We sometimes neglect the huge role our mattresses play in our lives. Studies show that we spend approximately one third of our lives, or 25 years sleeping so it is safe to say that we need to consider them more closely. It is that one place where, after a long day of chasing buses, deadlines or toddlers we go to relax, restore and recharge. It is, along with nutritious food and exercise, important for our overall health and well-being.

Although technology has come a very long way from the straw-filled mattress of centuries ago, we still need to consider many factors when a mattress has passed its life span of 7 to 10 years. No mattress is built to last forever, and our bodies will be the first to let us know!

Here are some signs that your mattress’s time is up:

1) Getting out of bed practically requires a crane

If the thought of lifting your bodies off the mattress makes you cringe, this is a sure sign your mattress should be replaced. Whether the mattress has become lumpy or just lost its ability to support, you need to replace it as soon as possible so not to further aggravate body aches.

2) Visible Signs of Sagging on the Mattress

If the imprint of your bodies on the surface of the mattress is quite obvious, this is another sign that it should be replaced. Sagging is a tell-tale sign that that mattress can no longer support your bodies and can result in a number of back problems.

3) Sneezing and Coughing Fit

If you are sneezing and coughing minutes after getting into bed, the mattress has then an accumulated number of allergens. Over time dust and household allergens will settle on your mattress and it is why a good mattress cover is essential, especially for those of us who suffer from allergies. Nonetheless, some allergens will multiply over time resisting some of the best protectors.

4) Not Feeling Rested in the Morning

When we wake up and we feel more tired than when you went to bed, that’s not a good thing. Although you may feel that you did get some sleep, barring any sleep disorder you could be suffering from the old mattress syndrome. Over time, a mattress will just not do what it did for you when you first purchased it. You should remind yourselves why you bought that particular model and if it is still meeting the expectations.

5) Squeaky Sounds

Considering the entire bedframe and whether some screws could be tightened, if your mattress makes unusual sounds, it’s time for a change. Mattresses that rest on box springs depend on each other to deliver the best support, so both need to be looked at. Mattresses with coils on platform beds require a review for sagging indicating a possible broken coil.

6) When the Couch Feels Better

Many of us will doze off on the couch while reading a book or watching a late-night movie. You find it comfortable and cozy and could stay there for hours? When you prefer the comfort of your couch over your bed, well, that is a sure sign you need to shop for a new one.

Just as you regularly maintain equipment and cars, a seasonal look at your mattress is essential to ensure that you are not causing any sleepless nights due to poor quality.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert