in temperature.

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