Why a Mattress Cover is Needed on Your Bed

Why a Mattress Cover is Needed on Your Bed

You may be baffled at the idea of a mattress cover because aren’t the sheets supposed to protect the bed? You don’t plan on bringing any drinks or food into the bed, and you’re positive you won’t pee yourself by accident, so why is it necessary? While a mattress protector would save you in those specific situations, its use is needed for more than just those reasons. If you want your bed to stand a chance against the test of time, a mattress cover is just what you need.

Check out these reasons why purchasing one of these protectors is the way to go.

It Feels Nonexistent

Rumour has it, mattress covers feel and sound like laying across a thick papery pile. The truth is, you basically can’t even feel it. The mattress protector wraps over the mattress but you still put a fitted sheet over that so it has very little impact on comfort. Luckily, it’s quiet so you’ll never be woken up in the middle of the night due to the sound of rustling paper. The only problem? It might be too quiet! Don’t forget about it because it still needs to be washed from time to time.

It Prevents Allergy Outbreaks

If you have pets that you allow on the bed, getting a mattress cover could help prevent your allergies from going berserk. Pets carry all kinds of things that flare up allergies, but they aren’t the only things you need to worry about awaking your allergies – dust mites will also give you the sneezes. If you don’t use a mattress protector, these dust mites could affect your lungs causing you to wheeze and have shortness of breath. Luckily, with a cover, you have the ability to wash it here and there so dust mites and other allergens never stick around for too long.

Beautyrest Mattress Cover

It Keeps Your Mattress Clean

Simply using sheets isn’t enough to keep your mattress clean. While they do help, sweat and other bodily fluids tend to seep through the sheets and into your mattress bed. Once those bodily fluids make their way into the mattress (especially if it’s memory foam) cleaning it off is almost impossible. A spill here or a little accident there could mess with your bed’s material and break it down quicker. The messes even tend to attract creepy crawlies to your bed. It’s true – bed bugs and even roaches like to eat dead skin, which your body is constantly getting rid of. Luckily, a mattress protector will continue to keep your mattress clean and in pristine condition so you won’t be worrying about bugs in the night.

As you can tell, mattress protectors are mattress savers. They’re arguably the most important accessory for your mattress because they will keep it in better condition for longer than a mattress without a protector. It’s there to ensure your bed is rid of germs so you stay in good health. Visit your local mattress store to pick up a mattress protector and overall increase your bed lifespan.

Denis, Your Sleep Expert

Size Doesn’t Always Matter: Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combo

Size Doesn't Always Matter Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combo

Space is a luxury that most people don’t get in the kitchen. Generally, appliances come in standard sizes to make your installing process as convenient as possible. If you purchase a built-in range, chances are that range will slide right into that space without even the slightest issue. While that’s the beauty of appliances, that’s also the problem. It’s not very easy to stray from the norm and find smaller or larger appliances depending on our needs. Built-in microwaves are another appliance that comes in very few different sizes, allowing little room between the microwave and range.

Now, Whirlpool is changing the ideal built-in microwave look without sacrificing quality and performance. The Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination intertwines both microwave and vent hood into fun-size – giving room to all those who need space above their stove!

Space Saviour

While you may feel like you just compromised size for stove space, this low-profile microwave is anything but tiny. This nifty appliance may look itty-bitty, but it has more than enough capacity to fit large dishes inside. You can fit tall glasses, wide plates and big bowls in this over-the-range microwave that still has enough room for all the essentials with 1.1 cubic ft. of purposeful capacity.

Ventilation at Its Finest

In the words of Shakespeare, “Though she may be but little, she is fierce.” In this case, Whirlpool’s Low-Profile Microwave Hood may be quite small, but it’s powerful! Its high-performance venting quickly gets rid of smoke, odours and moisture so your kitchen continues to smell like home. Those smelly fumes don’t stand a chance with this swift acting vent hood!

Whirlpool low profile microwave hood

Low Maintenance Design

A microwave should be low maintenance which is one big reason why this Whirlpool Microwave is a top favourite of ours. No need to spend extra money hiring someone to install this low-profile microwave – it’s simple enough to either do yourself or have someone you know help with it. Not only is the set up easy, the cleanup is also a breeze. You can easily remove the turntable within this stainless steel microwave and place it in the dishwasher for a safe and thorough wash!

No Hands Required

OK. You may need a finger here and there to push certain buttons. But when it comes to opening the Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood, an elbow will simply do. This tap-to-open door helps keep things flowing efficiently and the kitchen stays clean in the process. Next time your hands are full of dishes, a gentle tap will pop it open so you can keep the dinner moving along smoothly.

A microwave is an essential appliance to have in your kitchen, so making sure it is one that provides you with ease and convenience can make your day a lot less stressful and your food taste a whole lot better. Stop into your local appliance store and check out the Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combo. Speak with a sales associate to learn about all the features this small and vigorous microwave has to offer.

Amanda, Your Appliances Expert

The Difference Between Samsung Cooktop Styles

Big pot in modern kitchen with induction stove

The three main cooktop styles are electric, induction, and gas cooktops – but what’s the difference? How do you know which one to choose for yourself? When choosing between Samsung cooktops, you can’t go wrong. It all comes down to what works best for your lifestyle. Learn more about these diverse kinds of cooktops so you can figure out what stovetop would be best for you.

Electric Cooktops – Smooth. Sleek. Modern.

If there is one cooktop that exudes sophistication, it’s electric cooktops. Cleanup is a breeze since the cover is glass, making the surface smooth and easy to wipe up. Samsung Electric Cooktops are even made with a Glide-2-Set Control which helps adjust the temperature so dishes come out perfectly with just the touch of a button.

Induction Cooktops – Innovative. Worry-free. Precise.

NZ36M9880UB - Samsung Induction Cooktop

Have you ever asked yourself, “Did I leave the stove on?” It’s a scary thought because the consequences could be detrimental, but a Samsung Induction Cooktop will leave you less worried than any other style of cooktops. The way Induction burners work involves an electromagnetic heating technology that only heats when it comes in contact with magnetic metals. That means there is no open flame, much like an electric cooktop, but the surface will never burn you. If your child gets curious and touches it, they won’t hurt themselves. One of the best parts about induction cooktops is its precision. As soon as the induction element touches the metal pan, it heats up quickly or lowers at exactly to the temperature you need. You can even boil water in a record 90 seconds!

Gas Cooktops – Classic. Professional. Versatility.

Samsung Gaz Cooktop

Gas cooktops have a quick response speed, which means they can go from extremely hot to simmering in almost no time at all. When it comes to your utilities bill, they usually cost less than an electric cooktop. Not to mention if the power goes out, you can still cook with your Samsung Gas Cooktop.

Have you figured out which one is for you? Visit your local appliance store to learn more about these Samsung Cooktops so you can get the one that complements your cooking style best!

Amanda, Your Appliances Expert

How WiFi Connect with GE Appliances Adds Convenience to Your Life

How WiFi Connect with GE Appliances Adds Convenience to Your Life

When you’re in the zone and preparing dinner, the last thing you want to do is break away from your intense concentration to go preheat the oven. Not to mention, your hands could be covered in food so pushing buttons on your range or wall oven doesn’t seem like the cleanest of actions. In a perfect world, you’d get to continue working on your culinary masterpiece and conveniently not have to step away from it to turn on the oven. Instead, what if your appliances could do it themselves? What if you could waste less time doing those tiny tasks, and instead be doing what you enjoy? With a GE Appliances WiFi connected kitchen, you can start doing the things you love more while your GE Appliances take care of the minor responsibilities for you. With a little help from the GE WiFi Connect App, Alexa by Amazon or Google Assistant, and GE Appliances, your life will immediately be made easier.

Let the Coffee Be Made for You

You’d better get used to things being done for you because GE Appliances linked with WiFi Connect are very efficient and like to get things done. That includes preparing your coffee in the morning. Let the coffee be made for you like the royalty you are with one of the GE Wifi Connected Refrigerators. Through your GE WiFi Connect app, you can easily schedule when you want your coffee to start brewing! If you don’t feel like doing that, you can just ask Amazon’s Alexa to ask GE Appliance’s Geneva to do it. There is one thing you will have to remember, though. Be sure to place a cup under where the coffee pours out so you can avoid a very slippery mess.

Check on Your Dishwasher

Connected GE Dishwasher

Don’t waste your time checking on the dishes when you could simply ask, “Alexa,” or “Google, ask Geneva if the dishes are clean.” You have the ability to keep an eye on how much time is left in the wash cycle through the app as well as get sent a notification when your dishes get done. You can even keep track of how many detergent pods are left! Do you need this feature? No. But will it make your life more convenient? Yes!

Avoid Laundry Time

The less time you’re doing laundry, the better. That’s why the GE WiFi Connect has been such a saviour to those who absolutely despise laundry time. With the app, you can do almost everything in the palm of your hand!

  • Monitor cycle status and time remaining
  • Extend the dryer cycle
  • Receive an alert when your cycle has finished
  • Download custom specialty cycles
  • Remote start the cycle

Using the GE WiFi Connect with GE Appliances is easy and worth it. You’ll get a little more time added to your day to give a family member a call, work on some art, or even just relax on the sofa with a book. Get connected to get convenience today!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

Manage Post-Meal Messes with Maytag Dishwasher PowerBlast Cycle

Manage Post-Meal Messes with Maytag Dishwasher PowerBlast Cycle

Having a sink full of dirty dishes is arguably the most annoying chore out there. Nobody in their right mind enjoys looking at a mound of unwashed plates and cups, but unfortunately, it can’t just sit there forever – it needs to get done somehow. That’s when your dishwasher comes into the picture. No need to scrub your pots, pans, silverware, and more when you have a Maytag Dishwasher with PowerBlast Cycle on the job! All you need to do is load it, add detergent, and start it – it’s as simple as that! Manage your post-meal messes in no time at all so you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy!

The PowerBlast Feature

If your dishwasher doesn’t thoroughly clean and sanitize your dishes in one cycle, is it worth your time? No! You should have a dishwashing appliance that washes so well, there’s never a single trace of food left behind. The only thing left should be shiny dishes, ready to be put away. With the PowerBlast feature on Maytag dishwashers, all scraps and extra food on your plates will be effortlessly washed away. In one cycle, it has the power to remove stuck-on food with high-pressure spray jets, increased temperatures and hot steam to finish the job. The process is flawless, ensuring your dishes will be immediately ready for their next use.

Made to Handle the Dirtiest Messes

Maytag Dishwashers have one of the most powerful motors on the market right now. No need to scrub or pre-rinse your dishes when your dishwasher has a motor this strong. So, the next time you encounter a mountain of dirty dishes, load them into the dishwasher till it’s full, and let it do its thing. Don’t be surprised when your dishes come out clean every time!

Manage Post-Meal Messes with Maytag Dishwasher PowerBlast Cycle_2

Faster and Better

Your dishwasher plays a large role in the productivity of your kitchen. Could you imagine how much time you’d waste having to physically wash your dishes by hand if you didn’t own a dishwasher? You could easily spend a couple hours a week, depending on the number of people in your family and how many meals you eat at home. It’s exhausting, to say the least. That’s why having a Maytag dishwasher adds such convenience and luxury to anyone’s life who has one. Instead of spending 25 minutes bruising your fingers just to get dried spaghetti sauce off of a plate, you can take 3 minutes dumping those dirty dishes into your dishwasher so they can do the hard part for you.

If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, the Maytag Dishwasher with PowerBlast Cycle was made to take on the dirtiest dishes. Not to mention, the stainless steel finish is smudge proof – ensuring you won’t have to be washing the surface constantly. Talk to a sales associate at our appliance store to learn more about the features of our Maytag Dishwashers. You’ll find that these powerful cleaners also wash almost silently, making these dishwashers an incredible appliance.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

What Makes KitchenAid Built-In Side by Side Refrigerators So Special

What Makes KitchenAid Built-In Side by Side Refrigerators So Special

If you’ve seen one KitchenAid refrigerator, you’ve seen them all – right? Not really. Even our most basic KitchenAid fridge out there is made uniquely with intricate details that make it incredibly versatile. Every model is made to benefit you and your lifestyle requirements and fortunately, KitchenAid is spectacular at being the refrigerator brand with the ability to change to your specific needs. Check out the KitchenAid Built-In Side by Side Refrigerator to learn about all its helpful features and why you and your family may enjoy the convenient benefits.

The Produce Preserver

If your grocery game is on point, you’re going to want a refrigerator that’s all about keeping your fruits and veggies at their freshest. The KitchenAid Built-In Side by Side Refrigerator was made to help you achieve that through its handy-dandy Produce Preserver feature. Its sole purpose is to absorb ethylene gas emitted by the fruits and vegetables. This gas commonly exudes from the produce, over-ripening them till they go bad. By removing the ethylene, the produce preserver helps extend freshness. Instead of purchasing produce and crossing your fingers that they’ll last you more than a day, sit back and relax! The Produce Preserver is there to give you some relief and ensure you your fruits and veggies stay crisp enough to eat!

Kitchen Aid Produce Preserver

The Heavenly Glide

Drawers shouldn’t be a struggle to open, but some fridge drawers don’t pull out with the smoothness that we were hoping for. The KitchenAid Side by Side fridge was designed with ease in mind, which is why the drawers open like you’re slicing butter! The ball bearing rollers and glides allow effortless in-and-out movement when fully loaded. Grab your fresh fruit without ever having to jerk open your produce drawers again!


There’s nothing like a clean-looking refrigerator to really make your kitchen stand out! These side-by-side KitchenAid fridges come with a PrintShield Finish which resists smudges while enhancing the overall look of the refrigerator. It’s hard to keep your hands clean while working in the kitchen, but no need to worry about that when you have a KitchenAid appliance ready to handle any mess you throw its way!

Easy to Keep Clean

Keeping the outside of the fridge clean is only part of the battle. It’s what’s on the inside that matters most. Luckily, this black stainless steel fridge comes with adjustable spill-resistant glass shelves! They’re easy to clean and help prevent messes from spilling over into other parts of the refrigerator. The shelf edges are nano-etched with a finely textured surface that helps contain spills, and let you use the whole shelf from edge-to-edge!

Purchasing a refrigerator is a big deal, so it’s important that you find the one that meshes best with your style. Next time you’re out looking for a fridge, always remember that fridges are not all the same. Check each one out in detail, just like we did with this KitchenAid Side by Side Refrigerator so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

Samsung Black Stainless Steel vs. Stainless Steel

Samsung Black Stainless Steel vs. Stainless Steel

You’ve finally nailed down which Samsung appliance you want, but you can’t decide on whether to get it in stainless steel or the new black stainless steel finish. They both look great, but choosing one over the other seems difficult to do. You can’t go wrong with either design, but what are you to do when you like them both equally? We’ve laid out a few features of each style that stood out to us to help you decide between the two.

Stainless Steel Is Professional and Classic

It’s hard not to feel like a professional chef when you have stainless steel appliances shining in your kitchen. It’s what most of the masters tend to use because of its durability and timelessness, making it look great for as long as it lasts. And it lasts a long time. If you spend a good amount of time in the kitchen or have kids rummaging around looking for something to eat, things tend to get beat up in there pretty quickly. Luckily, stainless steel appliances won’t scratch easily, stain, or rust and will continue to look clean for ages.

Samsung Stainless Steel Kitchen

Speaking of cleaning, the upkeep on stainless steel surfaces is extremely easy to deal with. The Samsung stainless steel appliances are fingerprints resistant, making smudges difficult to come by. But every once in a while, some really sticky hands come in contact with the appliances, making the finish look a mess. Fortunately, all it takes is a clean washcloth to wipe up the mess. So why wouldn’t you go the way of this metallic look? No clue – unless you’re looking for a change.

Black Stainless Steel Is Fresh and Bold

Black Stainless Steel is everything you’ve ever liked about stainless steel, but just with a black exterior. Of course, the steel itself isn’t black. It’s coated with a black oxide, giving it a little more protection than stainless steel. Unlike the regular stainless steel, black stainless steel is new and bold. It’s easily a statement piece in your kitchen, standing out for all your guests (and you) to admire.

Black Stainless Steel Kitchen

It too has a smudge-proof coating and is as easy to clean as the Samsung stainless steel appliances. Although it’s a great guard against scratches, a quick slash from a wedding ring could easily leave a mark. Choose this colour on your appliances if you’re an avid cooker looking for an interesting transformation in the kitchen.

Battle of the Steels

Both stainless steel and black stainless steel have incredible finishes that can turn any ordinary kitchen into a contemporary culinary home. But if you’re looking for one style to go with, which do you choose? For those who have a bit more traffic in their kitchen, having Samsung black stainless steel appliances can offer a little more protection on the exterior during accidental collisions.

If you can’t decide which appliance finish you want to go with, let us help you! Stop by our store today to take a look in person at both styles from Samsung.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert


Top 5 Sleep Disorders in Children

The Top 5 Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep disorders in children are varied and not uncommon. Some disorders may result in cranky and tired children, while others may cause behavioural and physical issues requiring medical attention. Studies show that children as young as 1 year old will show signs of anxiety around sleep, but many will resolve these issues as they get older. Some, however, do not. Your pediatrician should be the source of information as it applies to your child.

The signs that indicate that there may be a problem with your child’s sleep quality include excessive sleepiness during the day, bedwetting, crankiness and moodiness, trouble concentrating on simple tasks or at school.

Sometimes we will jump to conclusions as to why our children are misbehaving or appear moody. It is always worth digging a little deeper into how they sleep. Working closely with your pediatrician might help narrow in on the source of the following symptoms.

Here are the top 5 possible sleep disorders your child could be suffering from.

1) Snoring

Some children, as young as two, can suffer from insomnia due to snoring which can be a result of large adenoids, tonsillitis, a deviated septum or sinus congestion due to allergies. If you have seen or heard your child snore, and stop breathing briefly, it is wise to visit with an otolaryngologist to rule out sleep apnea or other physiological issues. In some cases, surgery can resolve the problem.

2) Bedwetting


Studies show that bedwetting occurs in about 50% of children under the age of 3. This is typically caused by the transition from diapers and trainers. Bladder control might take a little longer to develop in some children, and worth speaking to your pediatrician. Some children, however, sleep so soundly that they don’t register the need to go. Limiting fluids close to bedtime can help here. It is also worth considering any stress your child might be experiencing at home or school if it persists.

If you want to know more about bedwetting solutions, read our previous article Bedwetting: 4 easy solutions for worried parents.

3) Sleepwalking

Studies show that about 17% of children suffer from sleepwalking with most of them growing out of it. If you suspect your child walks around the house or can potentially step outdoors in the middle of the night, precautions should be taken. Placing locks on doors at a height they can’t reach, nightlights along baseboards or gentle alarms that can alert you are wise defences. The objective is to gently coax them back to sleep without waking them if possible. Consult your pediatrician if it persists.

4) Sleep Terrors

Much more severe than nightmares, sleep terrors are characterized by your child still in a deep sleep, experiencing an episode of deep fear and anxiety, but not having any recollection of it. Unlike nightmares where children will have, mostly, total recall, they will not be aware of a sleep terror. Depending on their age, removing all exposure to violent programs, games and books should be considered. Stress at home or school can also be the source of this disorder.

If you think your child is simply having nightmares, here it to help Helping your children with bad dreams.

5) Insomnia

Child not able to sleep

This sleep disorder is not only reserved for adults, but children can toss and turn unable to close their eyes to sleep. Besides following proper sleep hygiene routines, consider their schedule of activities, amount of homework, room temperature, and scratchy sheets.

Consult with your medical practitioner if you notice any of these symptoms in your children. Solutions are easily available from conventional and holistic therapies.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

Why Adjustable Beds Are a Solution for Some Sleep Sufferers

Why Adjustable Beds Are a Solution for Some Sleep Sufferers - L&P

As a couple, we do many things together like cooking and cleaning, as well as shopping and sports. There are things, however, that we do that are uniquely our own, especially when it relates to our sleeping position preferences.

I sometimes need support for my achy knees from sports-related injuries, and my partner suffers from sinus issues and prefers sleeping on a mountain of pillows. Pillows are indeed an easy fix like tucking one or two under the knees to give me the relief that I need.

Recently, however, we purchased an adjustable bed which didn’t require that we change up our bedroom furniture. We have a king-sized frame, so we added two twin XL bases and mattresses with a remote that allows us to adjust to our heart’s content! Before we launched on our search for the best sleeping system for our individual needs, we considered some of the following questions to help make our decision easier.

1. Do you suffer from osteoarthritis or other joint inflammatory symptoms?

Considering that an adjustable bed will allow you to tweak your sleeping position to that perfect spot where there is no pulling or pressure on body parts, this is an ideal solution. I loved that I no longer needed to stuff pillows under my knees to get that proper elevation which would then flatten during the night!

2. Do you suffer from chronic sinus congestion, asthma or allergies?

The best position for your head to be when under pressure from congestion is upright. Forget the pile of pillows under your head when, with a push of a button your bed will elevate your upper body to that perfect position for head pressure relief and sleeping comfort.


3. Do you snore?

Snoring is never a problem for the snorer, unless it becomes a serious health issue, but more for the non-snorer. Give your partner some relief and easily lift your upper body to release the constriction that occurs in the throat which produces the loud sounds.

4. Do you suffer from acid reflux or enjoy late-night snacking?

That late night need to munch on something just minutes before bedtime is my weakness. When I overindulge, I know that I will have problems with acid reflux keeping me awake. With just a quick adjustment, I can lift the upper part of the mattress and can instantly alleviate the problem. I love adjusting my side of the bed without affecting my partner’s particular sleep needs for that night. Adjustable beds should be in every home!

5. Do suffer from edema or water retention?

Edema is a common disorder where the body retains fluid in the lower extremities like ankles and knees. Most sufferers will wear compression stockings during the day but by sleeping on an adjustable bed, and lifting the bottom half of your mattress to a comfortable level, they can control the buildup while they sleep.


6. Do you suffer from insomnia?

Finding that perfect position to sleep in throughout the night will help alleviate the tossing and turning that insomniacs experience all night long. By adjusting the bed to help cradle you comfortably will relax your body to that point where sleep can come more easily and quickly.

Imagine then that as a couple, you both suffer from one or more of these issues requiring a completely different sleep position, comfort, and support level to help alleviate your unique symptoms. No matter what the quality of foam, fabric, comfort or support level you choose for your standard mattress, the adjustable bed is the only sleep technology that couples can personalize and customize to each of their unique sleep preferences! Stay close but also enjoy your own piece of sleep paradise!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

Outdoor Living (Rooms): Here to Stay!

Outdoor Living Rooms Here to Stay

No matter how short our Canadian summers are, one hot summer trend that isn’t going anywhere is the outdoor living room. No longer just a picnic table and uncomfortable folding chairs we pull from the spider-web shed, today’s outdoor living rooms are chic and functional.

Want to step up your outdoor decorating game this year? Here are the four essentials for any great Canadian outdoor living space.

1) Say ‘Welcome’ from the Outside

From a fresh spring welcome mat at the front door to a bright floral wreath, the quickest way to step up your outdoor décor game is to decorate your home from the outside in.

2) Comfortable, Convertible, and Ample Seating for Family and Friends

Patio tables and chairs, outdoor sofas, sectionals, and ottomans, are all great (and comfortable) ways to ensure you and your guests have a soft spot to land after some fun in the sun. With bright coloured cushions, umbrellas, and throws for cooler evenings make your yard just as cozy as your living room with plenty of pillows and places for quiet retreat.

3) Personal Touches like a DIY Side Table or Planters

We all want our spaces to be a reflection of who we are, so show your colours and add some personal touches to your outdoor space. Grab some spray paint and jazz up some planters or add some stripes to a side table/extra guest perch.

Canadian blogger Ariel added some great personal touches to her outdoor pillows and planters, such creativity!

Greenery on the patio

4) Greenery

Plants, grasses, and veggies galore! While the summer may be short, the ultimate celebration of summer is sipping a hard earned beverage outside (on your comfy outdoor sofa with bright cushions of course!) next to a small planter filled with herbs while looking at your garden growing.

If this summer is the summer your outdoor space is really going to shine, remember this: make it comfortable, make it yours, and you’ll make it memorable!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert