Before you buy that jaw-dropping stylish sofa, think about comfort. The filling and cushioning are as important as the looks. Think where you will be placing the sofa and how you will be using it. This will help you choose the best type of comfort. Here’s a quick guide on what’s out there to choose from.



This is the most common filling for sofas and it comes in different densities. High-density foam gives a firm seating comfort. Low-density foam will give a softer seating comfort, but it will tend to degrade faster. Think about how long you expect to keep the sofa. You can extend the life of your sofa by choosing high-resilient density foams which are more resistant to wear sagging.

If you suffer from muscle and join pain, you should consider Memory foam that supports and conforms to your body.

Feathers and Down


Looking for extra soft and plush comfort? Then a feather-filled cushion might be the answer. There are two qualities. Feathers are the cost-savvy option. Most companies use duck or chicken feathers as filling. Down fill, on the other hand, is more luxurious. They come from the plush underbellies of geese. When choosing feathers or down, make sure the casing is feather-proof to prevent any feathers from piercing through the fabric. Feather filled cushions can get lumpy over time. To prevent this, you can go for cushions with a foam core and an outer layer of feather or down.



Polyester is an inexpensive option and it is available in different comfort options and densities, but it tends to flatten out over time. Soft polyester has a smooth look and a bouncy comfort. Opt for the “ply-a” version if you don’t like the bounciness of regular soft polyester. Faux-down polyester is hypoallergenic and gives you a very similar comfort and look to down for a fraction of the price. Cluster-polyester fill is the most durable in this category.


Look for manufacturers that use quality foam. This will ultimately affect the lifespan of your new sofa. There are some that may even offer different comfort options for the same model such as England and Decor-Rest

And our best advice yet… sit and try out the sofa. Go ahead and feel like home! This is the only true way of knowing the comfort is the best for you.



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