The Essentials for Creating a Home Bar that Will Impress Your Guests (2)

Who doesn’t like to have friends over? You set a date, make the official invitations and carefully plan a menu that will delight your guests. For some, it is also a chance to showcase their new passion: mixology. What better way to please your guests than to prepare a cocktail that they’ve selected themselves?

If you too have always dreamed of setting up a small bar at home and demonstrating your bartender skills, here are some of the essential elements you will need to think about to impress the gallery.

1) Choose Your Home Bar Style

First of all, you need a place to store everything you need. Space permitting, you can choose to go all out and build a bar with stools, stainless steel counters, beer kegs, etc. (often in the basement). You can also choose to be more discreet and use your kitchen cabinets or an extra piece of furniture like the ones below for storage.

Signature Design Home Bar Idea

Bar Armoire Universal Furniture Home Bar Idea

But why hide your talent? I found a low-cost home bar solution that can be used in several rooms in your home. Both decorative and functional, it can go with you when you move. And what is this solution? The portable mini bar. This industrial one here is a great example.

Renwil Insdustrial Home Bar Idea

And how about this contemporary one?

Renwill Brass Home Bar Idea

2) Buy The Right Tools

Just as a mechanic needs to have the basic tools in his trunk, a good amateur mixologist needs to have some essential tools to help create wonderful cocktails. Here’s what I think you need for your new passion.

  • 2 shakers (a small one and a larger one)
  • Mixing glass
  • Stir spoon and bar muddler
  • Ice strainer
  • Julep strainer and Y-shaped peeler
  • 2 jiggers
  • Bottle opener
  • Ice bucket and tongs

3) Fill Your Home Bar With Basic Alcohols

Home Bar Basic Alcohols

Now that you have all the right tools to start your career as a home mixologist, you are probably wondering what alcohols you should stock for your home bar? Here are the essential ones to have:

  • 3 classics (your choice – vodka, gin, rum, tequila) – I have a soft spot for vodka and rum because they allow me to create two of my favourite cocktails, Cosmopolitan and Mojito.
  • 1 liqueur – Citrus liqueur is the most popular because it will allow you to make cocktails such as Margarita and Kamikaze.
  • 1 cream – I believe the most popular are Irish cream and Amarula.
  • 1 fine spirit (your choice – scotch, whisky, brandy, cognac) – For the connoisseurs.

4) Think About A Few Extras

If you want to take your passion a step further, you can add a few extras to your home bar area such as a counter height table with stools that can easily be placed against your sofa.

Amisco Home Bar with stools - home bar ideas

And if you need to keep beverages cool, you can go for a mini fridge or a beautiful refreshment tub like the one below.

Signature Design Refreshment Tub - home bar idea

That’s it! You now have everything you need to become the most popular mixologist for your group of friends and family. Go ahead, have tasting evenings and let your creativity run wild.

Have fun!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert