Christmas Shopping Made Easy

Whether you have a naughty or nice list, our guide to easy holiday shopping will take the pain out of gift giving. Are you ready to go outside the box?

Holiday shopping is never easy, except when careful planning, and using a variety of options are involved! Whether your giving lists are long or short, you should never spend beyond our means. So many of us are faced with large credit card debt after the holidays and suddenly the joy of the season quickly turns to misery. The best way to get started is to write out the list of who to shop for and the total shopping budget. Using cash and recording the costs as you move along the list will help keep you stay on track. Here are some great ideas on how to keep your bank accounts in the black while sharing the joy of giving!

Baked Gifts

When you are a kitchen alchemist who can easily navigate eggs, butter and flour into a bowl, then you can let your skills shine with batches of baked goods! Why not? Filling cute holiday inspired boxes and containers will get everyone’s mouth-watering! From kids to seniors, brownies to trail mix, pound cake to Bundt cake, nobody will feel left out!

Buy Local

Local shops can really use some attention during the holiday season! Even if they compete with big warehouse stores and online businesses, especially during the holidays, they can still offer you some great deals. By doing it differently and shopping local you may get one of a kind items or services that will thrill that special someone on your list while supporting local businesses.

Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs

There is nothing more fun than attending craft fairs during the holiday season. Handmade and unique items are abundant from slippers to candles to wooden toys, there is something for everyone on your list. They are usually held on weekends and include entertainment for the young and young-at-heart with plenty to eat while you shop until you drop!


Whether they make candles, essential oil blends, offer massage therapy, cooking or babysitting services, entrepreneurs are easily found online and in your neighbourhoods. They are your friends, family, neighbours, teachers and they need your support to either help supplement their income for a growing family or a little extra during retirement.

Donate to a Charity

So many charities are available that support foundations and organizations assisting refugee families, endangered or abused animals, international emergencies, local food banks and victims of abuse. Some offer certificates or toys in exchange for a donation which can be made in the name of the person on your list. While you support an organization that holds some meaning for you, you are also inspiring your recipients to give some thought to social issues.

Gift Cards

Gift cards

For the more difficult-to-shop for person, gift cards from their favourite store can be a last-minute life-saver! Whether it be for books, clothes, gadgets or services, gift cards will make the shopping experience very easy. When purchased online, they can be sent directly to the recipient attached to a lovely card or gift box.

The holidays should be a fun time to spend with those you love and share the bounty of a year well-lived. By carrying that spirit over to a new year without the stress of an over-extended budget gets things started on the right foot!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert