Design Tips for Your Living Room with Signature Design Furniture

Design Tips for Your Living Room with Signature Design Furniture

At our store, we aim to help make your house a home with quality furniture and a little expert advice from our staff. We’ve even put together our top design tips for making the most of your furniture and transforming your place into the haven you deserve!

If your own home furnishings are a little sparse, treat yourself by picking out some new pieces by Ashley to bring your space to life. With these tips, your new Signature Design by Ashley will be carrying your home’s style all on its own and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Size It Up

Properly furnishing your home has everything to do with adjusting your décor to the size and shape of your room. When you have a smaller space, it can be easy to look around and give up on having a beautifully furnished home. But the key is all in the sizing and proportions of your furniture.

Living Room with Signature Design furniture

One of our Ashley loveseats can give a room the same cozy look as a couch, but on a smaller scale, while armless chairs provide comfy seating without the bulk. Rounded tables also help save space and make your furniture easier to navigate around.

On the flip side, if you’ve got a room with more space than you know what to do with, go big and double up. Cushy couches with rounded arms, or even two matching sitting areas within the same room can help fill the space while keeping it all functional. So, get out your measuring tape and get started!

Sectioned Off

Sectionals are all the rage, and they’re the perfect seating solution for almost any home. Living room too big? They take up space and help create an elegant shape to your sitting arrangement. Living room too small? They eliminate the need for extra chairs cluttering up your floor space. Sectionals are a perfect option for entertaining and relaxing, and they come in just about every design aesthetic you can imagine. Sectionals from Signature Design by Ashley can help amp up your style and while adding a bit of structure to your living space.

Sectional by Signature Design by Ashley

Front and Centre

Pushing all your furniture against the walls is a major design misstep we see all the time. Some people think that by leaving all their floor space open, they’re making their spaces easier to navigate. But practically, however, it just makes the space feel unbalanced and inconvenient to use. When you’re shouting at your guests from waaaay on the other side of the room, then you’ll get what we mean.

Instead, pull your furniture away from the walls. It might not be possible to put all your furniture in the middle of the room, but even just scooting in your chairs closer to your couch can make the space feel more intimate and natural.

Mix and Match

Variety is the spice of life, and the same is true of home design! When picking your Signature Design by Ashley, one of the most important things you can do to create balance and visual harmony in your home is know when to throw off that balance a bit.

Mix and match fuirniture in living room

Pendant lighting of different lengths or chairs in different shapes and styles can actually help complement the overall feel of a room. Too much matching and symmetry can make a room feel tense and stuffy. Asymmetry creates visual interest and the kind of naturally dynamic look that makes a home feel really lived in. Couches and chairs of difference depths, tables made of different materials, and mismatched décor can all make your space feel vibrant and stylish. Signature Design by Ashley offers plenty of unique pieces that can bring your décor to life with taste and sophistication.

If you’re feeling inspired to switch up your space, check out our selection of quality furniture with the help of our staff! Celebrate the things that make your home more “you” with these helpful tips and some fresh furniture from Signature Design. Your space will feel like new in no time!

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Maytag Fridges: Perfect for Families on the Go

Maytag Fridges Perfect for Families on the Go

There’s nothing worse than fishing through a disorganized refrigerator when you’re in a hurry. It can be such a hassle trying to find what you’re looking for that sometimes it just seems easier to get fast food or a double espresso to hold you over ‘til your next meal.

If you keep finding yourself dropping major dollars and cents on drive-through fast food, when you’re rushing to make it to work or soccer practice on time, why not make the investment in a fridge that actually fits all your daily needs?

Check out these reasons why a Maytag fridge fits perfectly into your on-the-go lifestyle, and it gives you everything you need for snacking made simple.

Super Chill

Maytag’s PowerCold feature is a convenience like no other. Normally, adding items to the fridge fresh from your food shopping of right out of the oven makes the temperature of the whole fridge spike high above recommended levels. Not so with PowerCold.

This function helps keep the temperature of the whole fridge stable, no matter what you put in it, and even helps that fresh-baked food chill down faster. So next time you remember a little too late that you promised to bring the Jell-O to your kid’s class party (come on, it happens to the best of us), you might just pull it off with the help of your Maytag.

Maytag Power Cold function


The Right Light

Maytag fridges also come with super bright, under-shelf LED lighting! No more squinting at the back of the fridge, wondering what on earth might be back there when all you want is to grab that string cheese and get out. Maytag’s BrightSeries lights are long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about them burning out on you, and they evenly light every corner of the fridge, making speedy snack-grabbing way easier.

Brightseries led lighting in Maytag Fridge

Enjoy Every Drop

Never waste time waiting for a pitcher to filter your drinking water! Maytag’s built-in water dispensers come with Everydrop filters, eliminating the need for bulky pitchers and slow draining. You shouldn’t have to wait for fresh, delicious water in your own home – especially when you’re already running 15 minutes late for that track meet! Maytag’s in-door filters clear out contaminants in no time and make every drop that much more refreshing.

Maytag Fridge with Water Dispenser

Snack Attack

Do you find yourself stuffing snacks in the fridge’s crisper drawers in a desperate attempt to keep them organized? Well, with a Maytag fridge, you don’t have to choose between fresh veggies and convenient cold cuts.

The temperature-controlled Wide-N-Fresh deli drawer lets you stash all your favourite meats, cheeses, schmears and spreads for easy snacking. It even fits wide dishes.

Wide-N-Fresh Deli drawer in Matag Fridge

Storage Solutions

When you’re trying to cram shoes on a fussy toddler in the morning or wrestle with one last load of laundry before you head out the door, you might not have time to get everything together yourself. With Maytag’s adjustable door racks, you can make sure the kids’ favourite foods are well within their reach, so they can grab and go on their own. Or you could even put your own guilty pleasures far out of their reach, for late night snacking. Whatever you need from your storage space, these shelves are made to fit your lifestyle.

Maytag Fridge with adjustable door bins

Maytag is made for you, so don’t get a fridge that makes your life harder! With these handy features, you’ll be up and out the door with your food in no time. No more fast food for you! Unless you want fast food. We don’t judge, and your Maytag keeps those leftovers fresh too. Whatever you’re keeping in your Maytag fridge, we can help you pick out the perfect unit and make sure you get all the features you need for your life on the go. Stop by and see our selection today!

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How to Prevent Mould from Taking Over Your GE Dishwasher

Dishwasher with dirty dishes. Powder, dishwashing tablet and rinse aid. Washing dishes in the kitchen

Your dishwasher helps make cleaning easier every day, but what happens when your dishwasher is in need of some TLC?

Dishwashers are almost always dark and damp, making them a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Even though your dishes might come out sparkling clean after every wash, those hidden germs might be preventing your tableware from coming out truly sanitized. By giving your GE dishwasher a little extra attention, you can keep the fungus at bay and make sure your dishes are coming out as clean as they can be!

1) Sanitize the Gasket

The rubber seal on the inside of the door is the number one place where mould and bacteria collect, so be sure to give it a thorough clean every few weeks. A toothbrush and some soapy water are all you need to get the worst of the grime, but mixing some white vinegar into the water can help punch up the sanitizing power. Be sure to dry it off thoroughly with a paper towel when you’re done, or the germs will just start collecting all over again.

2) Clean Out the Filter

Check the dishwasher filter regularly for food particles and other debris. Rotting food is a huge source of mould in the dishwasher, especially if it gets circulated around the wash tub during cycles. If you want to keep mould from taking hold, clean out the filter about once a week, and give the filter fixture a good scrub in soapy water at least once a month.

Woman Cleaning Dishwasher In Kitchen

3) Dry Out Your Dishwasher

Letting your dishes air dry after a wash cycle might be energy efficient and eco-friendly, but if you choose this option, you need to make sure your dishwasher is getting completely dry between cycles. Keep the dishwasher door open while air-drying dishes and maybe even after if you still see moisture in the tub.

4) Rinse With White Vinegar and Baking Soda

These handy household cleaners are just the thing for busting fungus in the dishwasher. They’re food safe, so they’re perfect for use around dishes, and they’re gentle enough so as not to damage the sensors and machinery in the appliance. Bleach and harsh chemicals can break the heat sensors in your GE dishwasher, and you definitely don’t want that.

To stop mould in its tracks and keep your dishwasher clean and fresh, run a hot wash cycle with nothing but a bowl of vinegar in the top rack. Then, sprinkle the entire inside with baking soda and run a short hot water cycle. You might even want to remove the racks from your dishwasher and wash them separately, to remove any caked-on debris or water scale.

If you give your dishwasher a thorough clean at least once a month, mould won’t stand a chance. The better you take care of your GE dishwasher, the better it will work for you! By giving your dishwasher a good clean every now and again, your dishes will be cleaner and your dishwasher will last longer than ever.

If this advice came too late for your old, mouldy dishwasher, it might be time for an upgrade. Come by our store to check out the latest models GE has to offer and get more appliance care tips from our expert associates!

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How to Clean Your Samsung Cooktop Glass

How to Clean Your Samsung Cooktop Glass

If you are a proud owner of a Samsung electric glass cooktop, then you probably already know how its sleek exterior can really make your kitchen stand out. Conversely, when it’s covered in stuck-on food and littered with burnt debris from previous meals you’ve cooked, it can just look plain unsightly.

So, how do you keep your Samsung cooktop from looking like a desolate garbage wasteland? By following these simple tips, you can quickly and painlessly clean your cooking space so you can continue to stare at your beautiful reflection through the glossy surface.

1) What You’ll Need

  • Paper towels
  • A sponge
  • A microfibre cloth
  • Rags
  • Medium bowl of hot water
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda

Are you ready to start wiping grime off the face of the earth? Or maybe just your glass cooktop? Here’s how you do it.

2) Chill and Let It Cool

Spilling while cooking is always going to happen, but don’t attempt to clean up those spills on the cooktop until you give your cooktop a few minutes to cool down before wiping off the surface so you can reduce the likelihood of severe burns.

One way to make sure your heating elements are completely cooled off is by flicking a couple drops of water over them and seeing if they sizzle. If they don’t, then you’re generally good to start wiping away any mess left behind from what looks like a summer camp food fight.

3) Chuck the Chunks

Simply grab a paper towel and gather up all the food debris. You most likely won’t get everything, since it’s difficult to get melted food off your cooktop, so just wipe up as much as you can. It will probably look like a giant smear of grossness, but don’t worry, it’s only the first part of the process.

How to Clean Your Samsung Cooktop Glass

4) Soap, Soak, and Soda

Pour dish soap in a bowl of hot water and then let your rags soak in the sudsy goodness. While your rags are absorbing and heating up, sprinkle the baking soda over your glass cooktop. And when we say sprinkle, we really mean pour as much as you want on because the more the merrier, am I right?

And now that your once glossy stovetop looks like the top layer of powdered sugar crepe, it’s time to add on the rags. Ring out each rag gently and then lay them flat so your entire cooktop is covered in washcloths. And now we wait for 15 minutes…

5) 15 Minutes Later …

Unless your cooktop looks like it could use a little extra love, 15 minutes should be all the time you need to get the results you want. Remove the rags from your cooking surface and you’ll see that the scum has lifted and loosened from your glass cooktop, which will make cleaning this cooktop up a piece of cake. Just use the washcloths that you removed to wipe the debris off and it’ll come off easily.

There will probably be some leftover water and crumbs to clean up still, so take your sponge and use the soft side to wipe away the bits and soak up the rest.

6) Dry and Be Done

You’re almost there! Use a microfibre cloth to get the last of any water and give it that final shine. And that’s it! Your Samsung glass cooktop has been restored to its stunning self once again!

Of course, nobody likes wasting 20 minutes to give their cooktop a deep cleaning, so the best way to maintain your pretty glass cooktop is by simply wiping it down after every meal you cook on the range.

Keeping up with your cooktop is an easy process, but if you wait too long to thoroughly clean it, you could be taking a chance on scratching the surface. Visit us and view our array of the best Samsung cooktops and ranges to find the right one for your home. Just give it a little love and it will last for years to come!

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3 Big Reasons a Bosch Bottom Freezer is the Way to Go

3 Big Reasons a Bosch Bottom Freezer is the Way to Go

What is the configuration of your refrigerator? Is it a French door style? Top freezer? Side-by-Side? Bottom freezer? You may be thinking that it doesn’t really matter what refrigerator you have, as long as it does its job and keeps your food cold. The truth is, they’re all great, but one kind of refrigerator can be more beneficial for your lifestyle than another. Next time you’re in the market for a new fridge, take these reasons into consideration for why you may want to get a Bosch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator.

1. Space Saver

If you host parties, store a lot of leftovers, or just have a large family, you’re going to want a refrigerator with a lot of space. Luckily the Bosch Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator was made with more than enough space to go around. In the freezer section of the fridge, there are slide out drawers and pull out shelves that make organizing easier.

