The kitchen is the heart of our home and is definitely the room that takes up the most of my precious Pinterest time. Sure, I pin great recipes like everyone else, but I also have a never ending supply of great kitchen inspiration. Amazing kitchens with storage and colours, and technologies and all the awesome stuff I would do if I won the lottery. Let’s dream together, shall we? I’ve rounded up my top 10 kitchen trends I am totally loving right now.

1. Coloured Cabinets

A trend I’ve been seeing lots of in magazines, but only in one girlfriend’s house so far. It’s coming to a subdivision split level near you soon, it just takes one person on the block to be bold. Coloured cabinets are a great way to add personality.

2. All Kinds of Cabinets

It used to be one type of cabinet was ‘in style’, but now it seems the style is anything goes. Open shelving, glass door cabinets, closed cabinets, a combination of all of them! I love how this really allows your kitchen and the objects within it to shine.

3. Eclectic Tiles

I’m seeing lots of amazing tiles going down on kitchen floors or as bright and bold backsplashes. No longer white subway tiles, the backsplash and the floor are jumping back into the game with some serious patterns.

4. Innovative Storage

We do a lot in our kitchens and need them to help us out, so when it comes to innovative storage solutions I am all over them. I love the modern pantry we’re seeing more of, holding both food items and the necessary equipment.

5. Mixed Metals

Move over brass, and skip to the side stainless steel, you’ve had your time to shine! Now it’s time for all the metals to shine together. The trend I am seeing is one big harmonious mixing bowl of metals. Make whatever metals you like work. Much like the cabinets, there isn’t one real trendy colour – but rather what’s trendy is making it your own way by mixing and matching.

6. Industrial (like) Appliances

Big industrial like appliances are joining in with coloured cabinets in the trend category I love. For an avid entertainer or someone with a big family, six burners can make a good day great.

7. Destination Stations

A bar nook or coffee station, whatever makes your kitchen work better for your life is what I am seeing more of. These ‘destination stations’ help organize a kitchen space really well.

8. Green

From innovative appliances doing more with less, to plants and coloured cabinets we’re still seeing green as a trend that won’t stop (and for good reason!). Plants help keep air fresh and add a feeling of earthy décor.

9. More Interest, Less Clutter

Rather than cluttered countertops and overstuffed cupboards, we’re seeing much more focus on areas of interest and less clutter. Using lighting, open shelving, or closed shelving with glass, the kitchen is both functional and also a space of beauty.

10. Run-way Runners

The boring area mat saying something about ‘time for wine’ at the kitchen sink has seen its time. The kitchen trend I am seeing everywhere is the return of the runner. It’s a runaway hit and is a great way to a pop of colour to the run-way of your kitchen.

Hoping these few trends have inspired you to step out of your box and be more daring when comes the time for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert