Is a Commercial Laundry Machine Right for Me

Is your washer washed up? Your dryer burning out? Does it happen again and again no matter how careful you are? Before you throw any more of your more money down the drain, you need to consider an upgrade. Because commercial laundry appliances aren’t just for Laundromats anymore.

If you have a large family, have industrially soiled garments, or are placing the units in a multi-family dwelling like a rental property than a residential machine just won’t cut it. Mass produced with inexpensive components, residential laundry machines are designed to accommodate the needs of a typical family. Translation: one or two moderately soiled loads of laundry a day.

If you want something more. Then it’s time to go bigger. It’s time to go better. It’s time to go commercial.

Larger Loads

Residential laundry machines are bigger than ever, but they’re still no match for a commercial-sized washer and dryer. With the largest residential washer, you’ll be able to wash 18 lbs of laundry a cycle but that’s barely half of the 30 lbs loads a commercial washer can handle.

If you’re doing multiple loads of laundry a day, then you’ll wash more in less time with a commercial laundry pair.

More Reliable

Commercial laundry needs to work hard, with the expectation that they’re always working. With that in mind, commercially available washers and dryers aren’t designed for ease of assembly, they’re designed for ease of service. Top performance brands like Huebsch (more commonly known as Speed Queen) use steel baffles, a full-metal base, and porcelain or stainless steel outer tubs. Even the outer finish is three times as durable compared to an average machine.

Heavy duty components can handle a heavy duty load. And that means they’ll break less, you’ll have more peace of mind, and of course, more clean clothes.

Greener is Better

Pound for pound you’ll use less energy with a commercial laundry pair than you will with comparable residential units. With a larger capacity drum, you’ll use less water to wash the same amount of laundry in a residential machine.

Beyond the load size, the larger commercial dryers’ drums also allow for increased airflow that improves drying efficiency. Coupled with a higher BTU rating, commercial dryers can complete a typical cycle in less than half the time of residential machines. You save time. You save money. And that means you save energy too.

With a higher initial price point, commercial laundry isn’t for everyone. But for the right home, there’s no other better choice than commercial Laundry.

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Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert