Samsung Convection Oven Why You Should Try Cooking with One

Considering a Samsung Convection Oven is a testament to the fact that new things can produce great results! Discover how replacing your traditional range or wall oven with a convection oven could give you a more evenly cooked meal.

How it Works

Convection ovens use a fan, unlike conventional ovens, which blows out hot air all over your food. Instead of having to turn your food throughout its cooking process, a Samsung Convection Oven would eradicate that step and evenly surround your food with the hot air. Fine Cooking explains it best by saying, “When cold air blows against you on a blustery winter day, you feel colder more quickly than you do on a windless day of the same temperature.”

Why It’s Better

From cooking faster to saving energy, Samsung Convection Ovens beat the traditional oven in a number of ways. If you’re someone who likes to cook a lot, having a convection oven should speed up the cooking time by 25 percent. Not to mention, conventional ovens tend to get humid, which isn’t exactly what you want. Having moisture float around can mess up certain foods which is why having a Samsung Convection Oven circulating the air helps diminish the moisture from hurting the food you’re about to enjoy. And because convection ovens usually cook food faster, you’ll be using yours far less than with a traditional oven.

Samsung Convection Oven

In addition to offering you innovative features and outstanding good looks, Samsung appliances are also powerful when the time comes to put them to work. Find one at your local appliance retailer to start cooking those meals at lightning speed! You’ll never want to go back to the traditional way – not when everything you cook comes out evenly cooked while also saving you money!

Talk to a sales associate to learn more about Samsung’s Convection Ovens available in wall ovens and ranges, their specific features, and why you need one in your life!

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Amanda, Your Appliance Expert