What Not to Do with Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress

What Not to Do with Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress (Large)

If you are a first-time owner of a Tempur-Pedic mattress, you understand how life changing it really is. Sleeping is better, your mental health is better, and your body is probably more relaxed than it’s been in years. Basically, sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress is much different than any other mattress you’ve probably slept on in your life so you will understand that the care for it is different as well. Take these tips into account when taking care of your new Tempur-Pedic bed so that yours can live a long and robust life.

Don’t Rotate

Most beds need a good flip and a rotation every couple of months to not get soft in spots, increase the mattresses lifespan, and ensure your spine is aligned and not sinking in due to continuous use. Your Tempur-Pedic mattress is firm and meant to stay exactly the way you bought it. Forget rotating with these mattresses. Tempur-Pedic doesn’t easily change shape and will be able to handle a lot of use for several years.

Don’t Drink on the Bed

We can’t tell you what to do, but we can at least warn you. Bringing liquid on your bed is fine, but spilling it on your Tempur-Pedic Hybrid Mattress or any other Tempur-Pedic mattress, can be ultimately damaging to the foam. Fluids and Tempur-Pedic don’t go well together so in order to maintain the bed’s durability, you will want to prevent accidents from occurring. Although if one does happen, you can act quickly and absorb the liquid with a clean cloth.

Tempur Pedic Mattress Protector (Large)

Don’t Purchase Just Any Mattress Cover

With Tempur-Pedic beds, you will need a mattress cover. Obviously, one would be helpful in the incident a spill were to occur. If you are interested in getting a mattress cover, talk with a sales associate at your local BrandSource store carrying Tempur-Pedic Mattresses to find out what mattress cover works well with a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

Monitor Your Z’s with the Beautyrest Sleeptracker

Monitor Your Z’s with the Beautyrest Sleeptracker

We are lucky to live in a time where advanced technology, such as monitoring health and nutrition with wearables, has become just a normal idea. You don’t even have to be conscious to track your health’s progress these days! Beautyrest Mattresses are now smarter than ever and tracking your health with its Beautyrest Sleeptracker while you are sailing away to dreamland is so easy!

Smart Sleep

Monitoring your sleep is extremely easy. By simply placing one of the Beautyrest Sleeptracker devices under your mattress bed, it will instantly be ready to accurately track all of your body’s movements. All you need to do is go to bed, wake up and voila! Information from the Beautyrest Sleeptracker app will be at your fingertips.

There is no need to wear anything such as a watch – simply being on your bed is enough for the sensors! Once you have laid down, your heart and breathing rates, REM sleep, and body motion are precisely monitored. It can even identify the second person in your bed and not get you two confused.

Beautyrest Sleeptracker (Large)

Why This Is Good for You

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. With a system that provides total body analyzing when asleep, there should never be a reason a sleep issue goes undetected.

For example, the Beautyrest Sleeptracker allows you to receive reports from your “sleep coach” informing you of your sleep efficiency so that you are always aware of improvements or setbacks with your sleep habits. The sooner a problem is brought to your attention by the Beautyrest Sleeptracker, the sooner you can resolve it.

Choose to Give Yourself a Better Life

The BeautyRest Sleeptracker gives you a chance to better your life with its reporting. This mattress gives you the opportunity to improve your sleep so that your mental and physical well-being are at their very best.

If you are looking for something to monitor your sleep and don’t know what to choose, discuss with someone at your local BrandSource retailer carrying Beautyrest mattresses to learn more about the benefits of the Beautyrest Sleeptracker.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

How Bad Sleep and Weight Gain Go Hand in Hand

How Bad Sleep and Weight Gain Go Hand in Hand

According to a study presented at the Endocrine Society National meeting, getting 30 minutes of sleep less than you should every day can be the reason you’ve gained a few extra pounds. It’s hard to get the perfect amount of sleep, but it’s important to try and get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night otherwise you can find yourself not having the energy to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Hormones and Food

Sleep deprivation is a vicious thing. If you miss out on it, your stress hormone levels rise, which usually increase your appetite. While we wish that meant we were hungry for some greens, unfortunately the stress causes your body to want to produce serotonin (the happy hormone) and the easiest way to get that is by eating something sweet and fattening. Not to mention, your lack of sleep makes it difficult to digest these sugars. We told you, sleep deprivation is a vicious thing.

Weight Gain Isn’t the Only Issue

Sleep pretty much affects every system in your body. If you lack the proper rest, your body begins to physically show signs in hopes you might get a hint (dark eye circles, etc.). If you don’t see it physically, you will sure notice it in other ways. Little sleep can result in low cognitive functioning, reaction time, and even memory.

Sleep and weight gain

Living Batteries

Think of humans as phones. They need time to charge so they can be their very best. Have you ever used a phone on 5%? The phone darkens, it works slower, and won’t allow you certain abilities such as taking photos. If it doesn’t get to a charger it’s going to crash hard. Not unlike people at all.

Sleep Better

Sometimes the right bed can make all the difference in your sleep cycle. Try out Tempur-Pedic mattresses at your local BrandSource mattress store to help end your sleep deprivation ASAP!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

4 Tips for Keeping Your Mattress in Decent Shape

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Mattresses are not cheap. It’s not for a bad reason, either.

Beautyrest Mattresses are made with materials that aim to support, comfort, and contour your body so you can sleep well to live a healthy life. Science and creativity went hand in hand to design and build your rectangular sleep haven, and every bit of it is worth every bit of money you need to put into one.

With that said, once you’ve bought one, it’s your responsibility to take care of it, just like it’s working to take care of you. Give your mattress the love it deserves by trying out some of these tips.

1. Just like your back, your mattress needs good support

What does your mattress sleep on? Do you place it on a box spring? A bedframe? Do you just place it on the floor? Many people don’t realize this, but what your mattress lays on is crucial to its health. Depending on whether your mattress is a spring mattress, memory foam, powerbase, adjustable bases or another specialty mattress, will help you figure out what kind of support it needs. Getting the right support for your current mattress will make a dramatic difference in its life expectancy.

Polyurethane Mattress Protector

2. Mattress protectors will shield your mattress

It’s simple, but it works. A mattress protector will prevent stains, spills, allergens, sweat, and more from getting all over your Beautyrest Mattress. The cleaner your mattress stays, the less wear it will show and feel over time. The cleanup is easy and you are less likely to get sick. Remember to still wash your mattress protector!

3. Wash your sheets and blankets often

If you don’t use a mattress protector (something we don’t recommend) wash your bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases regularly to prevent bacteria from growing. We suggest doing it at least once every week or two.

4. Give the pets their own bed

We all want to snuggle with our pets in bed, but you’ll soon regret it. All the animal hair, allergens, oils, and so on that your animal carries on their body will soon be on your bed – resulting in a dirty mattress! Do you and your mattress a favour and get your fur friend their own bed.

Visit your local BrandSource retailer carrying Beautyrest Mattresses for more ideas on how to protect your bed!

Angela, Your SleepExpert

How to Keep Your Samsung Stainless Steel Appliances Clean

Keep Your Samsung Stainless Steel Appliances Clean

Stainless Steel appliances are the trendiest style of kitchen appliances for a reason – they look good and hold up well for basically an eternity. The biggest problems that can occur are when fingerprints and water marks start showing up on the surface. While this isn’t a big deal on most appliances, it will start to make your refrigerator look a little grimy if not wiped away often. It doesn’t take much to clean stainless steel, so give all your Samsung appliances some love with a little sprucing up!

Daily Maintenance is Key

How many times do you open your fridge a day? Do you put your head against the oven door when peering inside when baking? Does your microwave have food drops on the interior and exterior? Needless to say, your appliances get a lot of use. If you aren’t opening them, you’re touching their buttons or spilling food on them.

The best and easiest way to keep a stainless steel appliance clean is by simply cleaning it every day. Grab a microfiber cloth and just add soap and water. Then dry it off. Your stainless steel dishwasher or other Samsung appliances are instantly spotless.

Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Clean (Large)

Go with the Grain

Knowing that all you need is a microfiber cloth, soap, and water to make the perfect cleaner is not enough – the way you clean your appliance will make all the difference.

Stainless steel is like wood in the way that it has a grain to it. Look closely and you will see some lines which you will want to clean in the direction of. If you don’t, dirt is more likely to stay in the small crevices and build up over time. Take a second to figure out which way the grain goes and clean it in that direction so your Samsung refrigerator or other stainless steel appliance continues to shine for a long time.

It doesn’t take much to keep stainless steel looking pristine, which is why they are the preferred style for appliances. Upgrade your kitchen today with Samsung stainless steel appliances.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

How Whirlpool Laundry Pedestals Benefit You

How Whirlpool Laundry Pedestals Benefit You

When you didn’t think that washers and dryers could improve at all, the Whirlpool laundry pedestal proves you wrong. In one step, your laundry pair could be inches taller, provide you with extra storage space, and keep your laundry room decluttered. Learn more about why a Whirlpool Laundry Pedestal is beneficial for your household.

Lift Your Laundry Pair Up

Giving your washer and dryer a 12-16 inch boost can make a huge difference when doing laundry – especially if you have any back pain at all. Instead of bending over far to take your clothes out of your front load washer, a laundry pedestal will prevent aches and strains on your back. The height tends to be more comfortable than the regular washer and dryer height, making the laundry process much more enjoyable. Wash and dry your clothes without ever being in pain again!

Storage Pedestals for Laundry pair

Extra Storage Drawer

Not only does a Whirlpool Laundry Pedestal raise your laundry appliances, it adds a storage drawer to your laundry room. It’s easy to run out of space in your laundry room, but adding a laundry pedestal will fix that issue. You can place laundry detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, and other laundry products inside or you could use it for something completely different.

Put your socks and other garments in there when you’re missing a matching piece, that way you’ll always know where to find it. You could even put cleaning products in there for when you want to clean up your washer and dryer. Whatever reason you decide to use your laundry pedestal for, make sure it is one that makes your life more convenient.

Having a laundry pedestal was made to make your life better. From simply giving you less back pain, to making your laundry process more organized, a Whirlpool Laundry Pedestal will make doing laundry more bearable. Talk to a sales associate at your local BrandSource store about the Whirlpool Laundry Pedestals. But beware! Don’t just get any laundry pedestal! You’ll want to make sure whichever one you choose is compatible with the model of your current washer or dryer.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen with Maytag Appliances

Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen with Maytag

The art and philosophy of minimalism is simple – life with less is better. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t own material possessions, but only having what you truly need and use is key. Stop for a moment to observe your kitchen. Take a look at the details: do you have countertop appliances everywhere? Are your major kitchen appliances being used often? Try bringing minimalism into your kitchen so that there is more organization, less clutter, and more purpose to your items.

Do you need all the appliances in your kitchen?

We’ve grown up believing that in order to have a perfect kitchen you must have all the appliances required: a range, microwave, refrigerator, and so on.

The laws of minimalism tell us to only keep what we need so the question is: do you need every appliance you have? Do you only use a microwave to make popcorn? Do you have both a toaster and a toaster oven? Really think about their purpose and whether you can easily use one appliance to do the work for you instead of multiple with the same purpose.

Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen with Maytag Appliances

Your countertops look cluttered

You have a stand mixer, blender, coffee maker, a juicer and so much more just sitting on your countertop. How do you even have room to prepare a meal? Our suggestion is to find a place in your cupboards to hide them away until you use them. You’ll appreciate how clean the extra space looks and actually have space to get crafty with your food.

Kitchen organization

Organization is key

Putting things in the right place will make all the difference when trying to minimalize your kitchen. Spices, dishes, pots and pans, cups, and more should be placed in a way where you can see them and not thrown in disarray. Sometimes getting rid of a few of those coffee mugs you like to collect can help too.

Not everyone needs to live a minimalist life, but it can help you feel more motivated to have fun in your kitchen. When there is mess throughout your path, it can be overwhelming, and that’s why minimalism was made to clear it out so you can move forward without any obstacles to run into. Stop into your local BrandSource appliance store to find quality Maytag appliances that will start you on your minimalist journey.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen With Samsung Appliances

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen with Samsung Appliances_IMG1

A change is needed every once in a while to make something feel exciting again. When you walk into your kitchen, if you don’t feel happy with the way it looks, you may not want to stick around to cook anything! Upgrade your eatery with a splash of colour to the walls, high-tech appliances, or even something as simple as replacing the knobs of your cabinets! Keep things fresh in the kitchen with the following ideas.

Add Some Colour

Whether it’s your walls, your appliances, or even your cabinets, sometimes adding a splash of colour can change the entire vibe of your kitchen. Plain white walls can instantly be brightened up with a welcoming blue or lively yellow colour. Sometimes even adding a black stainless steel refrigerator to the mix could be a bold statement. A colour switch can be an effortless way to changeup your layout without having to pay too much.

Innovative Appliances

Having appliances that make your work easier is always a plus. That’s why Samsung is consistently finding new ways to improve their products and make more innovative appliances all the time. Take the Samsung induction and electric cooktops with touch controls, for example. These high-tech appliances are made for precision so that your food is always created with professional quality. Not only that, but their design will give any kitchen a contemporary feel.


Open Shelving

One way to completely change the look of your kitchen is with open shelving. Instead of having your dishes behind closed doors, make everything able to be seen. This is a very inviting design tactic.

There are obviously many ways to upgrade and redesign your kitchen so that it looks updated. From bold colours to new appliances, the changes are endless.

Don’t know where to start? Check out Samsung kitchen appliances at your local BrandSource appliance store to help with the process! Speak to a sales associate there to get more ideas for your project. No matter what you decide to do, make your kitchen a place where you like to be, and it will always feel fresh.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

Bed in a Box: Mattress of the Future

Sleeping surfaces have come a long way since gathering some prickly straw or branches under layer of softer leaves or animal skin in the Neolithic era. Beds were intended to be raised off the ground away from insects, dirt and the coldness of the soil. In Ancient Rome, bags of cloth were stuffed with straw, reeds, wool, or feathers for the wealthy.

A Bit of History

It wasn’t until the early 19th century when coils were introduced for bedding and so the structured model we know of today was born. In 1865, Harrods sold a water bed resembling large water bottles via mail order. What a concept! The 1940s raised the curtain on the futon to make its debut, and the 1960s saw the waterbed make exciting strides in the industry. The 1980s saw the inflatable mattress rise to the top while 1999 was a banner year for the new format of the queen-sized bed!

Invention of the innerspring mattress

Source: Leggett & Platt

The 21st century has continued to reveal the speed in which progress has been made in the sleep industry where comfort, choice and science are priority. Technology has stepped into the bedroom where on-demand comfort level requests are instantly achieved with the click of a button. Smart phones tell us how well we sleep or remind us we need to do better. What can possibly beat all this?

Convenience can now be added to that list of priorities. Young professionals to seniors want to spend more time on pleasurable activities so if there is a mundane task like buying a new mattress that can be minimized to just a few clicks on a computer, they’re on it.

And Then Came the Bed-In-A-Box

The bed-in-a-box is the newest trend in mattress purchasing. As the word entails, it comes rolled up in a box the size of a small apartment-sized fridge: it all depends on the size of bed you purchase. They are available in most standard sizes like twin to king so your current sheets and comforters don’t need to be changed. They are available in most foam and gel materials, and fabrics that meet your specific preferences.

Just because your mattress can now come in a box, quality and comfort have not been compromised. With daily advancements in foam technologies, only the best material is used to withstand the rolling up of your mattress and give you the comfort you expect! How cool is that? Oh, and speaking of cool, for those who need, there is a cool gel technology available too for those who prefer it cooler than toasty. Win! Win!

Quick and easy purchases with a speedy delivery and return policy that would be the envy of many stores are at your fingertips. Great warranties are attached to your purchase, and carry a 90 to 100-night trial guarantee. If it’s not meeting your specific expectations, pack it up and bring it back!

If you have a spare room that can be transformed into a guest room, or your youngest child is ready for a grown-up bed, consider bed-in-a-box for easy shopping, delivery and set up!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

What It’s Like to Take a Sleep Study?

What It’s Like to Take a Sleep Study

Polysomnography is a sleep study conducted overnight in a sleep lab which measures brain activity, eye movements, blood pressure, heart rate, body movements and much more while you sleep. The results would determine if you suffer from a sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea or other sleep-related issues which can be detrimental to your health.

If you suffer from snoring, gasping for air while you sleep, or extreme daytime sleepiness then, you are the perfect candidate to participate in a sleep study. Sleep disorders not only affect your quality of sleep at night but your awake hours as well.

One of the most disruptive daytime symptoms I recall my partner suffering from was his excessive sleepiness. It would happen at the worst times like driving, at work, at dinnertime with the family, and other events. He would miss out on so much in his life because he had the constant need to sleep. Irritability became his normal which affected the whole family, and as such he resisted for a long time to see a specialist. Only when his medical practitioner pointed out to him that his blood pressure was on a steady rise, his cholesterol levels were also elevated, and he looked 20 years older than he should have, did he decide to take control of his health.

There was a choice of 3 different sleep study tests that were offered to him, namely:

1) Polysomnogram, which as mentioned earlier, tests you while you sleep,

2) Maintenance Wakefulness Test (MWT), which measures how alert you are during the day, and

3) Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), also conducted during the day which measures how sleepy you get during the day while being tested, and can also measure if the equipment used to help your disorder is yielding results.

What It’s Like to Take a Sleep Study_CPA (Large)

He chose the Polysomnogram and made the arrangements at the Sleep Clinic in a nearby hospital. He prepared as though he were going on an overnight trip, and once he arrived, they settled him into a small room that looked like your average bedroom. To get an accurate reading, no preparations are to be done beforehand as the technicians need to measure all the usual steps you take to get ready for bed. He was eventually hooked up to a variety of wires and electrodes all over his body and face, including a microphone to measure the sound of his snoring. Another technician began her work behind the glass wall.

As he slept, the technician watched all the readings including blood pressure, body movements, heart rate and recorded irregularities. By the morning, he woke up, signed some papers, and came home. Several days later, his medical practitioner advised him that he indeed was suffering from sleep apnea and recommended he uses a CPAP machine which delivers a stream of compressed air via a mask, every night.

Although it took some getting used to, just knowing what was affecting him and seeing a measurable improvement in his health, was well worth the trouble. Now that he has more energy during the day, he has made some lifestyle changes including, weight management with a healthier diet, and more exercise. Other recommendations for improving his sleep quality now include an adjustable bed which reduces the amount of time he needs the CPAP. The MLST is showing that he is getting sufficient sleep and his awake hours are better than ever!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert