Canadel Loft Collection (Large)
Source: Canadel

It is often said that ‘there is no better moment than the present’, and when it comes to choices in dining tables it couldn’t be truer. If you have outgrown your big box store table, or need the perfect table for your new forever home there couldn’t be a better time to invest in a quality dining room table.

Why? There is more choice in ALL THINGS dining table than ever before. So much choice (style, materials, colour, shape, the list goes on!) can make it a bit overwhelming, so we’re looking at what’s trending to help you focus on the table of choice for your home.

Trend #1: Mix It Up

Just like mixing up your dining room chairs, we’re seeing lots of great choices for mixing materials in dining room tables. Imagine a beautiful harvest wood table top with sleek metal legs, or marble table top on a polished wood pedestal …all great ways to add personality, functionality, and style to your unique dining room.

Canadel Eastside Collection (Large)
Source: BrandSource Canada

Amisco Dining Room Set
Source: BrandSource Canada

Trend #2: Think Outside the ‘Box’

There is a reason most vintage tablecloths are the same size…tables have been rectangular for generations. It makes sense, most of the time that is. Today, however, we use our dining rooms differently, so it makes sense to change up the shape and think outside the box.

We’re seeing oval and round tables more and more, including some wonderful options with inserts and extension leaves to accommodate more than 4-6 on those rare occasions.

Mix and match dining room set
Source: Leanne Ford

Canadel Downtown Collection
Source: Canadel

Trend #3: Making It Your Own

No two homes or families are the same, so having a cookie cutter dining room is no longer the ‘normal’ choice. We’re seeing people redefine what the dining room is and how they use it. We’re seeing more people getting a table top that works for homework and crafting, or going glam and using their best china for every meal – bold choices in both directions and everything in between.

The dining room table should encourage gathering, it should make you want to sit and write on your computer, or eat with friends, or make memories with your kids, or do whatever needs doing.

Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz

The perfect dining room table meets your needs and fits your space, but does so much more. With the amount of choice and opportunities to customize (like Canadel and Amisco offers) in today’s marketplace, there really has never been a better time to choose your perfect dining room table.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert