Top 3 Reasons to Buy Custom-Made Furniture

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Custom-Made Furniture

For most of us, a house is a long-term investment, both financially and emotionally. True, you’ll make changes along the way, even major ones, but you’re not likely to tear the whole thing down and rebuild from scratch. Our hope is that the structure we spend our lives in – our home – will stand the test of time.

In this day and age of the disposable, that yearning for something more durable and timeless can apply to furniture too. And so, if it’s furniture you seek that will stand the test of time, there’s no better choice than custom-made.

Never considered custom-made furniture? Well, if you’re looking for reasons, we’ll give you our top three.


Hands down, the most compelling reason to buy a custom-made piece is the quality. It out performs the prefabricated box store item by leaps and bounds.

Quality goes beyond basic construction; it’s infused into every detail including the basic ingredients. From the use of sustainable wood and fabric choices, to nontoxic glues and stuffing, custom furniture makers care about every aspect of the quality of their product.

Quality also means durability. Let me tell you a story. My mother has had the same sofa for over 30 years. In that time, it has witnessed our family’s history and, although it has required some upkeep, like a reupholstering and slight reshape to reflect changing tastes, it has endured gracefully. Through numerous holiday celebrations, family get-togethers, TV binge-watching marathons and even a marriage, that custom-made sofa my mother bought 30 years ago has been an investment that is still paying dividends in comfort.

Of course, custom furniture is pricier compared to the big box store variety that has quite literally been designed to fall apart in a fairly short period of time, so if you add up all those sofas you’ll be buying every eight to ten years, the custom-made option makes sound economic sense! Think of it as an investment in the quality of your life.

ELRAN 4022 Reclining Sofa (Large)


Custom-made also means personalized. From shape and fabric, to colour and trim, every detail is according to your specifications, making it truly your own. Who wants their home to look cookie cutter, like it fell out the IKEA catalogue? No, you want to show your personality and unique style and custom furniture allows you to do just that.

Look for canadian upholstery brands such as Palliser, ElRan, and Decor-Rest to have access to a large selection of leathers, fabrics, and configurations and at dining room manufacturers like Canadel and Bermex for a complete customization of your dining room set.

Canadel Eastside Chair


Beyond the fact that custom-made furniture is made to last, and therefore not likely to end up in a land fill anytime soon, something that cannot always be said about the product offerings by large retailers and manufacturers, it’s a greener choice by how it is made. In many instances, the materials used are obtained locally and from renewable sources, thereby reducing the carbon footprint through shorter transportation times and promoting a sustainable exploitation of the environment.

Local sourcing also means supporting the local economies, which means your purchase can represent a more ethical choice in that many of these companies also support fair wage policies for workers and are closely tied with their communities.

So, go ahead, buy custom-made for these reasons and many more! Your friends are sure to be “green” with envy.

Custom furniture is our speciality! Come in and speak to your local expert today.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Getting Our Beauty Sleep is Actually a Thing

Getting Our Beauty Sleep is Actually a Thing

Sleep studies have revealed that sleep has a direct effect on how our skin looks and feels. Let’s examine how our body reacts to insomnia and how it shows up on our skin!

During sleep, our body recovers and repairs after a day of activity. Imagine the night shift crew on construction job hurrying to get things done before the alarm goes off in the morning. While our body is at rest, internal systems are working on all cylinders to fix what we didn’t know was broken and fill up what we didn’t know was empty.

Blood flows more easily to the skin while we sleep. While our body is not busy standing, sitting, eating, thinking and so much more during the day, it gets busy on doing other tasks. During the recovery and repair process going on silently while we sleep, the body boosts blood flow to the surface of the skin giving us that rosy complexion. Less than 7 hours of sleep can result in a dull, pale and tired-looking complexion.

Collagen works hard while we sleep. Collagen, the protein that keeps our skin from sagging is produced during sleep. The more collagen our body can produce, the plumper and more youthful-looking our skin will appear. Our body naturally produces less collagen as we age, and wrinkles are generally looked at as a sign of a life well-lived, but let’s not rush them because of a lack of sleep!

Water and hydration are important while we sleep. During the winter months, our skin tends to be drier and while drinking extra water will help with some of the hydration, sleeping in a very dry environment can cause our skin to become dry and irritated. Sleeping while running a humidifier will help boost the water molecules and keep our skin healthy. So, spending at least 8 hours in a richly humidified room will hold marvelous benefits.

Using a humidifier

Hormones need our body to be well-rested. Hormones which are produced in our 7 major glands are charged with a specific task to accomplish in our body like stimulating puberty, and bringing on menopause. When they are overactive or underperforming, we will know it and most often it will show up on our skin. Getting little sleep will have a strong impact on how balanced our hormones are and our skin can easily erupt, overnight just before that big date, or a final exam.

Our eyes never lie. Droopy eyelids, dark circles and bags under our eyes are tell-tale signs that we haven’t been sleeping much. The lack of adequate sleep will stifle the boosts of blood flow that happen during the night resulting in glazed-over and tired-looking eyes. If bags for example have become a chronic issue, elevating our head on a couple of pillows will help reduce puffiness.

Dark under-eye circles, blemishes in the worst of places, or more severe issues like eczema and other rashes can be the result from the lack of sleep. We may not have given it much thought before but, as one of the three pillars of good health along with proper nutrition and sufficient exercise, sleep is often dismissed as a beauty treatment. So, while we take another look in the mirror, what are we going to think about now?

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

Fall in Love with These Spring 2019 Interior Design Trends

Fall in Love with These Spring 2019 Interior Design Trends

Just like your wardrobe, your home can enjoy a bit of a spring update, and with the interior design and décor trends we’re seeing for 2019; it definitely won’t be hard to incorporate a few of your favourites.

The key in “décor trends” is to take those you love and toss the rest. Make your home your own by incorporating your unique style, family favourites, cherished heirlooms, and a few fresh updates so it doesn’t start to feel stale.

Trend #1: Sustainable Materials & Shopping

Think less is more with this trend. You don’t need 42 throw pillows or an overstuffed living room with too much furniture. Focus on what matters most and buy, use, and incorporate those things. Upcycle furniture to reduce what goes in the trash, or choose products that have been manufactured sustainably. Locally made Canadian furniture is a great option if this trend is one for you.

Trend #2: Nature-inspired

Bring the outside in! Add plants to your decor, blur the lines between outdoors and in with your furniture as well as through your fabric choices. We’re also seeing a big resurgence in floral fabrics and wallpapers.

Source: Houzz
Dining Room by Reena Sotropa

Trend #3: Embrace Your Curves

Women have known this for years and we’re glad to see the interior design world has caught on. Curves are in! Curved furniture and uniquely shaped items are making a big statement in 2019.
Reena Sotropa Curved Chairs
Source: Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Source: Houzz

Trend #4: BIG and Bold

Patterned and bold backsplashes (goodbye boring white tiles) are back. So are BIG beds – upholstered headboards or giant four-poster beds, giving you a sense of comfort and cozy. We’re also seeing BIG bold colour choices (like black for a bathroom!) with walls going from basic white to literally everything in the rainbow. When it comes to art; more is more and the bigger, the better. Forget the gallery wall, how about a GIANT piece of art that dominates the entire wall?

Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz

Trend #5: Mix ‘n Match

This is definitely a trend we see sticking around for a while. It works so well and really allows you to make your home your own. We’re seeing mixed materials, furniture styles, fabrics, colours, patterns, and even metals (goodbye entirely brassy rooms!).

These two rooms show us how individual this trend is. Both are mixing colours, fabrics, styles, and yet are completely unique.

Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz

Trend #6: Acrylic

Acrylic furniture has been coming into the interior design scene for the past few years and for good reason. Acrylic is almost essential for small spaces since it gives us usable space without crowing our sightlines. Acrylic is also great as a foundation for your home decor to build up layers (see mix and match!) with vases, coffee table books, flowers, and more. This is one material trend we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon.

Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz

Trend #7: Comfort is King

This is a trend we should embrace forever. Comfort is indeed King (or Queen!). Think comfortable sofas, chairs you want to spend hours in, soft carpeting underfoot, rooms that make you want to stay, linger, and enjoy.

This room incorporates many of the trends we’re seeing for 2019 in home décor, upholstered bed, wallpaper, bold use of colour, and oozing comfort.

Source: Houzz

Which trend do you want to embrace in 2019?

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Home Decor and Furniture Trends to Embrace in 2019

Home Decor Trends to Embrace in 2019

When it comes to our homes, there is nothing worse than having it look dated before you’ve even finished the remodel or renovation. The goal with any home should be to make it your own with items that make you happy (or spark joy as the kids these days call it); and allow you to function at your best because the furniture items you’ve picked for your home function in the way(s) you need them to.

When it comes to embracing “what’s on trend”, it doesn’t mean you should go rush out and buy everything you want, it means find the trend that speaks to you and embrace it for your home. With that in mind, let’s look at the three trend themes dominating the 2019 landscape.


Nothing says 2019 like a bold statement in home décor. Bold colours, bold colour combinations, and bold or unique shapes (including oversized!) are making a BIG BOLD statement in 2019.

This living room embraces a bold blue on the walls, a luxurious velvet chair, and a subtle round table to complete this look.

Source: Houzz

This NYC PR agency meeting room is embracing the 2019 furniture trends in a big way. With a uniquely shaped sofa in the luxe fabric du jour “velvet”; this fabulous room has all the glam it needs. A round glass table in the centre brings the whole room together.

Source: Houzz

This room adds a bold stripe to the wall and ceiling and a bold area rug to the floor. These two unique features bring a lot of personality to the room and while “on trend”, it definitely does not look ‘trendy’, which is a lovely balance.

Source: Houzz

Bold colours, bold combinations of fabrics, and unique art & décor make this master bedroom a welcoming place with lots of personality.

Source: Houzz


The second big trend theme for 2019 in home furniture and home décor is “luxe” which includes luxurious fabrics, textures, and furniture. The epitome of this trend is a giant bold luxurious headboard in a bold velvet.

Source: Houzz

Luxe of course can mean many things when it comes to 2019 home furniture trends, especially in bedrooms. Luxe is a feeling of comfort and luxury, but also a luxurious combination of fabrics and textures as well as mixed materials.

The unique shaped bench at the foot of the bed, the great combination of fabrics, textures, and sheens, and the oversized bed frame all speak to what’s trending in master bedrooms in 2019.

Source: Houzz

This Miami home is everything “luxe”! It embraces the outside, unique shapes, unique textures, and combines them effortlessly to make this room very on-trend and timeless.

Source: Houzz

As part of the luxury, we’re seeing a big trend for 2019 in all rooms, including the bathroom, with easily inserted electric fireplaces. By adding a functional element of warmth, it adds the luxurious ambiance any bedroom, living room, or bathroom could want.

Source: Houzz

This bathroom fireplace makes the room both cozy and luxe at the same time.

Source: Houzz

As so does this one, how luxurious….

Source: Houzz


The final trend theme for 2019 is “space”. Not outer space or anything astrological, we’re talking physical space in the form of space saving by selecting uniquely shaped furniture, or multi-functional items. Just look to each of the previous examples of luxe and bold themed trends and you’ll see space has somehow made its way into most of them!

This coffee table turned desk gives the person who works from home occasionally, the best home office without having a dedicated space for it.

Ashley Lift Top Cocktail Table

This kitchen banquette helps keep space use in check while adding a great place to sit, to store stuff, and to decorate with seasonal throw pillows!

Source: Houzz

Even in this smaller sized space, the right furniture (and not too much of it!) combined with a great mixture of bold colours, luxurious fabrics, and uniquely shaped furniture make this a winning combination.

Source: Houzz

This fabulous curved sofa is ALL. THE. THINGS. Isn’t is fabulous?

Source: Houzz

Which 2019 home furniture and design trend will you be embracing this year? What speaks to your personal home style and brings you joy?

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

How Binge Watching Affects Your Sleep?

How binge watching affects your sleep (2)

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the internet is an incredible and valuable tool which, for the most part, facilitates our lives in countless ways. The flip side of that observation is that the temptation to stay connected for long periods of time is affecting how we sleep. Yes, there is a study for that!

Studies pop up every day examining how we interact with people, places, and things, and through extensive research, present the benefits or risks of some of the crazy things we do! Enter binge watching: an activity in which we remain connected to our devices to stream endless episodes of programs we missed during the day because we are earning a living. So, when do we sleep?

The drama, the intrigue, the mystery, and occasionally the comedy-based shows I streamed had me hooked like a bag of chips! Not only is the Internet a seemingly bottom-less pit of entertainment, but it should now come with a caution. The lure of easily accessible programs was so powerful and unfortunately for me, it affected not only my sleep, but my mood during the day.

Back in the old days I didn’t have the same access to channels that I do now, and as such I only watched a couple of shows and patiently waited a whole week to watch the next episode. If I wasn’t home at the time of the screening, I would pull out my video recorder and set it to watch later. Fast forward to the era of the Internet, my favourite programs had grown to many more, and I didn’t need to wait a whole week to watch the next episode.

As many of these shows typically end in cliff-hangers, why would I possibly wait when the resolution is just a click away. And so, the binging began.

How binge watching affects your sleep (2)

My binge watching due to uncontrollable impulses caused me to get only few hours of sleep, and due to the blue light from my computer screen, it was not a restful sleep experience. The excitement from some of the story lines was enough to keep me tossing and turning.

Some people may suffer from similar fitful sleep when they can’t put a book down, but the blue light from the screen was clearly affecting the production of melatonin which kicks in only in low light. I began suffering from insomnia, and as a result I became very moody. Concentration during the day became an issue, and I suffered brain fog regularly.

It was only when I had a routine visit with my medical practitioner that I learned how my insomnia and poor quality of sleep affected my blood pressure and contributed to my daily headaches, which I thought were work-stress related. It was the binge watching that affected the quality of my sleep which, in turn affected my health. The easy access to endless streaming which provided me with that regular dose of adrenaline rush or side-splitting comedy had become my addiction which needed an intervention!

To improve the quality of my sleep and restore my health, I no longer bring devices into my bedroom, follow a workable sleep hygiene routine, and save any watching of programs for the weekend, and only for 2 hours at time.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

Why a Whirlpool Vent Hood is Needed in Your Kitchen

When you cook in your kitchen, you should never have to worry about being able to breathe. But, if your cookery gets exceptionally smoky when you bust out the culinary skills on your appliances, then it’s time you invested in a Whirlpool vent hood.

Some people argue that a vent hood is an unnecessary appliance and not needed above your cooking space. We beg to differ and have plenty of reasons why you’ll want one where you cook, bake, steam, and more!

1. Breathe Better

The number one reason to get a Whirlpool vent hood is to simply breathe better. When cooking, you’ll notice that without a vent or some sort of airway to push air out of your kitchen, the room tends to get a bit smoky. And when the fumes become too intense and don’t have a way of filtering out, it can make cooking a little unbearable.

A Whirlpool vent hood has the power to clear out the air with its fan and make the room fresh and breathable. With the electronic control panel, you’ll be able to set your fan manually between 3 different speeds. Not to mention, it’ll be quiet! Whirlpool vent hoods have noise reduction technology so instead of feeling like you’re caught in a storm, you’ll be able to cook in peace.

2. Brighter Kitchen

If you’ve ever wished you had more light over your cooktop or range, then having a Whirlpool vent hood is a great idea. These hoods are more than just an appliance for ventilation, they can provide a bit of extra light as well. With some extra LED task lighting illuminating your cooktop surface, you’ll no longer be squinting to see if your water is boiling. Cooking is so much better when you can see what you’re doing.

3. Heat Eliminator

During the warm summer months, having a vent hood handy can actually help keep the heat to a minimum. It doesn’t work like an air conditioner and blow cool air out, but the fan is extremely helpful in extracting the heat the same way it extracts the smoke from the air. So, instead of sweating like you just ran a marathon in your kitchen, a Whirlpool vent hood can help you stay cooler and keep your focus on the important things. Like cooking up something steamy without soaking in the steam itself.

As you can tell, having a Whirlpool vent hood is an ideal way to stay refreshed and comfortable while cooking in the kitchen. Not to be dramatic, but not owning a Whirlpool vent hood is a miserable experience and if you’re an avid cooker, you’ll want one of these appliances to make your stay in the kitchen a tolerable one.

Drop in to our store to check out the collection of Whirlpool vent hoods we have available. From glass to stainless steel canopy wall mounts, we’ve got a sleek variety for you to choose from. Find the vent hood that will freshen up your kitchen today!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert