Stools are making their way into a greater number of homes and we see them not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room and the basement. Because they come in various styles and designs, they are becoming more and more popular and can even be used as a fashion statement. 


How to choose a bar stool?

kitchen dining bar stools
First you have to consider your needs: how often will you be using your bar stools? If you intend to use them regularly, you might want to look for a cushioned seat and a footrest. Stationary stools are usually more comfortable.


How to choose the right bar stool height?
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The height of your stool will depend on where it will be used. There are two standard heights: a kitchen counter is 36’’ (90 cm) and a bar is 42’’ (110 cm). New generation bar stools have gas lifts to adjust the height just like office chairs. If you cannot adjust the height of the stool, you should measure the height of your counter, i.e. the distance between the top and the floor. For optimal comfort, a counter stool will measure approximately 24’’ (65 cm) and a bar stool approximately 30’’ (75 cm).

Good to know

Compton Martin Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion WADL2878
If you have small children, swivel bar stools might not be the best option (for fear of pinching their little fingers…). Also, take note that children shouldn’t sit on a bar stool before they reach a certain age, because they are at risk of falling.


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Where style is concerned, 2016 will be vintage or industrial. Retro is back in style in our homes, to the delight of the nostalgic amongst us, although contemporary decors are still the most popular. If you wish to choose a bar stool that will complement your overall décor, choose one that is made locally and gives you many options in terms of frame, metal or wood, and types of covers.

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