How to Relieve Back Pain When You Just Bought A New Mattress

Congratulations! You just got a new mattress and you can’t wait to try out. It is firm in all the right places, supportive where you need it most, and it has the top-of-the-line technology. Finally, your back will get some much-needed relief and a better quality of life will soon be within your grasp. So why does your back still hurt as it did sleeping on the old mattress? (more…)

2017 Sleep Studies Review

What a year it has been; truly remarkable on all fronts! Whether you look back on 2017 with fondness or with some regret, there is no question it left a lasting impact on sleep science and the industry. Let’s break down the best discoveries of the past 12 months. (more…)

No Need for a Noisy Dishwasher

Today’s homes are more likely to feature an eat-in kitchen or be an open concept with other rooms like the living room or family room. We have a big open room like this in our home and while this creates a lovely inclusive atmosphere letting me prep lunches while the kids do homework, it also means a loud dishwasher can interrupt our evening conversations. (more…)

Finding Balance During the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is the busiest and most stressful time of the year. Period. Yes, you found the best presents you know everyone will envy. Yes, you wrapped them in the prettiest paper and largest bows. Yes, you will place them perfectly around the tallest and fullest tree you could find – although you nearly poked your eye out bringing it through the door. But it’s the best!! (more…)