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The winter chill is setting in and suddenly you just can’t get enough of flannels and turtlenecks. If cold, cold, cold is all you can think about these days, it might be time to give your living room a cozy makeover.

When temperatures drop, you’ll want your home to feel like your haven from the chilly breezes outside. Luckily, you don’t have to go in for a major remodel to make your space warm and inviting! With some décor know-how, a few new pieces of furniture from Signature Design by Ashley, and some creative rearranging, you and your home can enjoy a cozy winter.

Colour With Care

Colours can have a big impact on the feel of your home! Any colour can be used to make a space feel comfier and cozier, but the trick is using your colours right.

For example, Scandinavian style uses whites and pale blues – a traditionally chilly colour palette – to bring warmth and sunshine into a space. Inspired by dreary, grey northern winters, this style soaks up and reflects every drop of light, making your space feel warm and welcoming no matter the time of year. This kind of pale, bright colour palette can help lighten up your home during even the darkest storms!

On the other hand, dark colours and shades of red are also known to do wonders for heating up a space and making it feel more comfortable. Dark woods paired with browns, reds, and oranges give your space a touch of summer all season long, while keeping your style tasteful and elegant. Select your colour scheme carefully and you’ll set a strong foundation for your cozy new living room.

Pattern Master

Once you’ve picked out your colour scheme, it’s time to find patterns to match. Fun patterns can help cushion stark walls or chilly wooden furniture. For the winter, think plaids, houndstooth, or even animal prints to add a splash of fun and warmth to your space.

If you prefer a more understated look, keep the colours simple. Even monochrome patterns can add that splash of visual interest and movement you need to make your home feel more inviting.

Toy With Textures

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Don’t be afraid to go crazy with textures! Go bold, mix and match, use textures that make you do a double take – it all contributes to that comfy cozy look you’re going for. Knit, corduroy, and faux sheepskin are all lovely textures to incorporate that will keep your home looking elegant and stylish, while adding that dose of cozy you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking at upholstered seating or funky décor, we’ve got home accessories and furniture with tons of textures to choose from, so stop by our store to see our Signature Design selection!

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Layer Up

Layers are everything when it comes to achieving a cozy living space. Cover your couches in throw blankets and cushions, or even double up your rugs to create an elevated take on a patchwork aesthetic. Larger rugs can be given some extra texture with the help of a smaller throw rug on top, and cold floors can be made cozier with a collage of smaller rugs. Leaving a cozy blanket within reach of all your living room’s major seating also helps keep yourself and your guests warm and cozy during movie nights or holiday dinners.

Be Natural

Signature Design 15602 Living Room

Plants and other natural elements also lend a natural warmth to a living room. Fill your corners with shade-loving plants that don’t mind a few days of cloudy skies. The leafier the better! Filling your home with plants doesn’t just make your home feel cozier, it can also boost your mood and help combat those rainy-day blues that tend to hit hard in the wintertime.

Natural wood furniture is another great way to max out your space’s warmth. A rough-cut wooden table or even some wooden wall art can add to those cozy cottage vibes that make even the chilliest winter bearable. Try keeping some logs in the fireplace too! Even if you don’t use it, the promise of a roaring fire waiting at the hearth is enough to warm anyone up. We have lots of great options from Signature Design by Ashley for sturdy, wooden furniture and décor in our store, so stop in to explore some of the stylish options we have in stock!

The winter winds are no match for your décor skills! With a little help from some new furniture and decorations from Signature Design by Ashley, you’ll be sittin’ cozy in no time. And if you need any help picking out those perfect pieces or imagining a cozier home, you know where to go! Check out our store for some of our favourite furniture and holiday decorating tips from our furniture experts.

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Alex, Your Furniture Expert