It’s New Year’s Eve and We Forgot About Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we take a moment or more to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and what is left on our long-term to-do list. Here is a simple guide to help devise easy to achieve goals, practices and habits that can stick with us beyond the new year.

As we march steadily forward to the end of another year, we may feel the past 11 months are a blur, or that they raced past us in blink of an eye. But were they, really? December may have a long to do list, but we should also take some time to stop and reflect about what we’ve accomplished, what we left incomplete, and what we hope to achieve in a new and sparkly year. Making resolutions, however, may set us for disappointment, especially if we are not able to meet the lofty goals we set while sipping on a glass of wine… or three!

We have a choice. We may very well-set high goals for ourselves on December 31st or decide this is will be the year that we will go with the flow. Both can hold the potential to yield awesome results. It will depend on the strength of the intentions that we will set. This is where most of us stumble: staying on the course we set for ourselves. Learning to release expectations may, in the end, be the best advice.

Letting go of control of the outcomes, and meeting the mini goals towards the big ones, are the best way to approach a new journey. What we should all consider, however, is that we must enjoy and focus on the journey and on the mini goals, while the larger goals will take care of themselves. Let’s not spend too much worry on the destination. We’ve all heard it said numerous times in various ways, life is purely about the journey.

Cooking classes

Besides the usual theme of diet, exercise and restful sleep, it’s important to do more of what feeds our soul. Maybe it’s time to take our cooking to the next level and join a cooking class, and maybe check out the yoga studio in our neighbourhood for early morning classes. We can be taking time on the weekends to visit outdoor markets, thrift shops and used bookstores instead of tackling a long list of chores. We should definitely do more of the former than the latter.

It’s time to take more down time with a good book or polish and recycle those treasures we found. Sometimes just 20 minutes with a great character in a good book, or getting our hands dirty for a good cause, is all we need for some perspective. Journaling our goals and dreams regularly will remind us of what makes us smile, and our hearts skip a beat, and that we should take steps towards these goals every chance we get!

I hope that the journey into a new year will bring us closer to the desires we all dream of, the revelations needed to grow, and the wisdom to know that we are always in control.

May a new year bring us all the peace, love and joy we can handle, and then some! May it be abundantly delicious, sweet, not sour, savoury not salty, spicy not scorched. During those long cold dark nights, may we enjoy warmth, comfort and a full heart knowing that we did our best.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert