The days are getting noticeably shorter. The nights are a little cooler, making sleeping comfortable and restful. Farmers’ markets are packed with their harvest and dreams of pumpkin pie and acorn soup fill my mind. Summer is slowly bidding me a farewell until next year.

Here are a few of things to do to be ready for the changes up ahead.

1) Switching Bed Linen

During this time, I store away my crisp cotton sheets and pull out the softer microfibre ones. As the temperatures drop, I no longer appreciate the coolness from cotton but long for the warmth and softness of heavier fabrics.

2) Skincare Routine

As the cooler temperatures arrive, I quickly notice that my skin needs moisture. The humid days of summer made my skin dewy with the least amount of fuss, but now hydration is necessary. I try to continue to drink lots of water as hydration should come from the inside out, but cooler temperatures push me towards teas. Body lotions and face cream with a base of coconut oil, jojoba oil or Shea butter are always best.

3) Closet Reorganization

Shorts and T-shirts now will make room for slacks and sweaters. Armed with my plastic stackable containers I attack my closet with precision and determination. This is the time that I also sort clothes for recycling, donating or trashing. I make sure that clothes are washed before storing and then I find a dry cool place to store my containers until next year.

4) Car Maintenance

Although winter is still a far away, I get my car ready for the cooler and rainy weather of fall. Checking tire pressure, alignment and oil life are the top three on my list to do every fall. It is also the time I set my appointment to switch to winter tires.

5) Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

There is nothing more back-breaking but rewarding than garden work. This is the time of year when I cut back all of the growth I enjoyed all summer long. The petals, leaves and stems are now wilting and tired after standing tall in the sun for my pleasure. Nature is telling us that it’s time to sleep. Using sharpened clippers and shears, I gather my garden paper bags and begin the annual ritual. Bags filled to the brim to turn into compost to nurture another garden next spring, I look back at the barren patch of earth and feel grateful.

Autumn is my most favourite time of the year because of all the changes that are happening in nature. The colours are equally vibrant as in the summer but with shades of red and gold. Smoothly transitioning from one season to the next will elevate your enjoyment of what is to come. Are you ready?

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert