10 Elements That Create the Modern Farmhouse Style in Your Home (Large)

From the covers of House & Home to the small screen sensation “Fixer Upper,” people just can’t get enough of the modern farmhouse design for homes. But why is the modern farmhouse style so wildly popular?

It’s because of the feeling the look creates.
It’s more than just the design.
It’s casual and easy.
It’s not excessive or overdone.
It’s the combination of old-fashioned looks with modern touches.

While there is no distinct guide as to what makes a house farm style, we have put together our ten elements that can help you give any home that farmhouse-style feel.

Shiplap Walls

Entrée avec murs en shiplap

Source: Lisa Furey Interiors

If you have ever seen an episode of Fixer Upper you know this element comes without saying. It’s Joanna Gaines’ favourite way to make an otherwise boring space go from ordinary to extraordinary. Its distinct look can make any wall look upscale yet old-fashioned. The best part about it is that it is pretty cheap to recreate in your own home. There are several DIY guides to walk you through step-by-step to ensure you can easily complete that farmhouse-style look.

Wide Plank Floors

The flooring you choose in your home is an important decision, especially when you’re going for the modern farmhouse look. Wide plank flooring, in particular rustic wood floors, is a perfect choice to round-out the farmhouse look you’re trying to achieve. Since most modern farmhouse-style homes boast open, expansive floor plans the larger planks will fit the scale of the room much better than if you were to go with narrow planks of oak or marble tiles.

Interior Barn Doors

Barn door modern farmhouse style

Source: Hooked on Houses

Sliding barn doors are no longer just for keeping animals inside the barn. They are a popular accent that can make an interior space really stand out. Within the modern farmhouse design, sliding barn doors can be used in place of any interior door to separate and define spaces and can be used as closet doors, cover up bookshelves, storage spaces and media/technology units when not in use.

Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker style kitchen cabinets

Source: Lisa Furey Interiors

Shaker-style cabinets are perfect for the farmhouse-style kitchen because of their uniquely simple yet attractive features. Painted white, light blue or sage green, and paired with basic hardware, shaker-style kitchen cabinets are the perfect finish to bring your whole farmhouse-style kitchen together.

Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink goes back to the time when sinks were used for cooking, canning, and washing babies. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to go back to those times? I know I do. Farmhouse sinks are big and open, and oftentimes they have an “apron”. They’re simple, they’re beautiful and their quality is often unmatched.

Metal Elements

Source: Houzz
Adding accents to your farmhouse home is where personality and personal style can really shine through into a farmhouse living space. Adding metal accents such as iron, galvanized steel and wire elements in a way that reflect today’s trends and vintage styling can be fun. Bed frames, baskets, stools, wall art and even bookshelves are easy ways to reflect this metallic style in your own way.

Mix and Match of Rustic and Industrial Furniture

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Source: HGTV

One of the great things about designing a home with a modern farmhouse design is the flexibility to infuse each room with a variety of accents and furniture from two main styles, rustic and industrial. You can have a sleek leather sofa paired with soft knitted pillows or a light fabric sectional with some dark metallic pillows. Almost anything goes with this laid-back modern farmhouse style, no matter what room you’re trying to style. Just remember less is more in most cases.

Natural Textiles

A modern farmhouse room embraces cozy sofas, plump pillows and natural textiles. Worn wood with gorgeous deep grains and grooves, wall art with eye-catching vintage florals, imperfect clear glass and vases, jute and burlap weaved baskets and soft cotton throw blankets are all good opportunities to capture the modern farmhouse look.

Neutral Palette With Dark Accents

Source: Houzz
Traditional farmhouses were built quickly and efficiently. Farmers wanted to focus on their work so they avoided spending a lot of time and money on their homes. Instead of splurging for coloured paints and wallpapers, natural or whitewashed wood was used for cost purposed and the speed it took to apply it.

In order to keep with this tradition, modern farmhouse-style homes tend to be light with white or off-white colour that nicely complements the hardwood floors. Feel free to use colours that you personally enjoy, however, try to keep them close to the overall farmhouse colour scheme of neutral or light colours.

Animal Accents

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Source: BrandSource Canada

Accents and accessories are absolutely essential to complete this look, but under no circumstances should you try to fit in too many. A well placed oversized print of a farm animal, in pastel or black and white, small wooden animal statues placed next to some greenery on a shelf are all popular and acceptable choices for farmhouse decor. A variety of textures including light-coloured furs and wool mixed with metals and woods will surely give your farmhouse design some depth.

Now it’s your turn! Take these ten essential elements of a modern farmhouse and run with them! Let your creativity get the best of you while incorporating new and old touches to every room in your house. Each room is unique and we suggest you start with the room you and your family spend the most time in, so that you may enjoy the longest.

Most people choose to do their living rooms or kitchens first. Living Rooms are simple because you can generally do most of the work yourself. Throw in some light-coloured paint, replace factory light fixtures with industrial ones and while you’re at it, shiplap that wall your fireplace sits upon. When you start to feel overwhelmed and need a little inspiration just browse through our website and let our sofa and sectional collection inspire your imagination for your farmhouse living area. We’re here to help bring your ideas to life, let us help you choose your next piece of farmhouse furniture.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert