Outdoor Furniture: Types of Materials

Ah, Spring! It awakens in all of us the desire to spend time outdoors. Perhaps your springtime thoughts this year are about grilling steaks on a new BBQ or maybe it’s roasting marshmallows on an outdoor fireplace. Perhaps you have grandeur designs and dream of recreating the comfort of your indoor living room in an outdoor setting? (more…)

Bedroom Solutions: Making the Most of Your Tax Return

If you are expecting a tax return, your mind instantly fills with all the wants, desires and dreams you have waited to buy for yourself or your family all year. Maybe that cruise you’ve been considering, or maybe a beach vacation to help you de-stress, or a down payment on that luxury car when your economy sedan won’t do anymore. (more…)

KitchenAid’s Bold New Look

You’ll be the talk of the town with the bold new look from KitchenAid introducing to new KitchenAid Medallion, forged from anodized steel, and inspired from the iconic stand mixer. This iconic finishing stamp is not only a mark of true craftsmanship but it adds a sleek element to your kitchen that is sure to impress. (more…)

Be Prepared for Easter Guests

Easter is that one celebration that really creeps up on people. Firstly, it is never on the same date each year – like Christmas, since its yearly date is determined by the last Full Moon after Spring or the March Equinox which is always on the 20th. This will naturally impact other Christian holidays in the Gregorian calendar around this time of the year, like Palm Sunday and Good Friday. (more…)

Bedroom Temperature: What’s Your Preference?

As there are sleep positions, pillow choices, and sheet preferences, your bedroom temperature can also affect how you sleep. When it’s cold outside, we seek heat: we throw on an extra blanket, switch to warmer textured sheets or raise the thermostat. When it’s hot outside, we throw off the blankets, fit our coolest cotton sheets to the mattress and blast that fan speed on high. (more…)