Liven Up Your Living Room on a Budget

You know that little black dress in your closet that you pull out time after time and never get tired of hearing how great you look in it? What’s the one thing you change up each time you wear it (besides your underwear!)? The one thing you change up and makes your LBD (little black dress) feel like something special and new is your accessories! And girlfriends, when it comes to dressing up your living room and doing it on a budget the best way to do it is with accessories.

Just think of your living room as the classic little black dress, dress it up or dress it down with accessories and change it up for the seasons, it will always look good. And it’s easy to it on a budget. Here are our top four ways to liven up your living room on a budget.

1) Art & Décor

A funky vase, a bold canvas, and seasonal décor help change up the look of your living room with blowing the bank. This one wall with a large art mural really makes this room incredible, but it can be easily changed and was relatively inexpensive compared to the high-quality couch in a neutral colour that will last for years and years.

2) Pillows & Throws

Pillows and throws are one of the easiest and most economical ways to add both fashion and function to your living room. Not only can you change up the pillows seasonally with colours or other fun designs, but adding in throws at winter also helps keep you and guests warm and cozy. Throws and pillows come in literally hundreds of patterns, colours, and variety of textures you can only imagine the possibilities for ‘accessorizing’ your living room for any occasion or season.

The bold art, the throw, the colourful end table: this room has it all accessorized and it’s awesome.

3) Rugs & Lamps

A bold new lamp or a luxurious rug underfoot can be relatively inexpensive ways to boost your living room’s wow-factor. Not only do lamps and rugs make great accessories for your living room, but they can be easily moved around the house for use in other places depending on the season or the need.

Easy enough to change up and move based on your mood, these living room accessories have really become a lot more interesting and colourful over the past few years and we’re glad to see it! Rugs and lamps offer so much opportunity to personalize your living spaces without spending a fortune.

This room would be boring and beige without the awesome rug and great colour pop of the pillows.

4) Accent Tables

A good hostess knows the best living room parties are ones where people have enough room to place their drinks down while they nibble. Accent tables are the earrings for your living room LBD. A good set of accent tables, while not expensive, can make a room. Adding both bling and function, cocktail tables and nesting tables spread around help make living rooms the ultimate entertaining zone.

These three accent tables make for a great everyday coffee table but can be separated for entertaining and don’t take up too much space.

Looking to liven up your living room? Your local BrandSource store has a wide selection of all accent tables, décor, wall art, pillows, and more.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert