4 Minimalist Home Decor Tips

Are you a “less is more” kind of home decorator? Do you prefer a house with a place for everything and everything in its place — preferably hidden out of sight? Then minimalism might be the style you’re looking for!

A minimalist design aesthetic creates a sense of peace and order by minimizing visual (and actual) clutter, but there’s more to it than just white walls and sharp edges. When some people think of “minimalism” they often think of dull, drab, and stark. Done right, however, minimalism can feel as cozy and personal as any other style. All you’ll need is the right furniture, the perfect decor, and a few tips for pulling the look together.

Think Clean Lines

Straight edges and symmetrical curves in furniture, patterns, and art are a hallmark of minimal design. You won’t often see tufted cushions or elaborate scrollwork in minimalist spaces, so when selecting furniture, seek out basic shapes and unadorned edges. Contemporary, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian-styled furniture is all well suited to the style.

Limit Your Colour Palette

When picking everything from the paint colour to the sofa to your wall art, a limited colour palette is key to reducing visual clutter and maintaining a clean, minimalist design.

4 Minimalist Home Decor Tips (2)

That doesn’t have to mean making your whole home boring black and white — shades of cream, blue-grey, olive green, and yellow all add some life to a minimalist home, while maintaining a clean, reserved look. Try combining a coffee-coloured couch with some blue pillows, or adorning a coffee table of pale wood with a green vase or bowl set. There are plenty of ways to incorporate colour while keeping your palette clean and simple!

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Play with Texture

The trick with minimalism is retaining visual interest without contributing to visual clutter. One way to do this is by using textures to your advantage.

Slatted walls, vaulted ceilings, macramé rugs, and faux fur throw blankets all infuse some life and excitement into your space without compromising the carefully tailored look you’re going for. Soft textiles can also help make the clean lines and sharp edges that often go with minimalist styles from feeling too severe.

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Get the Details Right

In a traditional-styled home, you might be able to get away with displaying any old photos or trinkets and calling your decor complete. In a minimalist home, though, decorations require a little more thought.

Decor is the key to making your furniture come together cohesively, while adding hints your own personal taste. Plants, unique art, sculpture, and statement tableware all introduce a special warmth and flavour to a space. Black metalwork and potted plants are definitely on trend, with the industrial edge of metal and the soothing, natural vibe of plant life combining into something both elegant and comfortable. Try some framed black and white photography, or perhaps a statement sculpture that falls into your colour palette. Minimizing quantity and maximizing visual impact is the way to go when decorating for a minimalist style.

Minimalism can be a great way to take back control over a messy home or shift your focus back to the things you do in your home and the people who live there, not the stuff you own. For furniture, decor, and even more tips on how to make the most of a minimalist design aesthetic, stop by our store. We have everything you need to give your home the fresh perspective it needs, and all the know-how to help you plan a style that feels both comfortable and clean.

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