2. Eye Level Convenience

3 Big Reasons a Bosch Bottom Freezer is the Way to Go (2)

One of the greatest things about a bottom-freezer refrigerator is the convenience of its design. Moving the freezer to the bottom allows you to be eye-level with your food instead of having to bend down to see what’s inside. The refrigerator usually gets more daily use than the freezer making the bottom-freezer location seem like a more logical choice. (Statistics show that you use the fridge section 8 times more than the freezer section.) Also, you’re less likely to lose as much food in your fridge! Bosch Bottom Freezer Refrigerators allow you to see all the nooks and crannies of your fridge, so nothing should ever go bad in the deep dark corners.

3. LED Lighting

Speaking of “dark corners”, instead of lighting only coming from the top of the fridge, Bosch refrigerators have LED lights on the sides that ensure all your food will be in the spotlight. You’ll also save money with LED lights since they use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last the refrigerator lifetime.

If you are someone who likes the comfort of a refrigerator at eye-level and prefers a well-organized freezer, the Bosch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator was made for you! Check out the different styles that Bosch has to offer at your local appliance store!

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5 Easy Ways to Bring Outdoor Furniture and Accessories Inside

5 Easy Ways to Bring Outdoor Furniture and Accessories Inside

When I picture my backyard, it’s got bright summer sunshine, lots of laughter, the smell of barbecue, and a perfect place to eat where I sip a cup of tea or enjoy evening drinks. I picture a happy space with comfortable (and durable!) outdoor furniture. The one hiccup is how short our Canadian summers actually are. There is usually a feeling of having “just” brought the patio furniture outside before we’re putting it away again for the fall and winter.

EXCEPT! The powers that be in patio-furniture-design land have finally heard the cries, and we are seeing an ever-increasing number of outdoor furniture styled and designed with a key element in mind: it can be used outdoors and indoors.

Say what now!? Bringing the outdoors inside (and vice versa) makes these unique furniture and accessories like toss cushions and area rugs so incredibly versatile. Their versatility is also what makes them a great bang for your design buck. Cost effective and stylish, outdoor furniture and accessories are coming inside in a big way.

Want some inspiration before you shop our outdoor furniture? We’ve rounded up our top five favourite (and easy) ways to do just that:

Kids Indoor Playroom

Using outdoor area rug inside

Let’s face it, kids are the destroyers of things. They use markers and glue in places they shouldn’t, they hide cookies in the couch (for the dog to find later!), and generally wreak havoc being their awesome little selves. While a basement or indoor playroom needs furniture, you want it to be both industrial in strength and friendly in décor style.

Enter what you would typically think of as patio furniture to the rescue!

Today’s outdoor sofa sets are made with high performance fabrics, ready for a quick wipe clean and almost immune to what the average toddler and unaccompanied family pet can do in a quiet half hour. Not only is looking to outdoor furniture to furnish and accessorize the inside of your playroom a practical solution, it’s also a very economical one. Where a big messy spill would ruin an indoor area rug or cost a bunch in cleaning, an outdoor area rug can be hosed off and hung to dry. Kids cannot outsmart the outdoor furniture design people, they’ve thought of everything! The kids room, or any room heavily used by a growing family, makes a great place to use outdoor furniture inside.

Seasonal Seating & Décor Supplements

Outdoor toss pillows

In the summertime we’re outside; we eat outside, we entertain outside, we do all our living outside as long as the weather lets us. But when winter comes the entertaining moves inside and I find myself needing an extra sofa in the living room, or an extra table & chairs in the kitchen to help be the host with the most. With my outdoor furniture so stylish and easy to move (it’s light y’all!), I can easily move a little outdoor love seat into the living room for holiday parties.

Want to justify buying all those outdoor toss cushions? A great use for all those outdoor cushions is to make them double as your holiday décor cushions. Just cover the outdoor cushion with all your reindeer cushions and you’re off to the races! Now you longer have outdoor cushions to store all winter, and holiday cushions to store all year long! (you just got more storage space for shoes…you are welcome!)

Mix N’ Match

Thinking outdoor furniture can only be used outside is so 1992. Stylish, comfortable, multi-use, and very economically priced, today’s outdoor furniture and accessories choices are quickly becoming “everyday” choices we can use in any room inside or out; no matter the season. We’re seeing more and more mixing and matching, bringing the outdoors in – in a big way. Imagine a nice wicker chair at your dressing table, or an outdoor rug in your heavily trafficked laundry room!

Kitchen Eating & Seating All Year Long

Outdoor Dining Set

Who says you can’t use a fabulous patio set in your kitchen all year long? This is a great way to add relaxed seating into your kitchen without the cost of a traditional kitchen table and chairs. With a huge selection of small bistro sets to larger tables seating groups up to 10; looking to outdoor furniture or patio sets for your kitchen is a great option.

Small Space, Growing Family

Most families start out in a smaller family home, slowing growing into a home with more space. Making big purchases – like a living room set, or dining or kitchen tables can take a big chunk out of your budget. It also means that expensive quality sofa, or new dining set must come to the new house and you’ll have to “make it work”.

Why not invest in a quality outdoor dining patio set for your eating space? Or use outdoor living room furniture in your smaller living room? This way you are investing your dollars into an awesome patio set for your new (bigger) yard AND getting the furniture your small family home needs right now. It’s the best of both worlds!

Inspired? Be sure to shop our selection of outdoor furniture.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

10 Essential Furniture Items for Your New Home

10 Essential Furniture Items for Your New Home

Moving to a new home? Here are my top 10 essential furniture items that I think every new home should have:

A good bed

A good bed means good night sleeps, which after moving is essential. A well-rested you with no aches or pain from a lumpy mattress means you can tackle the rest of the unpacking and whatever else you have on your to-do list. You don’t need your dream bed frame or the perfect headboard when you move, but a bed is a must. The rest of the décor will come with time as you figure out how the space works best for you.


It need not have perfect upholstery, it could be the ugliest thing in the world. But having an armchair you can throw a blanket over and use to enjoy tea, a good book or welcome guests is always a good item to have. The bonus is, an armchair can move around the house or apartment depending on your needs. It could add seating in the living room or be a nice place to read a book in your bedroom. Armchairs are essential and full of possibilities.

A Few Good Lights

They might not be the ‘perfect’ lights for the spaces you need them for (on a desk, table, by the bed, etc.) but some lights are better than no lights. Having a few table lamps and maybe a floor lamp is essential to making any house your home. A quick stop at your local reuse centre should yield a couple of decent ones to get you by until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Signature Design Industrial Lamp L207991


Just like lights, any old table will do as long as you can comfortably sit at it (with your legs underneath). You need something you can use as a dining table or desk (or both!). Upcycling an old table from your parents or something you buy at a garage sale is a great way to make do until you finally invest in the dining room table and desk you need.


A couple of chairs, old wood ones you’ve painted in bright colours, or basic folding chairs are helpful for eating at the table and working at a desk. A fun collection of random chairs can be used in a variety of ways throughout the house, and are on standby should they be needed for a larger dinner party.


A sofa is essential yes, but worth waiting for if you don’t have one yet. Unless you get a hand-me-down or find a second hand one for a steal; you’ll want to save your pennies for a quality sofa. A quality sofa is an investment in any home whether you’re staying or moving. A quality sofa is worth waiting the six to eight weeks for it to be made locally, using fabric you have picked specifically for your lifestyle needs, with the dimensions your space requires. So, yes, a sofa is essential for your new home – a quality one is worth the wait.

10 Essential Furniture Items for Your New Home (2)


Coffee Table

You need a place to put your cuppa-tea, you need somewhere to rest your feet during a Netflix binge-watching session, and it doesn’t need to be fancy. A coffee table is a great item to find locally at second-hand stores or garage sales. Give them a fresh funky coat of paint and change up the legs to add or remove height. This is a fun way to add personality and function to your new space without breaking the bank.


A clean and organized space immediately feels more welcoming, and that’s what a dresser does for a bedroom and any other number of places. When I moved into my very first apartment, I took my childhood dresser. That same dresser now helps store linens in the guest room and it is painted a lovely chalk white. When it comes to dressers, they can be used in so many ways – for clothes, for linens, for supplies in a shed or workroom; you can always use one – and in a move to a new home, they are essential.


A bookcase, a shelving unit and an armoire, are all a great asset to have when you move into your first home. You’ll need a space to display and store some of your favourite things like photos, books, and décor accessories.

Area Rug

Nothing makes a space feel warm and brings it together like an area rug. A large rug can anchor a room and helps cold floors feel warm, instantly making you want to stay a little bit longer. Pick one in your favourite colours to bring you cheer and brighten up your décor, especially if it is a rental where you can’t change the colours of the walls.

Need some essentials to round out your collection of hand-me-downs and upcycle projects before you move? Shop our living room furniture.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Your Guide to Buying the BEST Sofa

Good quality sectional

Whether you’re just starting out or upgrading your home and style; buying a good quality sofa (or sectional) is so much more than finding the sofa you like the look of best.

Buying the best sofa is more. Why? Because good quality sofas, just like good quality anything, requires just a bit more thought. A lot of care and craftsmanship goes into making high-quality sofas, sectionals, and chesterfields; so, I’ve rounded up my definitive guide to helping you buy the best sofa.

Whether you want a big squishy sofa with lots of cushions or sleek mid-century style sofa, you want it to be comfortable and suit your lifestyle.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider before you buy:

Fabric choices

Will pets and kids be using this sofa full time? Is this a sleek bachelor pad sofa for grown-ups only?

There are many fabric choices out there, some better for pets and kids than others. Be sure to ask in store about how well the fabric choices you like will stand up in your household.

Frame Construction

Sofa frame construction is a key element in making when investing in a high-quality sofa. Solid wood frames offer the most longevity and ensure they will stand the test of time without sagging in the middle or sloping to the side. Solid construction allows a high-quality sofa to get reupholstered in 20 years, giving your investment new life.

DecorRest Sofa Construction

Construction details of a Canadian made loveseat by Decor-Rest

Cushion Materials

Highest quality cushions are made from down. However, these require lots of fluffing maintenance, which is why most manufacturers recommend a blend or a high-quality material wrapped around high-quality foam (which is the most common option in a high-quality sofa). Be sure to ask in store about the cushion materials the seating support and don’t forget to ask about any warranties they might have.

Country of Origin

High-quality sofas made in Canada ensures all materials and workmanship are up to modern Canadian standards and regulations. To read more about why the country of origin and buying custom can make a difference in your sofa, read this post Top 3 Reasons to Buy Custom Made Furniture.

Armed with this helpful information, visit your local showroom, plop yourself down on a selection of sofas and see what you like. While you’re there and looking for a high-quality sofa, you will want to ask a few key questions in store:

  • Where is the sofa made?
  • What options do I have for customizing fabric, cushion material, and even configuration (when it comes to sectionals)?
  • What is the frame made of?

Not ready to head in store just yet? Shop our living room furniture from the comfort of your home before you join us for a visit.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Quebec-Made Furniture: How to Find Them and Why Buy them

Made in Quebec Furniture how to find them and why buy them

Reclining Sofa Collection by Elran

It’s long been known that the label Made in Quebec is synonymous with quality in furniture, but did you also know that Quebec-made furniture comes in a wide range of styles and price?

Curious to know what gives “Made in Quebec” furniture that certain je ne sais quoi? Read on!

What Exactly Does Made in Quebec Mean for Furniture?

Quebec-made furniture is designed and manufactured by qualified workers in a workshop or factory located in the province of Quebec. In fact, the furniture industry in Quebec provides nearly 25,000 direct jobs in 1500 different locations and is one of the seven largest employers in manufacturing, just after the food sector.

So it’s quite simple, really. When you buy Quebec, a beneficial ripple effect occurs in the form of support for local jobs and local economies.

At BrandSource, we’re proud to say that the 21 owner-operated Quebec retailers offer over 72% of their product selection from local Quebec manufacturers.

In-Store or On-Line: How Do You Know Your Furniture Was Made in Quebec?

Look for the Fleur de Lys

Finding Quebec-made furniture is easy. Just look for the Fleur de Lys logo from the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (QFMA). It can be found on store windows and tent cards. It also carries the headline Meuble du Québec.

Meubles du Québec logoIn-store identification

Who Are the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers?

Actually, there are more than 105 manufacturers that are proud to call Quebec home, including such well-known brands as Elran, Canadel, Bélisle Furniture, Julien Beaudoin, Amisco, Arboit Poitras, Jaymar, Bugatti Design. To learn more about them and discover others, we invite you to visit the Meuble du Québec website.

Such depth in this manufacturing sector means that there is something for every sense of style and budget. Plus, whatever you select, you also will be able to customize it. So go ahead, express yourself! Customize your dining room and bedroom furniture, and while you’re at it, include the sofa, loveseat, sectional and recliner as well.

Canadel Dining Room Set

Solid Wood Dining Room Set by Canadel

7 Reasons to Say OUI to Made-in-Quebec Furniture

Your decision to Buy Quebec says a lot about you:

  1. You value the quality of craftsmanship and durability of furniture produced here.
  2. You delight in the choice of colours, fabrics, leathers, size options.
  3. You recognize the talent, creativity and know-how of local manufacturers.
  4. You benefit from the quality of your purchase and the price that fits your budget.
  5. You care for the environment by selecting furniture that has not travelled halfway around the world and lowers the carbon footprint.
  6. You support local economies and job creation.
  7. You cultivate the use of native wood species that are better adapted to our northern climate.

Need New Furniture?

Visit one of our member-owned BrandSource stores to see their vast selection of Quebec-made furniture. I’m certain that, like a growing number of Quebecers, you will fall in love with the furniture made right here.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Why Technology and Your Sealy Posturepedic Should Always Stay Separate

How does blue light affects your sleep

Do you tend to lull yourself to sleep with your smartphone in hand? Do you like to check your messages right as you greet the day, before even getting out of bed?

If so, you’re not alone. Some surveys have shown that up to 95 percent of adults use electronics within an hour of trying to fall asleep, and nearly 80 percent grab their phones and start scrolling again within 15 minutes of waking. But before you get too comfortable thinking of your smartphone as an extension of your arm, you should know that all that screen time could be seriously damaging your sleep.

Here at our store, we’re all about getting you the best sleep possible, but even our best Sealy Posturepedic mattresses can’t do you much good if you’re glued to your phone all night! Tech can do a lot of damage to your nightly sleep, and keeping the two as far apart as possible can help you avoid a major case of screen-somnia.

How Technology Affects Sleep

In today’s fast-paced world, slowing down and setting aside the constant stimulation you get from smartphones and computers can seem like an impossible task. Checking emails, keeping up to date on the news, and scrolling through pictures of friends feels like an all-hours responsibility for lots of people, but the benefits of setting that aside around bedtime are worth the initial separation anxiety.

The problem comes down to the type of light your screens all emit. Blue light comes from every screen you use, from your flat screen TV down to your smartphone, and it’s been known to inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. Enough screen time before bed, and you’ll be wide awake long after you put your devices away, wondering what went wrong.

This blue light can also lead to interrupted sleep. That means that even if you’ve invested in the right Sealy Posturepedic mattress, the right bed frame, the right everything you need for the perfect night of sleep, too much screen time will have you waking up groggy every morning.

Letting technology invade bedtime can also have a major psychological impact. That feeling of having to be on top of work and communication all the time creates an ever-present tension that’s hard to shake, even after you set your devices aside. You might start to stay up late stressing about all the things you should be doing online or worrying about missing a phone call or important email. All that stress keeps you from enjoying time with your partner in the evening and truly unwinding at the end of your day. So start breaking those bad habits, and learn to let go of round-the-clock mental stimulation — trust us, your brain will thank you.

Technologies affect your sleep

How to Keep Sleep and Tech Apart

The first thing you should do is keep large screens far, far away from your bedroom. Televisions, tablets, and laptops should find a home in the living room or office, where you can’t be tempted to keep working from bed or to fall asleep with your favourite shows running in the background.

Cell phones are a little trickier — many people use their cell phones as an alarm clock or like to have them nearby in case there’s an emergency at work. But unless you’re literally an emergency responder, chances are that most work crises can wait until the morning. Your time at home should be yours, and you won’t be able to work at full capacity while you’re at the job if you haven’t had time to decompress at home. If you can, swap out your cell phone for an old-school alarm clock without any lights and leave your cell phone plugged in across the room, or in the living room if possible. That way you can resist the temptation to start working as soon as you open your eyes, and you’ll start your day off with unnecessary stress.

If you really can’t avoid keeping your cell phone near your bed, be firm about setting it aside in a drawer, or with the screen turned completely off. An eye mask is another great way to block out any ambient light from cell phones or other electronics you keep in your room. But if you can, we recommend making your bedroom, or at least the bed itself, a totally tech-free zone.

If you’ve been tossing and turning, try taking the screen-free bedtime challenge! You won’t believe the difference you’ll feel after a full, restful, smartphone-free sleep. But if you’re still not feeling as rested as you could be, the problem might run deeper than blue light — it might be deep in your mattress itself! Your sleep is important to us, so if this sounds like you, we’re here to help! Stop by and ask our associates how a new Sealy Posturepedic mattress can improve your sleep or give us a call for even more info on how to get the best out of your nightly rest.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert