If you’ve set new health goals for 2019, you aren’t alone. Many people will start this year with the goal of eating healthier, but staying on that track can be hard. Part of it is just coming up with healthy foods to eat instead of just relying on old, unhealthy staples. Don’t worry, though, I’ve got you covered on the recipe front!

Even better, with appliances from Bosch, eating healthy has never been easier! Here are just a few amazing recipes that will help you bring in the New Year in style and flair while sticking to your own eating goals. Let’s eat!

Chicken Paprikash (via Food and Wine )

Chicken-based recipes are a great way to keep your meals healthy and tasty, and this Paprika sauce is going to remind you why the seasoning has stayed a cooking staple for as long as it has. The recipe also yields four servings, so you’ll have tasty eats for the whole family in no time! It’s peppery Paprika perfection.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes (via Allrecipes)

There’s nothing better when starting a new health regiment than taking old foods and converting them over to something new, something healthier, but something that still tastes good! This whole wheat blueberry pancake recipe gives you a chance to do all of the above!

Even better, if you combine this recipe with a Bosch cooktop you’ll be able to whip up those pancakes faster than ever! You’ll be flipping flapjacks faster than you can eat them, leaving you a great opportunity to meal prep and save some for later.

Lemony Linguine with Spring Vegetables (via EatingWell)

If you are looking for a sturdy – and seasonal – recipe for dinner, then this lemony linguine is right up your alley. Blending spring vegetables with linguine, you’ll get a balance of carbs and flavors all in one dish. Even better, there isn’t a Snicket in sight.

And with a Bosch range, you’ll be able to heat your water evenly, even if you are cooking with oversized pots and pans.

Cheesy Steak Keto Tacos (via BRIT+CO)

While fad diets may be a dime a dozen, science is starting to really rally behind the low-carb approach of eating Keto. This recipe gives you the best of both worlds – wonderful tacos, while still letting you stay low- or no-carb in the process. There’s nothing better than getting your tacos, err, cake and eating it, too!

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla (via Two Healthy Kitchens)

Yes, yes, this recipe isn’t a calzone, but it still is sure to hit that pizza craving in a much healthier way than ordering Domino’s and eating it all by yourself while you sit and marathon Netflix for hours.
Instead, try making this quick and easy pizza quesadilla. They are better for you, and you’ll feel much less shame after eating them all in one sitting.

These are just a few healthy recipes to help you get started on your health journey this year. And no matter what you are cooking, make sure you are doing it on the best appliances. Stop in today and we’ll guide you through all of the great appliances Bosch makes. You won’t believe what culinary adventures await you in the year ahead with Bosch at your side!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert