Useful Guide to Freezing Your Fruits and Vegetables

It is that time of the year when the weather starts to get a lot colder and snow will eventually begin to fall onto the ground. Practicing a little bit of cocooning and staying in your cozy home suddenly isn’t such a bad idea. However, we all have to eat and let’s be honest, no one really likes to go grocery shopping, especially in the winter.  So when summer gives you an abundance of fruits and vegetables why not stock up and enjoy them throughout the entire year? (more…)

What is Your Arm Style?

If you are looking for a new sofa, loveseat or sectional, you are aware of all the style options out there. But, then you ask yourself: what style is best for me? To help you with this, let’s look at one of the defining factors: the ARM. (more…)

Now You’re Cooking…With Steam!

Steam isn’t just an option for your dryer anymore; now brands offer steam in their cooking appliances. Cooking with steam is one of the healthiest cooking methods; so now it’s not just the ingredients you use, it is about the technology too.  Let’s understand how steam cooking works first before we delve into how it is one of the healthy cooking methods. (more…)

Sleep Tight! Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Unless you live in the Tropics, you should not fear large bugs in your bed. From microscopic bed bugs to cellar spiders, also known as daddy long legs, beds will attract insects. The reason is simply that your body sheds skin cells every day, and night, which become a midnight snack for some critters! (more…)