How to Make the Most of Your Samsung Warming Drawer

Most homes with a range have a warming drawer, but that news might come as a surprise to plenty of range owners. Too often, that little drawer underneath an oven gets turned into storage for spare cookie sheets and unused skillets. But that drawer has a lot more to offer than a little extra space!

If your Samsung warming drawer has been collecting dust, or you’re thinking about buying a Samsung range that has a warming drawer but aren’t quite sure how to use it, try a few of these ideas for making sure you’re using this handy appliance the right way.

Warm Up Dishware

Hot food served on a cold plate is quickly going to become a lukewarm meal. Not only will a warm plate keep your food piping hot, many dishes maintain better flavours and consistency when served on warm dishware. A warming drawer is the perfect way to keep your plates and bowls nice and toasty. You can even keep mugs in there to make your tea or coffee on chilly mornings that much cozier!

Save Missed Meals

Warming drawer to keep missed meals warm

Maybe the kids got held up at band practice and missed dinnertime, or maybe you had to put everything on hold right before serving a meal because OH NO, YOU FORGOT TO PICK UP THAT THING YOU NEED AND THE STORE CLOSES IN TEN MINUTES!

Sometimes family dinner plans just don’t go the way you hope, but that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for cold food that’s been sitting out for hours. Just place your crockpot, skillet, or serving dish in the warming drawer and your food will stay fresh and ready to eat for the rest of the evening.

Make Food Prep Easier

When you’re hosting a holiday party or a family get-together, you’re going to be whipping up food like nobody’s business. Getting the timing just right on all those dishes can be tricky – how on Earth are you supposed to make sure that your soup doesn’t get cold while the fish is in the oven? Or that your casserole doesn’t get stale while the brussels sprouts are roasting? With a warming drawer, that’s how!

Instead of struggling to finish making all your food at the exact same time or leaving dishes to get cold on the counter, you can keep your finished food nice and toasty in the warming drawer until you’re ready to serve your meal. Your guests will be impressed with your cooking skills, and you can set aside the stress of perfect timing.

Help Dough Rise

Dough rising in warming drawer

If you’re a fan of fresh-baked bread or homemade pizza, your warming drawer is a one-way ticket to the perfect dough! Instead of taking up oven or counter space to proof your dough, place it in the warming drawer with a bowl of hot water. That way, it will stay safe from contaminants or curious pets out in the open, and you can still use your oven to cook the rest of the day’s meals.

A good Samsung warming drawer can open up a world of possibilities in your home. So take out those pots and pans and put your warming drawer to work! Or if you don’t have one yet, stop into our store or give us a call to find out what options we have available. We will help you find the Samsung warming drawer that will make your life much more convenient and enjoyable.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

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