3 Tips to Start Waking Up Early in a Beautyrest Mattress

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin

Waking up early isn’t always an easy task. It takes skill to get to bed early, wake up early, and not feel like you need a gallon of coffee to keep you alive throughout the day. But if you need to start getting up in the morning at an early hour, yet are finding it difficult, it’s time for you to start changing some of your habits.

Of course, it may not be your fault that you can’t get to bed or wake up early. Your mattress could be the culprit. After you get your new Beautyrest mattress, be sure to try out these tips to help you start getting up early in the morning first.

Tip #1: Be Consistent

Choose a time you want to start going to bed each night and stick to it! The same goes for when you wake up in the morning. There’s nothing more confusing for your body than an irregular sleep schedule, so creating specific times for yourself will help your body begin to normalize and easily fall asleep/wake up at those times you’ve chosen.

If your body fights you on sleeping earlier and continues to sleep in, it could be your mattress making things difficult for you. With a Beautyrest bed, you’ll have an innovative mattress made to give your body the support it needs to pass out quickly every night, making it easier to wake up early.

Tip #2: Place the Alarm Far Away

This may be the oldest trick in the book, but it works! Every night before you hop into bed, put your alarm clock or your phone in a place that’s far enough away from arm’s reach. That way, every morning when your alarm goes off, you’re forced to either get up and turn it off right away or listen to it ring until you can’t take it anymore and then get up and turn it off anyway.

Drink Caffeine in the Mornings Only

Tip #3: Drink Caffeine in the Mornings Only

Having beverages with caffeine is all fine and dandy, unless it’s after two in the afternoon. Drinking caffeine late in the day can horrendously affect your sleep schedule and keep you up, till all hours in the morning if you’re especially sensitive to caffeine. Even if you think you can handle it, it’s best to save your caffeine for the morning to avoid causing any sort of sleep disruptions in the night.

It’s not always easy to wake up early in the morning. But, if you’re actively trying to wake up early, yet are still struggling, it’s almost certainly time for a new mattress. At our store, we provide Beautyrest mattresses that are so luxurious, you never have to struggle again with your sleep schedule. Each mattress is made to help restore your sleep and give you more energy throughout the day. Visit us to find the Beautyrest mattress that will truly help you sleep better so you can wake better.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert