2020 Vision Spotting this Year’s Hottest Kitchen Appliance Trends

When it comes to planning a new kitchen, the late winter/early spring season is one of the most popular times of the year. And why not? Coming right on the heels of the KBIS, one of the world’s hottest design expos, it’s the perfect time to plan. Getting the chance to integrate some of the most cutting-edge kitchen appliance innovations will definitely make your design stand out from the crowd.

And with 2020’s hottest appliance trends, the look for your new kitchen will be crystal clear.

1. Better Food Storage

Refrigerators keep your food fresher longer. And with the newest storage innovations, they’ve never done a better job. Specialized drawers are better at managing humidity and removing harmful ethylene gas, you’ll even be able to set third and even fourth distinct temperature zones to create the perfect storage environment for all kinds of food. Door-in-door design allows you to easily grab your go-to foods and drinks without losing all the cold air inside the fridge, so you’ll save food and money.

Bosch 800 Series Refreshment Center Refrigerator
Bosch Refreshment Centre

Brand new for 2020, Bosch has also introduced the Refreshment Centre Refrigerator, featuring an elegant glass paneled drawer dedicated to wine storage. This cutting-edge innovation gives you the temperature and humidity control you’d expect from a dedicated wine cooler, conveniently located in your refrigerator.

2. Air Frying Innovation

Everyone loves the taste of fried food, but it’s so unhealthy… isn’t it? Move over greasy trans fats because there’s a new fry guy in town. Air Frying is an innovative approach to convection cooking. The feature uses the convection heat in your oven cavity to spike the temperature at the start of the cooking cycle. This blast of moving hot air crisps the outside of your food to a perfect golden brown before decreasing the temperature to cook the interior of your food at a lower heat. The inside is juicy, the outside is crispy. It’s perfectly done healthy fried food.

3. Voice-Activated Technology

Connectivity and innovation continue to go hand-in-hand as voice-activated technology brings hands-off design into the kitchen. Brands like GE offer improved integration through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With simple commands, you can turn on and off your appliances, check their status, and run some safe hands-off programs.

4. Dryer Dishes

One of the most common complaints about dishwashers is that they don’t do a very good job at drying the dishes, especially as the machines get more energy efficient. Well, Bosch listened, and they’ve brought their A game with their latest innovation in drying technology. Zeolite crystals, first introduced in Bosch’s luxury Thermador line, absorb moisture and radiate heat to speed up and improve the drying process. Because the chemical properties of the Zeolite crystal is all natural, the technology uses less energy as well. Look for them in all of Bosch’s newest 800 Series and Benchmark dishwashers.

To learn more about Zeolite, read this: Zeolite is a Magic Mineral That Dries Dishes – Here’s How

5. Steam Ovens

Steam ovens have been on the market for a while; they continue to gain in popularity and are making a push in 2020. By retaining more nutrients as it cooks, steam remains the go-to method for anyone looking to make healthier menu choices. But that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing taste! Steam ovens, whether plumbed or tanked, offer perfectly steamed vegetables, juicy cuts of meats that fall off the bone, and moist flaky fish to satisfy any palate.

Bosch Steam Oven

6. Connectivity

Connectivity is here to stay, and it’s back again in a big, big way. LG continues to be a market leader in connected appliances, and their 2020 ThinQ line up promises a whole new take on innovative living.

People can continue to monitor and diagnose their appliances, including turning them on and off remotely, adjusting temperatures and monitor usage all with a touch on a screen. LG will also make a push into the gourmet cooking platform with integrated cooking support that offers cooking tutorials, a recipe library that preloads settings onto your range, and more complementary functionality to improve meal prep and clean up.

LG-ThinQ for Kitchen Appliances

Those are just some of the hottest kitchen appliance trends in the upcoming year! For more information about kitchen appliances, and how to choose the perfect appliances for your home, visit us in-store or online to shop for all your appliance needs.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert