3 Big Reasons a Bosch Bottom Freezer is the Way to Go

What is the configuration of your refrigerator? Is it a French door style? Top freezer? Side-by-Side? Bottom freezer? You may be thinking that it doesn’t really matter what refrigerator you have, as long as it does its job and keeps your food cold. The truth is, they’re all great, but one kind of refrigerator can be more beneficial for your lifestyle than another. Next time you’re in the market for a new fridge, take these reasons into consideration for why you may want to get a Bosch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator.

1. Space Saver

If you host parties, store a lot of leftovers, or just have a large family, you’re going to want a refrigerator with a lot of space. Luckily the Bosch Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator was made with more than enough space to go around. In the freezer section of the fridge, there are slide out drawers and pull out shelves that make organizing easier.

2. Eye Level Convenience

3 Big Reasons a Bosch Bottom Freezer is the Way to Go (2)

One of the greatest things about a bottom-freezer refrigerator is the convenience of its design. Moving the freezer to the bottom allows you to be eye-level with your food instead of having to bend down to see what’s inside. The refrigerator usually gets more daily use than the freezer making the bottom-freezer location seem like a more logical choice. (Statistics show that you use the fridge section 8 times more than the freezer section.) Also, you’re less likely to lose as much food in your fridge! Bosch Bottom Freezer Refrigerators allow you to see all the nooks and crannies of your fridge, so nothing should ever go bad in the deep dark corners.

3. LED Lighting

Speaking of “dark corners”, instead of lighting only coming from the top of the fridge, Bosch refrigerators have LED lights on the sides that ensure all your food will be in the spotlight. You’ll also save money with LED lights since they use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last the refrigerator lifetime.

If you are someone who likes the comfort of a refrigerator at eye-level and prefers a well-organized freezer, the Bosch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator was made for you! Check out the different styles that Bosch has to offer at your local appliance store!

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Amanda, Your Appliance Expert