Cleaning Toys and Other Odds and Ends in Your Samsung Dishwasher

If you’ve had to count how many times you’ve told your children to take their toys out of their mouth, you’d probably be far into the triple digits. It’s normal, of course – little ones find things to chew on and action figures and other such toys tend to be rather durable for these occasions. The hard part of dealing with this situation is making sure these items are cleaned often.

But have you ever tried cleaning a toy yourself? With all the intricate details and crevices, you’ll find that you’ll be wasting a ton of time on each individual toy. It turns out, however, that, Samsung dishwashers are great cleaning machines for more than just your kitchenware and can take on toys in bulk.

But before you start placing them all in the dishwasher and letting the appliance do its thing, don’t just stop at children’s toys. There is a whole slew of items that can be cleaned better in the dishwasher, so consider plopping these objects in your Samsung dishwasher as well!

Animal Toys

It’s actually kind of funny how similar kid toys and dog toys really are. Most of the toys your puppy plays with are rubber or silicone toys, making them as easy to clean as kids’ toys. Your doggo is probably a bit dirtier than your little ones, so cleaning these playthings often would be a good idea.

If your dog’s collar is starting to look a little on the “ruff “ side, place it on the top shelf of your Samsung dishwasher and clean it that way.

Ball Caps, Hairbrushes, and Combs

Cleaning Baseball Caps in Dishwasher

When was the last time you washed your baseball hat? If you put it in the washing machine, it could lose its shape and washing by hand can be incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, washing your ball cap in the dishwasher on the top shelf won’t mess with your hat’s shape.

And, speaking of things that go on your head, feel free to wash your hairbrushes and combs on the top shelf as well. This is a good way to clean out any oils stored on your hairbrush and avoid a greasy head.

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Garden Tools

If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll most likely have garden tools saturated in dirt and in need of a serious cleaning. Keep them in good condition by washing them after every use in your dishwasher. Over time your gardening tools can start to show wear and tear when they aren’t cleaned, so using your dishwasher is an effortless way to wash them all at once and preserve them for years to come. If they happen to have a wooden handle though, you should probably wash them by hand. When wood is exposed to water and heat, it begins to warp and crack, making the wood fall apart.

Kid Toys

Like we said, plastic and rubber kids’ toys are perfect for being cleaned in a Samsung dishwasher. There are such tiny features displayed on many children’s toys that finding a way to thoroughly clean them all at once is a godsend.

But, that being said, you unfortunately can’t wash EVERY grimy toy your child possesses. The ones that are battery-operated, made of wood, or might allow water to seep inside are all better left being washed by hand.

If you aren’t sure where to put the really small toys, just stuff your silverware holder full of them and your little toys will be safe and sanitized in no time.

Although it’s called a dishwasher, this appliance can wash more than just dishes – so take advantage of it! Stop by our store to find a Samsung dishwasher that can powerfully wash your toys and other odds and ends today!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert