How to Keep Furniture Looking Like New

Sometimes I wish I could be the lady who wraps all her furniture in plastic so it looks like new forever, and then I remember that it is very weird and also probably very uncomfortable. Not to mention, wrapping furniture in plastic for everyday living is not at all practical.

And while I know messes, spills and accidents can happen (especially during the busy holiday party season) there are some simple tips and tricks to help keep your furniture looking like new (without becoming the crazy plastic person).

Here are some of my tips and tricks to keep your furniture looking like new.

Tip #1) Performance Fabrics

Just like a great sports bra does wonders for sweat and support, a proper performance fabric on your sofas and accent pillows can help you by cleaning more easily and being stain resistant. Another great option is choosing outdoor fabrics for your dining room chair seats. With so many fun choices, you can recover your chairs easily in a fabric toddlers, dogs, and messy Aunt Harriet can do their worst and you can just give them a quick wipe down.

Tip #2) Preparation & Protection

While it’s nice to show the wood grain of your lovely dining room table, I find holidays the perfect time to dress it up with tablecloths and runners, adding in some advance protection against spills and scratches. This also helps protect the wood from any hot dishes you need to serve.

This also means leaving coasters out on literally every surface so it’s pretty obvious you want them used. Another tip to help prevent spills from being even worse is to never fill glasses more than half full. This helps guests limit their indulgence, but also makes sure if a glass does go over it’s less likely to run across half the table.

Protecting your wood furniture

Tip #3) Warranty & Protection Plans

Warranty and protection plans for your furniture are boring yes, but very reassuring. If you are investing in quality sofas and solid wood dining room sets, it might be worth investing in a warranty or protection plan to help provide that extra bit of reassurance if it all goes south (despite your best efforts).

Tip #4) Serve Up Stain-Free Foods

While cranberry sauce might be non-negotiable, other stains inducing foods aren’t necessary and should be encouraged to remain off the holiday or entertaining menu. If you really don’t want to serve up red wine, you can even try having a signature house cocktail made with easy to clean mixers. Think through buffet food and self-serve appetizers to make sure there isn’t cheese dripping or sauces going everywhere. Pick items that can easily be enjoyed without a big mess, or be sure to provide lots of plates and napkins.

Tip #5) Clean Spills Immediately

If spills do happen, the best strategy to avoiding stains is to clean them up immediately. And while I know it’s stressful, remain calm and don’t forget to reassure your guests that accidents happen with a smile.
After all, if the worst thing that happens at a family gathering over the holidays is a spill you should count your blessings.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert