5 Easy-Care House Plants to Lift Your Mood

Here is my short list of great low-maintenance and hardy – can’t kill them if you tried, houseplants to lift your mood, clean the air and spruce up your décor.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

My first pick and favourite one is unofficially called a Spider Plant or in Latin terms, chlorophytum comosum. I love the way this plant grows is low maintenance, pretty to look at, and great for cleaning the air in my living space! How so, you say?

Besides breathing in our expelled carbon dioxide, it breathes out the oxygen we breathe! How convenient! While it is busy breathing it is also destroying chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde and xylene, according to a study by Nasa! That’s good enough for me!

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

My second pick was the Snake plant or officially the sanseveria plant. Although only about 6 inches high, it could grow to 30 inches in height! As pretty as it is with its yellow and green stripes, this is another great air filter removing toxins and also reducing odours! You’ll never know when I will serve fish for dinner!! It is also another low maintenance plant and is known to filter out benzene, xylene and formaldehyde which is found in many household items including furniture!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plant

Another favourite of mine, and very practical to have around is my Aloe Vera plant. As I can sometimes be clumsy in the kitchen, I regularly get a burn on a finger or three, or on my arms. After I yell and kick air for a moment, I reach for one of the luscious leaves, cut it gently near the root. I remove the outer skin on one side and scrape down the gooey gel substance all over the burn. I can tell you, nothing heals a burn faster, and I love to watch how it grows after I cut off a leaf!

Ficus (Rubber Plant)

Ficus Rubber Plant

My list now includes the Rubber plant or also known as Ficus! This baby has some serious air cleaning properties that will amaze anyone who suffers from allergies! It can grow, however, to 10 feet in height so learning some good pruning skills is also on my list!!

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Another plant that is not only green but sprouts some lovely blooms is the Peace Lily or the Spathiphyllum. This plant has some superpowers that many don’t have, and that is, it loves mould as much as we hate it!! As such, it is great to keep in your bathroom and basement where mould grows more easily than any other spot in the house. So, as I look for the perfect spot to pretty up, I know it will be hard at work for me and my family!

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of placement, touts loudly the use of fresh plants in the home. From a business perspective, placing strong growing plants in the “abundance corner” of your desk or home can potentially bring about a strong growing business! I won’t take any chances and keep some of these natural beauties close by. For more Feng Shui tips on using plants in your home, read this article Feng Shui Friendly House Plants.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert