6 Omelettes to Try with Your New KitchenAid Appliances

There’s just something about breakfast food, and eggs in particular. We’re not sure why people don’t just eat breakfast food all the time, or why other food groups even exist. Not breakfast related? Psh. Get off our table and away from our plates.

Well, if you are like me and just can’t get enough of the scrumptious meals that normally start the day and are looking for some new recipes to test out with your new KitchenAid appliances, don’t worry. Here’s a list of some delicious omelette recipes, so you can try out different twists on a breakfast staple every meal of the day if you want. Yes, even for dessert! Get ready, because it’s time to chow down, omelette style. Nom nom nom.

1. Dr. Seuss’s Magical Surprise

Let’s kick off this list with a little visit to two famous S’s…a little doctor named Seuss and another name you are sure to know: Martha Stewart. What do they both have in common? This Green Eggs and Ham Omelette.

Green Eggs and Ham Omelette

Not only does the omelette include some other healthy staples – like spinach – it boasts a unique green colour that will catch the eyes of even the pickiest of children…or adults. Whip up a few on your KitchenAid range and you’ll see why yourself / or else you’ll end up like an Elf on a Shelf. OK, we’ll leave the rhyming to the Dr., but you’ll want to check this recipe out regardless.

2. Will Smith’s Favourite

Ready to try an omelette that’s a little on the wild, wild West side of things? Yeah, I thought so. This aptly titled Western Omelette only takes a half hour in total to put together, which means you’ll be able to lasso up food for you and the rest of your family faster than a cowboy gallops into the sunset after a hard day of escaping from the sheriff and wrestling with outlaws.

Western Omelette

Warm up your KitchenAid cooktop, add some green and red bell peppers, ham, and scallions, and take a bite out of this vegetable infused omelette great for any time of the day. Yippee Ki-Yay!

3. Masala-mazing

Looking for something with some flavour, spice, and a little bit of punch? This omelette offers all that and more: check out this Indian Masala Omelette recipe. Not every omelette is going to require red chili powder, cilantro leaves, yellow onion, and some chopped tomatoes, but this Masala inspired dish incorporates all of the above into an omelette you are sure to remember. Whoever said breakfast food was boring was so, so wrong. So very wrong, indeed.

Indian Masala Omelette

4. Why Did the Omelette Cross the Road?

To get to your KitchenAid range on the other side, of course. This dish combines the beginning and end stages of a chicken’s life, throwing in some chicken along with the eggs — as well as apples — to form this Chicken Apple Egg White Omelette. It also pulls in some collard leaves and hazelnuts, giving you a good variety of food groups all in one recipe. Don’t tell the kids it’s healthy, and they’ll eat it right up.

Chicken Apple Egg White Omelette

5. More Kimchi, please

Looking for another unusual omelette? Perhaps you cook eggs often and need more ideas to test out with your KitchenAid appliances? Fine, fine, we still have other recipes for you. How about this Kimchi Omelette?


Made with kimchi – duh! – as well as mirin, zucchini, green onion, oil, and pepper, this omelette offers an unexpected twist on an old favourite. It only takes ten minutes, so that’s plenty of time to spend on a bold and new approach to your favourite breakfast food.

6. Breakfast Dessert for…Dinner

Just because it might be typically a breakfast food, that doesn’t mean that omelettes also can’t have some dessert flair to them. I mean, it’s a scientific fact that whip cream tastes good on everything. Everything.

We’ve already included a savoury apple omelette on our list, but how about something a little sweeter? This way, we’ve covered all the bases. Perfect. Let’s take a look.

This cinnamon apple omelette includes apples, sour cream, regular cream, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Give it a try for any meal and see what it is like to have the worlds of breakfast and dessert collide. It’s sure to be a delicious result.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert