A master bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where we cozy up under comforting sheets during the long winter nights but also a place we retreat to when we need to relax during the day. If you don’t feel this way about your master bedroom, I strongly recommend that you redecorate or reorganize it to fully enjoy the benefits of this beautiful space.

To help you, I have broken down the 4 key elements that can turn an average master bedroom into a tasteful and elegant one.


Changing the colour of your walls is a simple yet effective way of redefining a room. Opt for something dramatic. Bright and bold colours like yellow and blue work well to uplift spirits while on the other side of the spectrum, dark and deep colours like navy blue and teal provide a soothing and relaxing ambiance.

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If you wish to make a statement, design a vivid accent wall that will be sure to stand out just like in the bedroom below.

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This category typically receives less attention than it deserves. Bright lighting is essential to creating a relaxing yet functional oasis that you have been longing for. Lighting does not necessarily mean electric lights, but natural light as well.

Keep windows unobstructed and clean. Allow as much natural light in as possible to complement the few electric fixtures you’ve installed.

Synthetic light should come from two sources or more. One should be powerful enough to illuminate the whole room like a bright light fixture on the ceiling. Others will be used to create a relaxing mood like table lamps or used as task light like a floor lamp in a quiet reading nook. Dimmers also allow for a quick change in ambiance, so keep that in mind when installing electrical fixtures.

Source: Chris Jovanelly Interior Design LLC

Decorating Your Walls

Hanging family portraits or collages is a great way to share memories of your loved ones, but refrain from placing them in your bedroom. A master bedroom should be dedicated to your needs only! You can find some fun and interesting pieces of art everywhere. Perhaps you can even take a weekend off and design and paint/draw/collage your own original artwork that will fit nicely into your newly decorated bedroom. The idea: Your bedroom should be designed by you, for you.

Source: Lindye Galloway Interiors on Houzz


Long or square rugs are an effective way of dramatically changing the functionality and feel of any space. Search for bold patterns and colors that match your walls and drapes. A thick rug is also a great insulator, keeping your feet warm when you descend off your bed. With thousands of different styles and options, you will have no issue finding that perfect show stopping piece that brings warmth and style into the room you care so deeply about.

Source: Keeping Interiors on Houzz

Whichever way you chose to redecorate, do it for you! An open canvas awaits you…

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

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