BLACK. A colour that’s sure to be found in any wardrobe has somehow managed to create controversial opinions when it comes to home décor. Why is BLACK so important to our wardrobe? And why do we tend to gravitate towards black when we shop for an outfit? Let’s see… Sophistication. Mystery. Elegance. Goes with pretty much anything… Dirt-proof. OK, maybe not this last one.

But black is still black. From wardrobe to home décor, BLACK behaves the same. It can add Sophistication, Drama and Elegance to any space. It does go well with everything and, in fact, it happens (in certain applications) to be dirt-proof.

So, from wardrobe to home décor, what changed?

We make wardrobe decisions every day. And, as black goes with everything, it’s very often part of one’s outfit choice for the day. Now, how often do we decide to paint our walls black? It’d be fair to say: not too often. Or, for some, never. So our comfort level to make that decision is not the same…

I’m hoping that, through some of the great visuals featured here, that comfort level will change and, when the time comes, you will make that decision with confidence: GO BLACK.

Plush Elegance

Black Living Room

Source: 47ParkAvenue blog

Minimalist Simplicity

Black Bedroom

Source: MyDubio blog, photo by Kristofer Johnsson.

Black Bedroom

Source: Amisco

Rustic Chic


Source: Hunted Interior

Black bedroom

Source: Amisco

Cool Sophistication

Chic bedroom

Source: Haus Interior, photo by Colin Miller

Black and White Living Room

Source: Haus Interior, photo by Colin Miller

Bold Choices

Black Entryway

Source: Surface View

Black and Yellow Combination

Source: East Coast Creative Blog

Black Living room

Source: Adore Magazine

Modern Eclectic

Black bedroom

Source: Stylizimo blog, Image by Nina Holst

Black Living Room

Source: Sarah Brown Blog

Black Dining Room

Source: The Design Files, Image by Annette O’Brien

Black Living Room

Source: Iryna Dzhemesiuk, Interior Designer via Behance.

Black Living room

Source: Country Living, photo by Alec Hemer

Modern Glamour

Black living room

Source: Megan Winters

Black and silver kitchen

Source: Megan Winters

Modern Industrial

Industrial Kitchen

Source: DivisionStreet by Emerick Architects in Houzz.

I hope that these few images have inspired you to decorate with black!

Until next time.

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