The leaves have been raked, and the patio furniture put away. The days are getting shorter, and yes, the chill in the air is obvious as you dig out that big comfy sweater or an extra blanket. For some, the cool temperatures of late fall and winter are a welcomed relief for better sleep, while others are counting the days for summer’s return.

Preparing your bed and bedroom for the winter does not have to be a sad occasion but an opportunity to re-decorate with winter-themed throws and pillows. Consider the following elements for making your winter slumber an easy and fun transition.

1) Perform a Mattress Inspection

When updating your bedroom for a new season, I think it’s a great idea to first take a close look at your mattress and determine if a new one is necessary. Check for tears and sagging spots as well as stains that have become permanent.

2) Switch to Warmer Sheets

Moving from the lighter fabrics of summer to the thicker ones for a toastier night’s sleep in winter can be a refreshing change. I always swap my sunny floral prints to richer auburn and reds, and sometimes an all winter-white theme is more my style.

Regularly changing up a few items in your bedroom will feel like a whole new environment every time. Keeping an inventory of various colours, prints and themes, very possible when there is a white sale, can offer many options for different looks that you want to enjoy a few times a year.

After you’ve made your colour selections, consider the fabric of your sheets for your comfort level. Cotton microfibre has a soft warm feel, different from its cousin the crisp and cool cotton blends used in summer. Flannel is another fabric that can provide that toasty warm environment you’ll want your body to be wrapped up in.

3) Add Instant Warmth with a Throw

Throw on bed

A coordinating throw at the foot of your bed will not only give it an elegant look, but it is functional as well when you’ll need that extra layer of warmth.

4) Block Cold Drafts With Curtains

If you don’t already use a sun-blocking window dressing for the summer heat, this will certainly reduce any drafts from windows during the bitter cold. Black-out curtains, as they are sometimes called, can affect the temperature of your room by not only blocking the scorching hot sun in the summer but the cold drafts of winter as well. It will certainly help you conserve energy and that’s great on your wallet!

5) Adjust Your Room Temperature

Keeping your bedroom temperature at a constant cool 18-22 degrees Celsius is always best for a good quality sleep. If that’s too cool for you, just add a good quality down duvet or an extra thick comforter with an additional throw at your feet.

So, getting ready for winter can be a fun experience if you are a savvy shopper and stock up on your linen closet on the best white sale days each year. Having options for your family’s bedrooms during the changing seasons can be very affordable, and with a little creativity, a lot of fun. Imagine your kids enjoying bedtime as they get into their snowflake sheets and blankets. One snowflake. Two snowflakes. Three……Ahhhh time for sleep!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

Main image Source : Damask & Dentelle