Your home is an investment. It’s something you take care of and update over time, and hopefully something you love. I believe the things IN your home, like your furniture, should be no different. Each item should have purpose and function, and should also bring you joy.

When it comes to buying furniture, I like to think of my buying decisions as investments. My furniture needs to be sturdy and needs to be quality I can count on. With that in mind, here are my top tips for saving money on furniture while still making solid choices for now and the future.

1. Make a List & Do Your Research

Make a list of all the furniture items you want and need. Then list out what functions you want from all those items and any requirements (size, Canadian-made, etc) you might have. This is where it’s time to do some research and visit showrooms.

Check everything out and see who has the best furniture items to fit your needs (and wants). You might be buying your new leather sofa from one retailer and your new dining room table from another because of the pricing options, or floor model discounts available. This time spent scoping things out could mean big savings.

2. Special Promotions

Take advantage of special promotions like warehouse sales, floor model sales, and other discounts that aren’t part of a regular ‘sale’ schedule (like Boxing week). Even if floor models don’t have a discount marked on them, you can always ask! It’s also great to inquire about overstock or any warehouse sales coming up. Often times this is not something they promote in advance, but salespeople have the inside scoop and will often let you know.

3. Timing is Everything

Anyone who has been married for a long time knows that timing is everything. The key to success is knowing when the ‘right’ time is. When it comes to buying furniture, there are a few great times to seek out some extra discounts; new inventory rolls into retail stores in the spring, so check for sales and discounts in January and February. The end of the sales month is also a great time to see if that bedroom set you’ve had your eye on can get discounted in an effort to meet sales goals for the month. The answer is always no until you ask!

4. Call or Email

Ask sales people to call you if the item you are looking at comes on sale or is eligible for a discount. Or sign up for email alerts for store sales or promotions. Often times email subscribers get advance notice or extra incentives.

5. Delivery Included

Having delivery included in the purchase of your furniture item is a BIG savings. Not only are trained professionals going to get the furniture into your home in tip top shape (without breaking their backs), but you will also save the hassle of arranging for delivery, paying for it, or doing it yourself.

I hope these tips will help you invest in quality furniture while still saving some bucks.

Alex, Your Furniture Expert