Keep Your Samsung Stainless Steel Appliances Clean

Stainless Steel appliances are the trendiest style of kitchen appliances for a reason – they look good and hold up well for basically an eternity. The biggest problems that can occur are when fingerprints and water marks start showing up on the surface. While this isn’t a big deal on most appliances, it will start to make your refrigerator look a little grimy if not wiped away often. It doesn’t take much to clean stainless steel, so give all your Samsung appliances some love with a little sprucing up!

Daily Maintenance is Key

How many times do you open your fridge a day? Do you put your head against the oven door when peering inside when baking? Does your microwave have food drops on the interior and exterior? Needless to say, your appliances get a lot of use. If you aren’t opening them, you’re touching their buttons or spilling food on them.

The best and easiest way to keep a stainless steel appliance clean is by simply cleaning it every day. Grab a microfiber cloth and just add soap and water. Then dry it off. Your stainless steel dishwasher or other Samsung appliances are instantly spotless.

Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Clean (Large)

Go with the Grain

Knowing that all you need is a microfiber cloth, soap, and water to make the perfect cleaner is not enough – the way you clean your appliance will make all the difference.

Stainless steel is like wood in the way that it has a grain to it. Look closely and you will see some lines which you will want to clean in the direction of. If you don’t, dirt is more likely to stay in the small crevices and build up over time. Take a second to figure out which way the grain goes and clean it in that direction so your Samsung refrigerator or other stainless steel appliance continues to shine for a long time.

It doesn’t take much to keep stainless steel looking pristine, which is why they are the preferred style for appliances. Upgrade your kitchen today with Samsung stainless steel appliances.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert